Caanf presentation 26 10-2010


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Colledges Automotive Accountants Forum Presentation 4

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Caanf presentation 26 10-2010

  1. 1. Automotive Accountants’ Network Forum Meeting 4 Tuesday 26th October 2010 Founding member of
  2. 2. This presentation has been prepared by Colledge’s for the general information of its clients and forum attendees. While the information herein has been prepared with all reasonable care and derived from sources believed to be accurate, no responsibility or liability is accepted by Colledge’s or any of its affiliations, for any errors or omissions, including liability to any person of negligence or otherwise. Recommendations may not be appropriate in all circumstances and clients must consider their own personal objectives and financial advice before acting on recommendations in this presentation. Colledge’s (ABN 52 439 950 641)For more information, contact Angelo Sirianni on 03 9851 6500 or email Founding member of
  3. 3. House Rules  Feel free to ask questions  Respect for presenters and colleagues  One discussion at time  Please switch phones to “silent”  Have fun!For more information, contact Angelo Sirianni on 03 9851 6500 or email Founding member of
  4. 4. Agenda Introduction Work Cover Update Whiteboard Items Parts Department Study Best Ideas Sales Commissions Year End Wrap Up Founding member of
  5. 5. Quote for the day...“Drive thy business or it will drive thee”Benjamin FranklinUS author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer (1706 - 1790) Founding member of
  6. 6. Introduction Founding member of
  7. 7. Hanks Review Information SessionPresenter: Kelly Thorpe Learning & Development Coordinator
  8. 8. Summary of Session • Changes to RTW legislation Employer obligations Worker obligations 8
  9. 9. Employer RTW Obligations
  10. 10. Employer RTW Obligations 1. Provide employment 2. Plan for a worker’s RTW 3. Consult about the RTW of a worker 4. Nominate a RTW Coordinator 5. Make RTW information available to all workers 6. Host employers to cooperate with labour hire employers 10
  11. 11. Obligation 1 - Provide Employment• Employers must provide suitable or pre-injury employment for duration of the Employment Obligation Period (52 weeks)• Employment Obligation Period (EOP) commences when employer receives a medical certificate or claim for weekly payments• If the claim has been rejected the EOP continues if a worker returns to work• Definition of suitable employment in the Act has been amended• ‘Pre-injury employment’ is the same or an equivalent position as that held before the injury/illness 11
  12. 12. Obligation 2 - Plan for a Worker’s RTW Employers must engage in an ongoing process to plan for a worker’s RTW: • Start planning when first receive a medical certificate or claim for weekly payments • Start planning even before worker’s claim is accepted • Plan for RTW even when the worker has no capacity for work • Undertake steps in the planning process as often as necessary to enable worker to RTW in employment consistent with worker’s capacity 12
  13. 13. Obligation 3 - Consulting about RTW • Employers must consult with the worker, the worker’s THP and OR provider • Consultation helps employers understand their workers circumstances and make informed decisions about suitable employment options • Consultation can foster better relationships and cooperation which is crucial to achieving good RTW outcomes 13
  14. 14. Obligation 4 - Nominate a RTW Co-ordinator • RTWC role is to assist the employer meet their RTW obligations • Employer remuneration $2M > must have RTWC at all times • Employer remuneration < $2M, obligation to nominate RTWC commences when employer receives medical certificate or claim for weekly payment • Key changes: RTWC must be competent and have appropriate level of seniority 14
  15. 15. Obligation 5 - Available RTW information • Information includes the employer’s and worker’s RTW obligations, agent details, RTWC details and issue resolution procedure • Employers are required to consult with workers about the best method of making RTW information available • The format for RTW information should consider characteristics of workplace and workforce 15
  16. 16. Obligation 6 - Host to Co-operate with LabourHire Employers • Host employers have a new obligation to cooperate with labour hire employer in the latter’s efforts to meet RTW obligations • The RTW obligations on labour hire employers are the same as for other employers • To co-operate with labour-hire employer, host employer can: • provide suitable or pre-injury employment • notify labour hire employer if worker is injured • provide nominated workplace contact • provide access to the workplace • be available for discussion relating to worker’s RTW • provide information re worker’s RTW and progress. 16
  17. 17. Worker RTW Obligations
  18. 18. Worker Obligations • Commence 1 July 2010 for new and existing claims • Revised sections of the Act for worker obligations:  Participate in planning for return to work (s200)  Use occupational rehabilitation services (s201)  Participate in assessments (s202)  Return to work (s203)  Participate in an interview (s204) 18
  19. 19. When Workers Must Meet RTWObligations • Worker’s obligation begins as soon as there is an incapacity to work (i.e. before claim is accepted) • Aligns to employer’s obligation to plan for RTW as soon as employer knows there is an incapacity • NO change to existing provisions relating to medical examinations (s112) 19
  20. 20. Consideration of Individual Circumstances Decisions about the reasonableness of a worker’s participation in RTW related activities must also take into account the worker’s individual circumstances at the time. Some examples:  Nature of worker’s injury  Worker’s certified capacity  Worker’s non-compensable injuries or illnesses  Worker’s language/literacy skills  Worker’s age, mobility, skills and experience 20
  21. 21. RTW Compliance • Failure to comply with the obligations under Sections 200-204 of the RTW part of the Act • Not performing tasks, hours or duties in the RTW arrangements within the worker’s capacity • Unreasonably failing to seek and obtain new employment within the worker’s capacity • Not attending, refusal or failure to participate in New Employer Services (NES) or in arranged job interviews • Not providing relevant documents in a timely manner, e.g. Certificates of Capacity • Failure to notify an employer of the worker’s RTW 21
  22. 22. RTW Compliance • Previously, non-compliant workers could have weekly payments ceased and determined • New process: 4-step staged hierarchy of sanctions aimed at motivating a worker to comply with RTW • Before applying sanctions there must be documented contact (phone or meeting) or documented reasonable attempts at contact • Workers are to be provided with every opportunity to understand and comply with their obligations • All communication must contain instructions on how to comply with RTW obligations. 22
  23. 23. Summary• Employers RTW obligations  6 obligations employers need to oblige by• Workers RTW obligations  5 obligations workers need to oblige by  Staged hierarchy to issue RTW non-compliance
  24. 24. Questions 24
  25. 25. Whiteboard Items Founding member of
  26. 26. Whiteboard Items1. What tasks do your Receptionists perform? Founding member of
  27. 27. Whiteboard Items2. Reduce credit card fees Founding member of
  28. 28. Whiteboard Items3. Veda Auto Founding member of
  29. 29. Whiteboard Items4. RWC – Used Process Founding member of
  30. 30. Parts Department Analysis Founding member of
  31. 31. Parts Department AnalysisKey Numbers Group ATA1. Average Gross Profit 24.6% 27.0%2. Parts Sales Per Employee $76,980 75,0003. Parts Gross Per Employee $18,897 19,0004. Salary % Gross Profit 34% 32%5. Total Dept Expenses % Gross Profit 55% 37.5%6. Selling Gross Per Employee $8,517 10,0007. ROI - Inventory 297% 175%8. Months Supply 0.79 1.59. Days Supply 24 45 Founding member of
  32. 32. Parts Department AnalysisParts Sales by Category Sales Mix Gross Mix Gross % Counter/Retail 2.9% 3.7% 31.1% Workshop 22.0% 36.1% 40.4% Internal 15.5% 13.1% 20.8% Trade 34.8% 27.8% 19.6% Interdealer Sales 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% Warranty 9.1% 5.2% 14.2% Misc. Parts Sales 15.7% 14.1% 22.2% Total 100% 100% 24.6% Founding member of
  33. 33. Parts Department AnalysisKey Findings1. Gross below ATA average 24.6% vs 27%2. Workshop/Internal 38% of Sales3. Workshop/Internal 49% of Gross4. Trade Sales 35% of Sales5. Trade Sales 28% of Gross6. Average Inventory $315K7. Inventory Less than 180 days 84% Founding member of
  34. 34. Best Ideas Founding member of
  35. 35. Sales Persons Commissions Founding member of
  36. 36. Sales Persons Commissions* Based on Retail Sales UnitsNew Department Group Average Mix%Salary $178/PNR 43%Commission $239/PNR 57% Total $416/PNR 100%Used Department Group Average Mix%Salary $250/PUR 41%Commission $362/PUR 59% Total $612/PUR 100% Founding member of
  37. 37. Year End Wrap Up Founding member of
  38. 38. When: Friday 26th November 12pmWhere: Grossi Florentino 80 Bourke Street Melbourne Founding member of
  39. 39. Questions? Founding member of
  40. 40. Surveys Please? Founding member of
  41. 41. Thank-you Founding member of