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Harnessing Social Media in China to Advocate

Harnessing Social Media in China to Advocate






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    Harnessing Social Media in China to Advocate Harnessing Social Media in China to Advocate Presentation Transcript

    • Harnessing Media to Advocate
      New Environment, New Tools, New People
      By Richard Brubaker
    • Building solutions that offer long term benefit to civil society requires a platform that engages multiple stakeholders through different mediums
      Multiple Actor Platform Supporting Civil Society
      • Understanding Issues from multiple viewpoints
      • Facilitating open and honest conversations
      • Building, managing, and measuring programs
      • Developing stakeholder trust
      • Implementing Scale
      Multifaceted Platform
      • Web based knowledge platform
      • Shanghai/ Beijing Event Platform
      • Proprietary Research and consulting Services
    • For civil society to truly benefit, stakeholders must approach common issues with a long term program based vision
      Good Programs Brand Themselves
      But to achieve their fullest potential, these programs still need to be
      Properly Communicated
    • How Firms Communicated Before May 2007
      Traditional Mediums
      • News Reports (TV, Newspaper, & Radio)
      • Corporate Websites (Intra and Internet)
      • Newsletters
      • CSR Reports
      Positive messaging.. That could be managed
    • Events that are Changing China
      Labor Scandal
      Immediate Impact
      • Domestic and International press coverage
      • 45,000 investigators sent to Shanxi
      • Public acknowledgement of system failure and call for change by party
      Product Recalls
      Immediate Impact
      • International witch hunt and tit-for-tat
      • Economic impact to Chinese manufacturers
      • Questions at home about products surface
      Taihu Lake
      Immediate Impact
      • Environmental awareness took a quantum leap
      • Domestic / International press coverage
      • National support and sympathy for affected
      Immediate Impact
      • 24/ 7 news coverage – with citizen journalists first to report (twitter)
      • Intense corporate pressure to donate and manage messaging carefully
      • First time many firms experienced the “mass” media
      5.12 Earthquake
      Milk Scandal
      Immediate Impact
      • 24/7 Full press coverage on TV, newspaper, blogs, &twitter
      • Public awareness of problems with food industry, and call for changes
      • Ongoing investigative reporting into other areas / other companies
    • Everything Changes in Time
      Awareness of issues and interest in issues was at an all time high.
      Events were waking people up to the costs of hypereconomics
      Citizens were beginning to ask different questions
      Citizens were beginning to expect more
      2) Government would support and respond if issue was inline with their goals
      Labor abuses
      Corruption/ graft
      3) Traditional experienced structural changes
      Investigative reporting
      Greater Access and transparency
      Corporations, foreign AND domestic, were both exposed
      4) New Mediums Emerged. Citizen Journalists were born.
      Instant messaging, blogs, BBS, and twitter grew
      New reporters were not formerly “trained” reporters, but passionate citizens
      Were not beholden to the way traditional media worked – less likely to be influenced
      Speed to market increased – not constrained by print deadlines
    • Corporations Were Unprepared
      Corporations were now exposed to a new environment
      An Environment they did not understand
      • New mediums
      • New “reporters”
      • New speed
      Many were unable to effectively communicate
    • The New Mediums
      RSS Feeds
      Everyone feels like an expert, and everyone has an opinion
    • Questions posed:
      • Available / appropriate media platform
      • Understanding the power/ limitations of the media
      • A maturing media and maturing messages
      • Create awareness and advocate through the media
      Understand and respect that there are multiple mediums, new and old:
      • That there are no inappropriate platforms
      • Platform will change with message need, timing, and program
      • The most desired platform may not always be available when you need it
      • Its necessary to understand and build relationships with the people behind each
      2) That consumer/ citizen expectations are rising
      • Severity of issues faced are becoming known and people want to know what is being done
      • As data in the public domain, it gets harder to fool anyone
      • Anonymity and ease of access are catalyzing the use of new media – weak points for many
      This is a trend that will only continue
      • Firms cannot greenwash their way out of this.
      • Strategies must be consistent, and programs will need to be “real”
      • Proactive strategies will return internally (HR) and externally (PR/ GR)
      • Poorly planed strategies will only return headaches.
    • Good Programs Brand Themselves
      • Programs don’t have to be sexy
      • Programs don’t have to be innovative
      • Programs don’t have to win awards
      • Need to align core values
      • Need to be long term
      • Need to be communicated effectively
    • Case Study: Starbucks
      Traditionally did very well
      • Community Bulletin Boards/ Culture
      • CSR Report focused on fair trade coffee and supporting bean farmer
      • Strong messaging through website and press
      • Translated into loyal customer following and positive brand image ratings
      Recently have struggled
      2007: Forbidden City Store
      • Opened 2000
      • RuiChengang (CCTV)
      • 10,000+ comments on blog
      • SBUX CEO addressed personally
      • Store closed
      2008: Water Waste
      • Single Blogger calculated 23 million gallons of water waste per day
      • Heavy traffic on blogs and twitter
      • New policy mandating water taps
    • Contact Me:
      Richard Brubaker
      Learn More :
      Collective Responsibility www.collectiveresponsibility.org
      Cleaner Greener China www.cleanergreenerchina.com
      Follow my Tweet!
      Collective Responsibility@chinaCSR
      Cleaner Greener China @greenerchina
      Hands On Shanghai @handsonshanghai