College Parents Humor: The Complete 2013-2014 Collection


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Humor just for College Parents!

This set of comics from College Parents of America and Hector Curriel details the humor in the college parent life.

This series begins with negotiating college acceptance letters, travels through the first day of school, stops by parents' weekend, takes a break on the holidays and ends with that final celebration day.

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College Parents Humor: The Complete 2013-2014 Collection

  1. 1. College Parents Humor: The Complete 2013-2014 Collection By College Parents of America and Hector Curriel
  2. 2. It all begins with families choosing a school…
  3. 3. …a school which you can hopefully afford.
  4. 4. Then comes your student’s move-in day…
  5. 5. …along with its many hidden costs.
  6. 6. It can be a little difficult for parents to let go.
  7. 7. But your child will certainly miss you (at times).
  8. 8. Parents’ Weekend brings much joy…
  9. 9. …even if it brings some unfortunate realizations.
  10. 10. While parents may be jealous of their kids…
  11. 11. …parents can’t stay on campus forever.
  12. 12. It can be difficult for parents to adjust to an empty nest…
  13. 13. …but students will visit home soon.
  14. 14. Yet, as the parent-student relationship changes…
  15. 15. …certain parent-child dynamics never change.
  16. 16. But, sooner than you think: the big day will arrive.
  17. 17. About College Parents of America & Artist Hector Curriel For more information, please contact us: or call (888) 761-6702 About Hector Curriel: Born in Lima, Peru, his passion for the arts started when he was very little. His keen enthusiasm for the arts led him to develop a background in architecture, design and illustration. Over the past two decades, Hector has been a political cartoonist for multiple newspapers, while also working as an illustrator and a muralist. He has illustrated three books, and is also an accomplished school performer and holds frequent art workshops around of the country. Hector is currently a resident of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. About College Parents of America: College Parents of America is the nation's only membership organization comprised of current and future college parents. Founded in 1997, our mission is to assist families in the successful preparation for, transition into, adjustment to and completion of college. College Parents of America provides members with the advantages of valuable benefits and information that protect and maximize their family’s college investment and the resources to support their student’s achievement.