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The Olmstead case was decided under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a comprehensive piece of legislation signed into law in 1990 to make society more accessible to people with disabilities.

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  1. 1. One Community - The Olmstead Project Web Site Online Services | Commonwealth Sites | Help | Governor Search Virginia.gov Home Contact Us | Search Olmstead Olmstead History Latest News Links and Resources Archived Information 2009 Community Integration Progress Report and Strategic Plan Updates Community Integration Submitted to the Governor Advisory Commission The 2009 updated Community Integration PROGRESS REPORT and the 2009 CROSS- Community Integration GOVERNMENTAL STRATEGIC PLAN TO ASSURE CONTINUED COMMUNITY Implementation Team INTEGRATION OF VIRGINIANS WITH DISABILITIES have been submitted to Governor Kaine. The Plan was adopted jointly by the Community Integration Implementation Team Site Index and the Community Integration Advisory Commission on June 23, 2009.The Progress Report was compiled by the Implementation team with input from the Commission.Alternate formats may be requested by email at: julie.stanley@governor.virginia.gov or by phone at 804-371-0828. Final Budget Update: Governor's Proposed Budget and General Assembly Conference Committee Amendments See a Crosswalk of the Governor's Proposed Budget items relating to community integration, and final Conference Committee amendments. 2009 General Assembly Session Community Integration Bills Final Update--March 2: See the final list and description of bills filed in the 2009 Session of the General Assembly that relate to community integration for people with disabilities here. Community Integration Advisory Commission: 2008 recommendations to the Governor The Community Integration Advisory Commission has submitted its 2008 recommendations to the Governor. View the Report and its attachment here. 2009 Meeting Schedules Announced - 2008 Archives Review 2008 Meeting Minutes of the Community Integration Advisory Commission and Meeting Notes of the Implementation Team. 2009 Implementation Team Meeting Schedule has been posted. 2009 Community Integration Advisory Commission Meeting Schedule has been posted. Virginia Easy Access Launched The Secretaries of Health and Human Resources and Information Technology have launched a new website that brings together http://www.olmsteadva.com/[11/9/2009 10:04:52 AM]
  2. 2. One Community - The Olmstead Project Web Site resources for long term supports by allowing people to access them in one spot.Virginia Easy Access is a web portal that allows seniors, adults with disabilities, and their caregivers to access information about providers and other supports in the community.Housing, transportation, and emergency preparedness are also included.The web portal is supported by VirginiaNavigator and 2-1-1 Virginia.You can search for supports and service by zip code on VirginiaNavigator and call or e-mail questions to 2-1-1 to find out more information.To access the Virginia Easy Access website, please visit: http://easyaccess.virginia.gov/ Virginia launches website describing community living choice project for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Virginia is one of thirty-one states participating in a five-year, $1.75 billion Money Follows the Person (MFP) Demonstration project designed to create a system of long-term services and supports that assist individuals to transition from certain long- term care institutions into the community. This project supports Virginia’s Olmstead initiative and complements the efforts of the recently awarded Systems Transformation Grant that aims to improve the infrastructure for community-based long-term supports. Virginia’s MFP project, administered by the Department of Medical Assistance Services, will make over $28 million in federal Medicaid funds available to support Virginia’s seniors and individuals with disabilities. For more details and the most current information on the MFP project, please visit http://www.olmsteadva.com/mfp. Own Your Future No one ever said aging would be easy, but there are steps you can take to age well! Take time now to prepare for your long-term care needs. Long-term care refers to a broad range of supportive medical, personal, and social services required by people who are unable to meet their basic living needs for an extended period of time. Learn more about how you can Own Your Future by reviewing the resources available at www.vda.virginia.gov/oyf. Executive Directive 6 issued by Governor Kaine On May 18, 2007, Governor Kaine issued Executive Directive 6, directing five Secretariats, 22 state agences and 2 state Councils to continue their collaborative efforts with the Community Integration Advisory Commission, local governments and local agencies to complete and annually update a comprehensive, cross-governmental strategic plan designed to assure continued community integration of Virginians with disabilities. The Plan and annual updates are due to the Governor by August 31 of each year. Read the full document in word format. Appointments to State Boards and Commissions Are you interested in applying for an appointment to a Board or Commission? One of the functions of the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth is to assist the Governor in his appointments of over 4,000 individuals to serve on Virginia's boards and http://www.olmsteadva.com/[11/9/2009 10:04:52 AM]
  3. 3. One Community - The Olmstead Project Web Site commissions. That Office is deeply committed to the principle of including all segments of the Commonwealth's population into government, because this is what makes the theory of self-government a reality. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ed Turner, the Governor's Special Advisor on Disabilities, at ed.turner@governor.virginia.gov, or at (804) 371-2666. If you wish to serve on a board or commission, or recommend qualified candidates to serve, please visit http://www.commonwealth.virginia.gov/ Emergency Management The Virginia Department of Emergency Management has a website with helpful information for Virginia’s citizens to prepare for and deal with a variety of potential emergencies. Information that is specifically helpful for people with disabilities is included. Start of Page · Start of Content · Web Policy For Comments or Questions Concerning this Web Site, contact the Olmstead Webmaster © The Olmstead Project, Commonwealth of Virginia. Marilyn B. Patrick O. Dr. Thomas R. Tim Kaine Pierce R. Homer Tavenner Gottschalk Morris Secretary of Secretary of Commerce Secretary of Secretary of Virginia HHR & Trade Transportation Education Governor This File Was Last Modified: 8/12/2009 1:20:25 PM http://www.olmsteadva.com/[11/9/2009 10:04:52 AM]