Q3 2012RESEARCH & FORECAST REPORTSHANGHAI BUSINESS PARK MARKET上海商务园区                                                      ...
SHANGHAI|Q3 2012|BUSINESS PARKSUPPLY, DEMAND AND VACANCY                                                                  ...
SHANGHAI|Q3 2012|BUSINESS PARKIn September, the International Sourcing Park broke ground in Putuo District. The           ...
SHANGHAI|Q3 2012|BUSINESS PARKShanghai B.I.W. Machinery & Electrical Equipment             上海宝宜威机电有限公司购入漕河泾浦江园区内purchased ...
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Q3 2012 shanghai business park market report


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Q3 2012 shanghai business park market report

  1. 1. Q3 2012RESEARCH & FORECAST REPORTSHANGHAI BUSINESS PARK MARKET上海商务园区 HIGHLIGHTS 报告要点 Shanghai’s business park market remained stable 上海商务园区市场在第三季度中表现平稳,市场 during the third quarter as both domestic and 依然受到国内外公司的器重。但本季度中市场的 multinational companies were active. However the 活跃程度有所下降,第三季度的成交量较之前两 third quarter was less active than the previous two 个季度均有所下降。 quarters in terms of transaction volume. In the first eight months of 2012, Shanghai’s 2012年前八个月,上海实际利用外商投资额达 utilized foreign direct investment hit US$ 16.07 160.7亿美元,较2011年同期上涨20.9%。其中超 billion, a 20.9 percent increase over the same 过八成的金额被投入到作为商务园区市场主要驱 period in 2011. Of that, more than 80 percent was 动力的第三产业中。 invested in the service sector, a key driver of the business park market.Market Indicators市场指标 Despite this, the average rental price of Shanghai’s 本季度中,上海商务园区市场有数宗值得关注的 Q3 2012 Review Q4 2012 Outlook business park offices increased very slightly from 交易成交,驱使市场平均租金由上季度的每天每 2012年第三季度回顾 2012年第四季度展望 last quarter’s RMB 3.25 to 3.27 per square meter 平方米人民币3.25元微涨至本季度的每天每平方 per day on the back of several noteworthy transactions. 米人民币3.27元。Rental租金 Major business parks including Shibei Hi-tech Park 本季度内包括市北高新技术服务业园区和张江高Vacancy Rate and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park announced plans for 科技园区在内的几个主要商务园区分别发布了其空置率 future development during the quarter. 未来发展规划。Capital Value售价 Shanghai’s major business parks average vacancy 本季度中虽有位于包括漕河泾、漕河泾浦江和闸北Gross Yield rate stayed relatively stable during this period at 地区在内的新增供应量入市,但上海商务园区市场收益率 9.25 percent, despite the release of new supply in 平均空置率仍保持在稳定的9.25%。其中,漕河泾 Caohejing, Caohejing Pujiang and Zhabei. Caohejing 的空置率最低,为5.2%,而临空的空置率高达 had the lowest vacancy rate at 5.2 percent, while 16%,居全市之首。 Linkong recorded the highest at 16 percent. Vacancy and rental rates are expected to remain 上海商务园区物业的空置率和租金水平在2012年 unchanged in the run up to the end of 2012. Continued 底前仍将维持目前的水平。同样,热点区域的供 supply and demand at popular locations seems likely 需水平也将保持平稳驱使,然而在新入市物业质 as prices continue to increase on the back of the 量不断提升的驱动下租金或将继续上涨。 improving quality of recently developed facilities.OVERALL MARKET REVIEW 整体市场回顾In contrast to a national slowdown in foreign direct investment (FDI), Shanghai’s 虽然中国整体的外商投资情况有所下滑,但上海在2012年前8个月中的实际FDI actually increased in the first eight months of 2012. By August, total utilized 利用外资金额较去年同期上涨20.9%,达160.7亿美元。值得注意的是,其FDI in Shanghai had increased by 20.9 percent year on year to US$ 16.07 billion. 中很大一部分被投入到作为上海商务园区市场主要驱动方的第三产业中。The service sector continues to account for the majority of Shanghai’s FDI, anencouraging sign for Shanghai’s business parks, where the service industry drivessignificant demand.Although the market was quieter during the third quarter than the previous two 虽然本季度内上海商务园区市场的表现较前的两个季度表现相对平淡,但quarters, certain business parks announced future development plans in recent 仍然有几个核心商务园区在本季度宣布了其未来发展规划。张江高科技园months. Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park announced it will invest RMB 100 billion to 区宣布将在未来的五年里投资人民币1,000亿元用于“创新区”的建设。同develop a ‘creative zone’ in the next five years, while Shibei Hi-Tech Park’s plan 期上海市北高新技术服务业园区生态园区建设规划获得国家级审批。to build an ecological park received approval at the national level.In August, the 3310 Scientific Park was established in Yangpu, adding an estimated 2012年8月,上海杨浦海外高层人才创新创业基地暨上海3310科技园(海外office GFA of around 44,300 square meters to Shanghai’s business park market. 人才创业园)正式揭牌。该科技园办公面积约44,300平方米,着力于发展电3310 Scientific Park is aimed at fostering start-up companies involved in the 子信息、生物技术、节能环保、新材料、光机电等高新技术产业。electronic information, biological technology, energy conservation and environmentalprotection, new materials and optical-electromechanical integration sectors.在本报告中,商务园区全称将被缩写:其中“漕河泾”代表 “漕河泾新兴技术开发区”,“漕河泾浦江”代表“漕河泾开发区浦江高科技园”、“临空”代表“虹桥临空经济园”、“闸北”代表闸北区内的商务园,“杨浦”代表杨浦区内的商务园,“张江”代表“张江高科技园区”、“金桥”代表“金桥出口加工区”。For the purposes of this report, the full names of business parks have been abbreviated. ‘Caohejing’ refers to Caohejing Hi-Tech Park. ‘CHJ Pujiang’ refers to Caohejing Pujiang Hi-TechPark. ‘Linkong’ refers to Hongqiao Linkong Economic Zone. ‘Zhabei’ refers to a basket of business parks in Zhabei district. ‘Yangpu’ refers to a basket of business parks in Yangpudistrict. ‘Zhangjiang’ refers to Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. ‘LJZ Software Park’ refers to Lujiazui Software Park. ‘Jinqiao’ refers to Jinqiao Export Processing Zone.www.colliers.com
  2. 2. SHANGHAI|Q3 2012|BUSINESS PARKSUPPLY, DEMAND AND VACANCY 供给、需求和空置率Demand for business park facilities from both domestic and multinational companies 第三季度内,跨国公司和国内企业对商务园区物业的需求依然保持稳定,was stable during the third quarter though transaction volume was down slightly 但交易量较之前两个季度有所下降。from the prior two quarters.Caohejing Hi-Tech Park broke ground on the third phase of its Shanghai Business 漕河泾开发区科技绿洲三期工程于7月开工,该工程总建筑面积达238,000Park in July. The new extension covers a total GFA of approximately 238,000 square 平方米,预计将于2014年竣工。meters and is scheduled for completion in 2014.In July, polymer and fabric manufacturer Invista opened its first textile application 纤维材料制造商英威达于7月建成其位于青浦区的首家中国大陆纺织应用研research center in Qingpu district. With a reported investment of US$ 7.3 million the 究中心,据悉该中心建筑面积为3,000平方米,投资总额达730万美元。centre is approximately 3,000 square meters.Automobile electronics manufacturer Yunyi Electric announced that it will invest 云意电气公告称,该公司拟使用超募资金人民币4,600万元在浦东金桥地区RMB 46 million to build a Shanghai R&D center in Pudong’s Jinqiao area. 设立其上海研发中心。In July, Shanghai Financial Valley broke ground in Shanghais Jiading District. The “上海金融谷”项目于7月在嘉定工业区奠基。“上海金融谷”以金融服务park plans to specialize in the provision of outsourcing services to financial 外包产业为发展重心,总建筑面积约100万平方米。该项目的一期工程预计institutions, and has a planned total construction area of approximately one million 于三至五年后建成。square meters. The first phase of the project will be completed in three to five years.In July, industrial conglomerate Eaton Corporation opened a new laboratory in 伊顿公司于7月宣其布位于临空的中国创新中心实验室在上海落成。全新的Linkong, Changning district. The facility, located at the companys Asia Pacific 中国创新中心实验室坐落于伊顿位于上海的亚太区总部,旨在研发关键技headquarters, will develop technologies such as advanced power converters and 术和解决方案,以实现伊顿在中国和亚太区业务的进一步发展。electric vehicle charging products.In late August, Caohejing Hi-Tech Park broke ground on Pujiang Hi-Tech Plaza’s 漕河泾浦江科技广场二期工程项目于8月开工。此次开工的二期工程建筑面second phase. Phase II will have 120,000 square meters of new office space across 积约120,000平方米,包含数栋商务楼宇,该项目建成后将使浦江科技广场several stand-alone buildings, bringing Pujiang Hi-Tech Plaza’s total office GFA to 的总建筑面积达约240,000平方米。around 240,000 square meters.In August, Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals broke ground on a R&D center and 上海和黄药业研发中心及生产基地于8月正式开工奠基,据了解该基地位于manufacturing base in Shanghai Fengpu Industrial Park in Qingpu district. This new 上海青浦区内的上海工业综合开发区内。该园总投资达人民币4.5亿元,占base covers a land area of approximately 80,000 square meters and is reported to 地约80,000平方米。represent an investment of approximately RMB 450 million.In August, Tencent announced that the company plans to build a data center in 腾讯公司与上海青浦工业园区于8月签署投资合作框架协议,将在青浦工业Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park on a site of approximately 67,000 square meters. 园建立腾讯“云计算中心”和电子商务基地。据悉,该数据中心占地约The center will include four separate buildings and will house approximately 100,000 67,000平方米,共有4栋独立建筑,将容纳约10万台服务器。data servers primarily for the e-commerce sector.In August, Dassault Systems and Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design 达索系统和中国最著名的公共工程公司之一的上海市政工程设计研究总院Institute, a well-known Chinese public engineering company, jointly opened an (集团)有限公司于8月共同宣布,基于达索系统的3D体验平台,双方将在R&D center in Yangpu District to develop industry solutions for civil engineering 杨浦区共同建立一个新的研发中心,为土木工程专业人员提供行业解决方and infrastructure construction professionals. 案体验。In August, medical technology company Medtronic opened its Innovation Center 医疗科技公司美敦力于8月宣布在张江高科技园区内成立其上海创新中心。at the company’s China headquarters in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.In August, health-care products company Covidien officially opened its new $45 全球医疗器械巨头柯惠医疗于8月宣布其位于上海漕河泾开发区的研发中心million R&D facility in Caohejing Hi-Tech Park’s Pujiang site. The China Technol- 正式开业,据悉该中心占地约9,290平方米,投资总额达4,500万美元。该ogy Center Research and Development facility houses 17 laboratories, spans 中心共设有17座实验室,包括业内顶尖的外科模拟手术室。more than approximately 9,290 square meters, and offers surgical and simulationsuites for health-care professionals involved in the medical device design anddevelopment process.In September, the Shanghai Biological Medicine Incubation Base broke ground at the 上海生物医药中试孵化基地于9月在张江生物医药孵化园正式开工奠基。据Zhangjiang Biotech and Pharmaceutical area. When fully developed, the base will 悉,中试孵化基地全部建成后将有四个生产车间,一个检验中心,一个实have four production workshops, a test center, an experiment center and related 验中心和相关配套设施。facilities. Figure 1 Shanghai Major Business Parks New Supply, Take-up and Vacancy Rate Figure 2 Shanghai Major Business Parks Occupied&Vacant Area in Q3 2012 图1 上海主要商务园市场新增供应量、吸纳和空置率 图2 2012年三季度上海主要商务园区的占用面积及空置面积 000 sq m Vacant Area New Supply Net Take-up Vacancy Rate Occupied Area Vacancy Rate 2500 18% million sq m 16% 16% 0.8 16% 2000 14% 14% 0.7 14% 12% 1500 11% 13% 10% 10% 0.6 12% 8% 0.5 10% 1000 7% 5.5% 6% 5% 0.4 8% 500 4% 0.3 6% 2% 0 0% 0.2 4% CHJ Pujiang Linkong Zhabei Caohejing Yangpu Zhangjiang Jinqiao LJZ Software Park 0.1 2% 0.0 0% Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Q3 2011 Q4 2011 Q1 2012 Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Source: Coll Source: Colliers International Shanghai (CIS) Research Source: Colliers International Shanghai (CIS) Research 数据来源:上海高力国际调研部 数据来源:上海高力国际调研部P. 2 | COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL 高力国际
  3. 3. SHANGHAI|Q3 2012|BUSINESS PARKIn September, the International Sourcing Park broke ground in Putuo District. The 中国(上海)跨国采购园区于9月在普陀区开工。该项目占地面积约为project covers a site area of 38,365 square meters and plans include an exhibition 38,365平方米,计划建设一座国际会展中心、两幢商务楼宇及部分地下建center, two office buildings and facilities for global traders involved in sourcing. The 筑。该园区项目的一期工程计划于2013年完工。first phase of the park is planned for launch in 2013.Leasing transactions completed during the third quarter include: 第三季度内主要有一家多个成交租赁案例主要包括:US Banner Engineering, an American sensor manufacturing company, leased 传感器制造商美国邦纳工程国际有限公司在漕河泾承租亿面积约1,600平方approximately 1,600 square meters at Caohejing Hi-Tech Park. 米的办公物业。HRD Asia Limited, a German medical equipment manufacturing company, leased 来自德国的医药制造企业乐嘉文HRD亚洲有限公司与漕河泾浦江签下约approximately 2,000 square meters. 2,000平方米的办公面积,以进一步拓展其在中国市场的医疗设备业务。Uzai.com, an online travel agency, leased approximately 10,000 square meters 网上旅游中介公司悠哉旅游网承租漕河泾浦江一办公物业,面积约10,000of offices in Caohejing Pujiang, relocating from downtown to take advantage of 平方米,意在将公司的办公地点率先由市中心搬迁至近年来交通配套、周the improved local amenities and excellent transportation network that has 边环境都得到大幅提升的漕河泾开发区浦江高科技园。developed over recent years in Caohejing Pujiang.Bank of East Asia, from Hong Kong, leased around 500 square meters for a new 总部位于香港的东亚银行,承租了漕河泾国际商务中心内约500平方米的办office at the Caohejing International Business Center. 公设施。Shanghai’s business park market remained attractive to both domestic and 2012年第三季度中,上海商务园区市场吸引着不少本土和跨国企业。市场multinational companies in the third quarter of 2012. Demand and supply 供需水平保持相对平衡的状态,期间上海主要商务园区的平均空置率维持remained well-balanced and the overall vacancy rate of Shanghai’s core 9.25%左右。business parks remained steady at approximately 9.25 percent.Approximately 100,000 square meters of new supply was launched to the 本季度内约有100,000平方米的新增供应量在漕河泾、漕河泾浦江和陆家嘴market in Caohejing, Caohejing Pujiang, and the LJZ Software Park. Caohejing 软件园区域入驻。漕河泾开发区的平均空置率最低,为5.2%;而虹桥临空maintained the lowest vacancy rate during the period at approximately 5.2 经济园的空置率则高达16%。percent, while Linkong recorded the highest at approximately 16 percent.RENTAL ANALYSIS 租金分析The average rental rates of the eight major Shanghai business parks that 2012年第三季度高力国际监测下的八个上海主要商务园区的平均租金稳定Colliers International monitors remained stable during this quarter, at approxi- 在每天每平方米人民币3.27元。就区域而言,浦东和浦西的租金差距也保mately RMB 3.27 per square meter per day. The rental gap between Pudong and 持稳定,分别为每天每平方米人民币3.22元和3.37元。Puxi also stayed stable, ending the third quarter at RMB 3.22 and RMB 3.37 persquare meter per day, respectively.Five out of the eight business parks monitored saw rental growth in the third 其中有五个园区的平均租金在本季度中出现上涨,其余的三个则保持稳定。quarter; otherwise rental levels remained stable.On the back of its high-quality management and transportation connections, 就单个园区而言,杨浦区的商务园区在优质物管和便捷交通的支撑下,本季Yangpu maintained the highest average asking rental for business park accommodation 度租金达每天每平方米人民币4.08元,仍列浦西榜首。位于浦东的陆家软件in Puxi, at approximately RMB 4.08 per square meter per day. The strong 园在高需求量和低空置率的共同影响下,该区的平均租金列浦东最高,达每demand, low vacancy and convenient transportation connections in Pudong’s 天每平方米人民币4.13元。Lujiazui Software Park helped the park achieved the highest average askingrental rate at approximately RMB 4.13 per square meter per day. Figure 3 Shanghai Major Business Parks Average Rental Trend Figure 4 Shanghai Major Business Parks Average Effective Rent in Q3 2012 图3 2012年三季度上海主要商务园区平均租金走势 图4 2012年三季度上海主要商务园区平均实际租金 Average Rent Average Rent RMB/sq m/day 5.0 Average Effective Rent RMB 3.27/sq m/day RMB/sq m/day :3.27 / / 5.0 Average Effective Rent RMB 3.27/sq m/day 4.0 :3.27 / / 3.0 4.0 3.13 3.17 3.22 3.25 3.27 2.0 4.08 4.13 3.10 3.11 3.38 3.48 3.32 3.34 3.0 3.06 1.0 1.98 2.0 0.0 Caohejing Zhangjiang CHJ Pujiang LJZ Software Park Jinqiao Linkong Zhabei Yangpu 1.0 0.0 Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Q3 2011 Q4 2011 Q1 2012 Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Source: Colliers International Shanghai (CIS) Research Source: Colliers International Shanghai (CIS) Research 数据来源:上海高力国际调研部 数据来源:上海高力国际调研部CAPITAL VALUE AND GROSS YIELD 市价和收益率Though slightly quieter than the previous two quarters, a number of transactions 虽然本季度上海商务园区市场未能延续前两个季度的活跃表现,但仍然录were completed for premises in Shanghai’s business parks during the third quarter. 得数宗商务园区物业交易成交案例。In July, a joint venture named Kings Haul acquired a 70 percent interest in 承达国际于7月公布,其全资附属公司Best Key,与China Real及非全资附属Shanghai’s Bestlinkage Business Park for a total consideration of US$ 21 million. 公司凯龙共同出资约2,100万美元设立合营公司King Haul,同期King HaulThe business park, located on Pudong’s Xuanhuang Road, covers approximately 收购了美邦启立工业园七成的权益。上海美邦启立产业园位于上海浦东宣34,760 square meters. Kings Haul is a newly established joint venture between Best 黄公路,面积约34,760平方米。Key, KRL Hong Kong (both subsidiaries of Sundart International), and China Real.MicroPort Scientific Corporation purchased two buildings in Pudong’s Shanghai 微创医疗公布,以总价人民币4,540万元收购上海国际医学园区附近及区内International Medical Zone for a reported total of RMB 45.4 million. The 的两幢楼宇。包括一幢四层办公楼宇,面积约1,240平方米;以及一幢总建purchase included a four-story office building with a gross floor area of 1,240 筑面积约3,375平方米的工业楼宇。square meters and a 3,375 square meter industrial building.高力国际 COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL | P. 3
  4. 4. SHANGHAI|Q3 2012|BUSINESS PARKShanghai B.I.W. Machinery & Electrical Equipment 上海宝宜威机电有限公司购入漕河泾浦江园区内purchased a building totaling approximately 7,550 一栋约7,550平方米的楼宇,拟将公司管理总部、square meters in Caohejing Pujiang Park for their 销售中心、研发中心等管理核心整合搬至该标准Shanghai headquarters. 研发办公楼内。 62 countries onTopco Scientific (Shanghai) purchased a whole floor 崇越科技(上海)购入漕河泾浦江科技大厦一面totaling approximately 2,500 square meters in 积约2,500平方米的办公物业面积。 6 continentsCaohejing Pujiang High Tech Plaza. USA: 147MARKET OUTLOOK 市场展望 Canada: 37 Asia: 36Though China’s economic growth remains far ahead 虽然中国经济增速仍然领先于欧洲和美国,但最 Australia and NZ: 165of that of Europe and the Americas, a slowdown in 近几个月中出现的增速放缓现象已逐渐影响到上 Latin America: 19recent months has affected Shanghai’s economy. In 海经济的走势。8月上海宏观经济数据显示,本市 EMEA: 118August, the value of both Shanghai imports and 进出口额均出现了自今年4月以来的首次下降;同 • $1.8 billion in annual revenueexports fell, the first time this has happened since 期上海工业产出较去年同期下降1.8%。April. In the same month, Shanghai’s industrial • 237 million sq m under managementproduction fell by 1.8 percent year-on-year. • Over 12,300 professionalsForeign direct investment was a bright spot for 尽管全国范围内吸引的外商直接投资额有所下降,Shanghai in the quarter’s statistical data, though FDI 但本季度中上海吸引的外商直接投资额却有所上 CHINA:in China has declined overall. In August alone, Shanghai 涨。仅8月当月,上海共吸引外商直接投资额达16 Shanghaireceived US$ 1.6 billion in foreign direct investment, 亿美元,为2012年以来第二高,较去年同期上涨 16F Hong Kong New World Towera 20.9 percent increase from August 2011 and the 了20.9%。 300 Huai Hai Zhong Road Shanghaisecond-highest monthly FDI figure in 2012 so far. 200021 PRCShanghai remains an attractive location for multinationals 跨国公司纷纷将其中国总部设立在上海境内。今 TEL +86 21 6141 3688to establish China headquarters. In July, the Shanghai 年7月,为进一步完善投资环境,上海市决定将 FAX +86 21 6141 3699government announced that it intended to release 于近期出台鼓励跨国公司设立地区总部的实施政details of a new rule to encourage multinational companies 策。新措施将着重于改善投资环境。鼓励新成立to set up their regional headquarters in the city 的总部或跨国公司升级现有的亚洲或亚太总部中through improvements to the investment environment 国总部。截止三季度末,尚无具体细则出台。 Jonathan Rideoutand rewards for newly established headquartersand incenpives for multinationals upgrading their Business Parksexisting China headquarters to Asia or Asia Pacific Dir +86 21 6141 3585headquarters. No further information was available Jonathan.Rideout@colliers.comby the end of the third quarter.Migration from traditional manufacturing to high-tech 多年来,上海持续推进从传统制造业向高科技产 James Shepherdindustries and the service sector has been underway 业和第三产业驱动型经济的转型,并将在未来的 Senior Directorin Shanghai for several years. As it continues, and 几年里得到延续,某些制造企业将搬迁到其他区 Research and Advisory Servicescertain manufacturers relocate to other areas of China, 域,曾属于这些企业的土地极有可能会被用于开 Corporate and Institutional Servicesthe land they vacate will often be utilized for the 发商务园区、研发用物业和企业总部办公设施。 East and Southwest Chinadevelopment of business parks, research and development Dir + 86 21 6141 4315facilities, and hubs for corporate headquarters.In addition to factors such as government-led 与此同时,上海商务园区物业的基础设施、交通improvements in infrastructure and transportation, 连接、建筑规范、物管质量在政府引导下均得到higher-quality building specifications, improved 显著提升,伴随着本地房地产企业的入市,在相 This document has been prepared by Colliers Internationalmanagement standards, and the entry of local 对低廉的租金、较大面积的储备和较灵活的潜在 for advertising and general information only. Colliersbusiness park developers, other factors such as cost 扩租空间的共同驱使下,上海商务园区物业对潜 International makes no guarantees, representationseffective rentals and the availability of large-sized 在租户和投资者的吸引力将继续得到提升。 or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied,and contiguous spaces will continue to make regarding the information including, but not limitedShanghai’s business park market attractive to to, warranties of content, accuracy and reliability.prospective occupiers and investors. Any interested party should undertake their own inquiries as to the accuracy of the information. ColliersLooking forward, it is likely that Shanghai business 放眼未来,上海商务园区物业将继续受到国内外 International excludes unequivocally all inferred orparks will remain popular for local and international 企业的青睐。地方政府或将继续投资用于改善相 implied terms, conditions and warranties arising outcompanies alike. Local governments are likely to 关区域内的基础设施,并有持续上涨的趋势。就 of this document and excludes all liability for losscontinue to invest in high quality infrastructure to 需要大面积办公区域的公司而言,在上海境内可 and damages arising there from. This publicationsupport the development of such areas, and, as 供选择且租赁价格相对低廉的物业量相对有限。 is the copyrighted property of Colliers Internationalmomentum continues to grow, companies in search and/or its licensor(s). ©2012. All rights reserved.of large contiguous spaces and competitive rental 本文件由高力国际准备,仅作广告和参考之用。高力国levels may well have few alternatives if they wish to 际未对其中的信息,包括但不限于其内容、准确性和可remain in the Shanghai area. 靠性作出任何明示或默示的保证、陈述或承诺。任何有Forthcoming new supply appears balanced with 伴随着新增供应量的入市,市场供应水平或将满 意者应自行求证信息的准确性。高力国际明确排除适用 所有由本文件得出的推测或默示的条款、条件和保证,current levels of demand, and the citywide occupancy 足目前的市场需求,全市范围内的商务园区物业 对由此引发的损失和损害亦不承担任何责任。此出版物rate will likely remain stable. However, rentals may 空置率亦将保持在相对稳定。但物业租金在施工 的版权由高力国际和/或其许可方所有。 2012increase further on the back of improved construction 质量、基础设施和物管服务水平不断提升,以及quality, infrastructure and services. Shanghai’s 不断有高质量租户持续入驻的共同作用下或将继citywide business park rental prices are likely to 续有所上涨。continue their growth as they attract an increasingnumber of high quality occupiers.Date of issue: Sept 27 2012 Accelerating success.发布日期:2012年9月27日www.colliers.com