2011 Topps Prime Football


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Overview of 2011 Topps Prime Football Hobby Box. Available at CollectandSave.com

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2011 Topps Prime Football

  1. 1. 20 1 1 TOP P S P R I M E F O OT BA L L Topps Prime Football Returns for a Smash Second Season with a Primetime Line-Up of NFL Rookies & Stars, Showcased on Autograph, Autograph Relic, and Relic Cards at a Combined Rate of 4 Per Box! 4 Numbered Autograph/Relic Hits In Every 10-Count Hobby Box! 1 Autograph Relic Card 1 Autograph Rookie Card 2 Relic Cards NEW! Rookie Autograph JUMBO Relic Cards NEW! Rookie Autograph Variation Cards NEW! Rookie JUMBO Relic Cards NEW! HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Rookie On-Card Red Zone Autographs HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Numbered Rookie Variation Base Cards HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Numbered Base Card Parallels
  2. 2. 2 0 1 1 TOP P S P R I M E F O OT BA L L Autograph Rookie Cards Prime II Rookie Card 1 PER BOX! ROOKIES 50 promising 2011 Rookies on base card variations along with their signatures on numbered cards PRIME: ONE-OF-ONE! HOBBY ONLY! GOLD: Numbered to 25 NEW! SILVER: Numbered to 502 AUTOGRAPH CARDS PER BOX! Autograph Relic Cards Autograph Relic Cards Prime IV Rookie Card 1 PER BOX! 1 PER BOX! PRIME I ROOKIE QBS 7 top Rookie Quarterbacks each in BOOK CARDS featuring5 uniform/equipment pieces: Wristband/Football/Patch/Home Jersey/Away Jersey and numbered 10. PRIME I ROOKIES 29 different BOOK CARDS showcasing a 2011 NFL Rookie with6 relic pieces: Glove/Wristband/Football/Patch/Home Jersey/Away Jersey and numbered to 10. PRIME II ROOKIES The same 29 Rookies this time with 5 personal pieces: Glove/Wristband/Football/Home Jersey/Away Jersey and numbered to 15 in BOOK CARDS. Prime V Rookie Card PRIME III ROOKIES 29 Rookies with an amalgam of 4 pieces on cards numbered to 25. NEW! PRIME IV ROOKIES 36 Rookies numbered to 15 each appear with a JUMBO multi-color patch relic swatch NEW! PRIME V ROOKIES 36 Rookies again - this time with 3 JUMBO relics in stunning ONE-OF-ONE BOOK CARDS: Football/Glove/Patch PRIME VI 36 Rookies and 14 star Veterans depicted on cards with 4 mementos: Home Jersey, Away Jersey, Home Jersey, Away Jersey and numbered. NEW! Available in Hobby Exclusive Prime and Gold Parallels numbered ONE-OF-ONE and 25 respectively Autograph Rookie Gold Parallel Card
  3. 3. 2 0 1 1 TOP P S P R I M E F O OT BA L L Relic Cards Relic Cards 2 PER BOX! 2 PER BOX! Prime Rookie JUMBO Relics 36 outstanding rookies with a JUMBO relic piece and numbered. Triple Combo Relic Silver Parallel Card NEW! Available in HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Pigskins ONE-OF-ONE version Prime Veteran Relics 20 NFL gridiron stars highlighted on numbered cards with a relic Combo Relic Cards 3 levels (Quad, Triple and Dual) of popular Combo relic cards with 2, 3, or 4 rookies, veterans and rookies/veteran players showcasing 2, 3, or 4 relic pieces on each numbered card. NEW THIS YEAR! Each level is distinguished with a unique design. All Prime Rookie, Veteran, and Combo Relic cards are paralleled: Quad Combo Relic Card PRIME: All patch parallels. ONE-OF-ONE! HOBBY ONLY! SILVER: Numbered to 25 NEW! GOLD: Numbered to 50 Insert Cards Insert Cards 1 PER PACK! 1 PER PACK!The relic card subjects paralleled in a popular insert card format sans relics! Prime Rookies Prime Veterans Combo Cards All Prime Rookie, Veteran, and Combo Insert cards are paralleled: PRIME: ONE-OF-ONE! HOBBY ONLY! SILVER: Numbered to 25 NEW! GOLD: Numbered to 50 Rookie Jumbo Relic Pigskin Parallel Card
  4. 4. 2 0 1 1 TOP P S P R I M E F O OT BA L L Red Zone Rookies On-Card Autographs 36 top Rookies from the 2011 NFL Draft pen their monikers directly to each of these cards. Base Cards Base Cards 1 ROOKIE CARD PER PACK! 1 ROOKIE CARD PER PACK! VETERANS 100 exceptional NFL stars. Veteran Base Parallel Cards PRIME: ONE-OF-ONE! HOBBY ONLY! NEW! POWDER BLUE: Numbered to 75 HOBBY ONLY! NEW! AQUA: Numbered to 199. HOBBY ONLY! ROOKIE BASE VARIATIONS 50 notable NFL Rookies appear on Hobby Exclusive numbered base cards. Inserted 1 per pack. HOBBY ONLY! Veteran Base Card Hobby Only Rookie Base Variation parallels: PRIME: ONE-OF-ONE! SILVER RAINBOW: Numbered to 25 NEW! GREEN: Numbered to 99 NEW! PURPLE: Numbered to 499 RED: Numbered to 599 BLUE: Numbered to 699 GOLD: Numbered to 799 TOPPS PRIME FOOTBALL 4 Numbered Autograph/Relic Hits in Every 10-Count Hobby Box! Order Today! ® TM & © 2011 The Topps Company, Inc. Topps, Topps Football, Topps Platinum and Topps Rising Rookies are trademarks of The Topps Company, Inc. All rights reserved. © 2011 NFL Properties, LLC. Team Names/Logos/Indicia are trademarks of the teams indicated. All other NFL-related trademarks are trademarks of the National Football League. Officially Licensed Product of NFL PLAYERS | NFLPLAYERS.COM. Please note that you must obtain the approval of the National Football League Properties in promotional materials that incorporate any marks, designs, logos, etc. of the National Football League or any of its teams, unless the material is merely an exact depiction of the authorized product you purchasefrom us. Topps does not, in any manner, make any representations as to whether its cards will attain any future value. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. For a chance to get an autographed/relic insert card, see pack for details. Topps has authorized only the packaging and distribution of thenumber of sequentially numbered cards stated on the card, but cannot guarantee that counterfeit or other unauthorized cards will not exist. † Although these players have agreed to provide these cards to Topps, we cannot guarantee that all autographs and/or relics will be received in timefor inclusion in this product. In the event of unavailability, Topps reserves the right to substitute an alternative autograph and/or relic card. Topps does not, in any manner, make any representations as to whether its cards will attain any future value.