2011 Topps Update Baseball Box


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Overview of 2011 Topps Update Baseball Hobby Box - Available at CollectandSave.com

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2011 Topps Update Baseball Box

  1. 1. 2011 TOPPSSBASEBALL UPDATE ERIES DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY THE DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION CONTINUES Topps Baseball Update Series is the essential finale to the 2011 Topps Baseball season, including all the major player moves and fresh faces of the year, plus a complete season recap extending all the way through the World Series. Collectors and fans once again will have a chance to win rare diamond embedded cards, diamond Topps rings, and much more as Topps concludes its wildly successful Topps Diamond Giveaway. NEW! HOPE AND COGNAC DIAMOND PARALLEL CARDS INCLUDING EVERY BASE CARD FROM SERIES 1 AND 2! PLUS 1 AUTOGRAPH OR RELIC CARD PER HOBBY BOX, AND 1 AUTOGRAPH AND 2 RELIC CARDS PER JUMBO BOX,Topps Baseball Update Series brings the season to a close like never before! ORDER TODAY!
  2. 2. DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY TOPPS 60TH ANNIVERSARYDIAMOND GIVEAWAY CONTINUES Generating buzz and excitement and supported by a massive 2 million dollar PR, television, print, in-stadium and online marketing campaign, Diamond Giveaway Code cards are inserted 1:6 packs of Topps Baseball. Diamond Giveaway Code Card Inserted 1:6 Packs Consumers enter codes at WWW.DIAMONDTOPPS.COM
  3. 3. DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY TOPPS 60TH ANNIVERSARY DIAMOND GIVEAWAYTOPPS DIAMOND DIGUNLOCK CODES AND INSTANTLY WIN...• Actual Diamond Ring• Original Vintage Topps Baseball Pack• Diamond Embedded Card• Original Topps Baseball Card• Exclusive Diamond Die-Cut CardCOLLECT VIRTUAL MLB DIAMOND RINGS AND WIN...• Topps Diamond Anniversary Ring• Topps 60th Anniversary Complete Set• And More!WWW.DIAMONDTOPPS.COM
  4. 4. h TOPPS IVERSARY ERIER 60t2011ANNBASEBALL UPDATE SCAS DS DIAMOND ANNIVERSARYDIAMOND ANNIVERSARYREFRACTOR PARALLEL CARDSCANARY DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY – ONE OF ONE flawless cards.PLATINUM DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY – The base set paralleled andsparkling with a Diamond Anniversary foil stamp. Inserted 1:4 packs!NEW! HOPE DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY – Mimicking the other-worldly blueof the notorious Hope Diamond these cards flaunt a Diamond Anniversary foilstamp along with “60 Years of Collecting” and are numbered to 60.NEW! COGNAC DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY – Limited. Hope Diamond Anniversary Card Hope and Cognac Diamond Parallels of all 709 subjects, including variations, from Series 1 and Series 2 will be randomly inserted! Hope Diamond Anniversary Card Cognac Diamond Anniversary Card
  5. 5. TOPPS 60 2011 TOPPS B ASEBALL UPDATE SERIES DIAMOND ANNIVERSARYTOPPS 60 NEXT 60 AUTOGRAPH CARDSAUTOGRAPH CARDS – Thirty legends and current stars with their signatures The stars and legends of the future! A select group of 20 rookies andon cards noting the statistical category in which each places in the top 60 young talents each displayed on a card with his signature.all-time or active leaders.INSERT CARDS – 50 cards highlighting 50 diamond accomplishments. Topps 60 Insert Card Topps 60 Autograph Card Next 60 Autograph Card
  6. 6. 2 M O B® SEB L-S DATE SE C 0112011 TLPPS BAALALL UPTAR RIEARDS S2011 MLB ALL-STAR CARDSALL-STAR STITCHES – 65 cards featuring players from the All-Star Gamealong with pieces of their 2011 All-Star workout jerseys.AVAILABLE IN CANARY AND PLATINUM PARALLELS NUMBERED* ONEOF ONE AND 50 RESPECTIVELYALL-STAR STITCHES AUTOGRAPHED RELICS – 15 players are showcasedwith their signature and a piece of their workout jersey. Numbered* to 25.ALL-STAR JUMBO PATCHES – 55 participants with a JUMBO “League”patch piece from their workout jersey. Numbered* to 6.HOBBY AND JUMBO BOXES ONLY!ALL-STAR JUMBO AUTOGRAPH PATCHES – A select group of 10 All-Starplayers with a signature and a JUMBO patch piece. HOBBY AND JUMBO All-Star Stitches Card All-Star Stitches CardBOXES ONLY!ALL-STAR STITCHES DUAL RELICS – 10 dual-player cards featuring 2players and 2 fragments from their workout jerseys. Numbered* to 25.ALL-STAR STITCHES TRIPLE RELICS – 10 cards, each highlighting 3All-Star players and 3 relic pieces from their All-Star workout jerseys.Numbered* to 25. HOBBY AND JUMBO BOXES ONLY! All-Star Jumbo Patch Card All-Star Jumbo Autograph Patch Card
  7. 7. 2011 TOPPSSBASEBALL UPDATE ERIESRELIC CARDS CONTINUITY PROGRAMSGLOVE LEATHER CARDS – Each card features a manufactured gloveleather relic stitched with the name and number of a past and present hero KIMBALL CHAMPIONS e nal 50-card installment featuring current and retired players on elegantly vintage-of the field. Hobby Exclusive. 1 Per Hobby Case. 1 Per Jumbo Box. designed mini cards.AVAILABLE IN A PARALLEL NUMBERED TO 99 AND A ONE OF ONENICKNAME VERSION 60TH ANNIVERSARY AUTOGRAPH CARDS - Sixty players past and present have signed these cards along with an additional inscription wishingDIAMOND DUOS – 15 cards pairing 2 players with 2 relics. Numbered to 50. Topps a “Happy 60th!” All autographs and inscriptions are signed directly1966 MICKEY MANTLE REPRINT – Mantle’s 1966 reprint Topps card on each numbered to 60 card. Five players’ cards will be inserted intofeaturing a piece of game-worn Yankee uniform. Numbered to 66. Topps Update Series as well as each baseball product throughout 2011.SKETCH CARDS INSERT CARDS60TH ANNIVERSARY SKETCH CARDS – Original artwork of the most DIAMOND DUOS – 30 active and retired players are paired who share aiconic cards in Topps history including Hank Aaron and Sandy Koufax. Each common bond.sketch is an original 1/1 masterpiece and is signed by the artist. Hobby andJumbo Boxes Only.PLAYER SKETCH CARDS – Professional players become amateur Warholsas they create their own ONE OF ONE works of art.HOBBY AND JUMBO BOXES ONLY! Diamond Duos Insert Card Kimball Champions Card
  8. 8. 2011 TOPPSSBASEBALL UPDATE ERIESBASE CARDS • 330TRADED PLAYERS – 192 players who were traded with their new teams.ROOKIES – 55 new 2011 Rookies from the 25-man roster who were notfeatured in Topps Series 1 or 2.ROOKIE DEBUT – Highlighting the 10 most significant 2011 Rookies with alook at their first game appearance.2011 MLB ALL-STAR – All the players from the 2011 MLB All-Star Game.2011 MLB HOME RUN DERBY – 8 contestants from the 2011 Home RunDerby.RECORD-BREAKERS – 5 cards, each recognizing a player who set a record Base Card Rookie Base Cardduring the 2011 season. Rookie Debut Base Card
  9. 9. 2011 TOPPSSBASEBALL UPDATE ERIESPARALLEL CARDSPLATINUM - The entire base set is paralleled with each card featuring a“60Years of Collecting” imprint. ONE OF ONE.PRINTING PLATES - The 1,320 plates used to make the 330 base cardfronts. ONE OF ONE. HOBBY AND JUMBO BOXES ONLYSILK COLLECTION - 100 subjects from the base set on framed silk cardsnumbered* to 50. HOBBY AND JUMBO BOXES ONLY.BLACK - “60 Years of Collecting.” Numbered* to 60HOBBY AND JUMBO BOXES ONLYGOLD - “60 Years of Collecting.” Numbered* to 2011TOPPSTOWN.COMFifty players with a code for use at Toppstown.com. Gold Parallel Card 2011 UPDATE SERIES BASEBALL 2011 UPDATE SERIES BASEBALL IS THE ULTIMATE SEASON-ENDING RECAP, FEATURING ALL THE GREATEST MOMENTS OF THE 2011 SEASON AND A LOT MORE! 1 AUTOGRAPH OR RELIC CARD PER HOBBY BOX, AND 1 AUTOGRAPH AND 2 RELIC CARDS PER JUMBO BOX! ® & © 2011 The Topps Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Topps is a registered trademarks of The Topps Company, Inc. Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc. Visit the official website at MLB.com ©MLBPA. Official Licensee - Major League Baseball Players Association. Topps does not, in any manner, make any representations as to whether its cards will attain any future value. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. For a chance to get an autographed/relic insert card, see pack for details. Topps has authorized only the packaging and distribution of the number of sequentially numbered cards stated on the card, but cannot guarantee that counterfeit or other unauthorized cards will not exist. †Although these players have agreed to provide these cards to Topps, we cannot guarantee that all autographs and/or relics will be received in time for inclusion in this product. In the event of unavailability, Topps reserves the right to substitute an alternative autograph and/or relic card. ©2011, Mantle IP Holdings, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. www.MickeyMantle.com. Courtesy of Encore Sports and Entertainment, LLC. Joe DiMaggio® is a Registered Trademark of, and used under License from Joe DiMaggio, LLC. Babe Ruth™ by Luminary Group. LLC, www.BabeRuth.com
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