It's Final Exam Time: What's a College Parent to Do?
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It's Final Exam Time: What's a College Parent to Do?



5 things you can do to help your college student during the stressful final exam time.

5 things you can do to help your college student during the stressful final exam time.



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It's Final Exam Time: What's a College Parent to Do? Presentation Transcript

  • 1. It’s Final Exam Time: What’s aCollege Parent to Do? Don’t go to College without us….
  • 2. How to Help Your Student During the Final Exam TimeSometimes, it may seem as though one of the most difficult positionsfor a college parent to be in, is the situation when you know thatyour student is struggling and you feel as though you cannot do a lotto help. Sometimes final exam period may feel like one of thosetimes. You can’t take the exams for your child. You may be too faraway to help him study (and you probably shouldn’t be doing thatat this point anyway). You know that your student is stressed, andexhausted, and you must simply stand back.Actually, you may not be completely helpless. There are severalways in which you might help at this final exam time.
  • 3. EncouragementWhen you talk to your student, just give plenty ofencouragement. Let her know that you understand thatshe’s under stress. Let her know that you’re proud of her fordoing what she’s doing. Remind her that she will getthrough this.
  • 4. Share A Few Tips Share a few tips with her about getting through finals. Remind her to get rest, to organize her time, to get help studying, to stay focused.Photo: Dark BotxyThere are many sources of good suggestions, but there’s a great listprovided by Nate Desmond at Debt Free Scholar in his post “10Little Known Ways to Survive Finals Week”. A few good tips canhelp your student feel as though she is in control of what happensduring this stressful time. But be careful not to overwhelm her. Givesuggestions, then step back. She may listen or she may not. Shewill need to get through this her way.
  • 5. Send Bits of Love Send bits of encouragement. A card that arrives in her mailbox, a funny comic strip, an e-card, a care package from home, can brighten a day.Photo: winterofdiscontent
  • 6. Check Your Student’s Exam ScheduleBefore you make anynecessary arrangementsfor travel home, make sureyou check your student’sexam schedule.It is often difficult, andsometimes not possible, tomake specialarrangements to take anexam at an alternate time.Be careful that you don’tadd pressure on yourstudent to try to work anexam schedule aroundtravel arrangements if thiscan be helped. Photo: spdd
  • 7. Help Them Stay Focused Photo: t.animal Try not to bother your student with issues from home during this time if you can help it. Of course, you want to stay connected and talk about anything important, and some issues can’t wait. But if there is anything going on at home that can wait until after exams, try to wait. Your student needs to be able to stay focused on her schoolwork right now, not worry about anything else.Article brought to you by Vicki Nelson. Read the complete article here.
  • 8. You have questions, we have answers! College Parents of America and get more tips and advice on: What is my role as a college parent; How should I communicate with my college student; How to avoid becoming a helicopter parent; and Much More…For more information, please contact us the following ways: @CPofAmerica 888-761-6702 Like Us