Growing the Curvy Way (recruitment branding) - Lyndsey Simpson


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Lyndsey Simpson's talk - 'Growing the Curvy Way' - delivered at Recruitment International's 'How to build an exceptional recruitment business' event 2013.

The Curve Group:

Recorded by recruitment software provider, Colleague Software:

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Growing the Curvy Way (recruitment branding) - Lyndsey Simpson

  1. 1. Growing The Curvy Way Recruitment International Event 12th June 2013
  2. 2. What’s Coming Up?  Who are we & what do we do  Our journey  The 6 concrete pillars to growing The Curvy Way 1. Culture 2. Brand identity 3. Customer is KING 4. Flexing the business model 5. Dare to be different 6. Funding
  3. 3. Jeanette Ramsden Della Wolfe Lyndsey Simpson The Curve Co-Owners
  4. 4. Some of the Curvy team…
  5. 5. The Journey  The Curve Group began life as Curve Recruiting Ltd in 2004. From 2004 through to 2007, the focus was purely on permanent search and selection of senior roles ranging in salary from £70- 150,000 with a significant proportion of roles being retained fees  As the business grew, there was client-led demand to help the candidates that we placed then hire the teams in underneath them. Moved into contingent recruitment and re-named both businesses Curve Search (for the senior hires) and Curve Recruiting for hires ranging from £40-80,000  In Sep 2008, the recession hit with force and at that time, our 3 major Banking customers cancelled all recruitment and put in place 12-18 month external recruitment freezes  In Oct 2008 we undertook a major review of our business and made some strategic decisions that shaped the business today:  Over 60% of our revenue came from 3 major customers so we pro-actively looked to extend our sector coverage and customer mix  We decided to invest and build Curve Outplacement  We built this business from scratch, invested in the IT, built a website for it and launched it on 1st January 2009, by 10th January, we had our first customer – Pizza Hut 2004 2008 2007 2009
  6. 6. The Journey Continued…  In 2010, we built a 4th business – Curve Outsourcing (Now Curve RPO). This provided Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and HR Outsourcing (HRO) solutions to corporates in the form of 2 or 3 year full outsource agreements  June 2010 – we re-brand to The Curve Group, bring all of our websites and external marketing into 1 site and create a new brand identity with a focussed 2 year PR & Marketing plan to maximise on the investment.  Bounced back immediately from the previous year to record a 130% growth in income and returned to higher than pre-recession levels  Withdrew HRO offering to focus on RPO  Embarked on another client-led expansion into contractor recruitment. Built and launched Curve Contractors  June 2013 – re-brand to include 5 businesses, new “responsive” website to go live on Wed 26th June  Currently tracking at 165% yr on yr growth 2010 2011 2012 2013
  7. 7. Concrete Pillars
  8. 8. 1) Culture “The Curvy Way”
  9. 9. So What is The Curvy Way?  Its how we think and how we behave  Its what we hire our people based upon  It encapsulates our corporate culture  It empowers our team to Be Different – Be Curvy  It brings to life our 6 core values every day: 1. Passionate 2. Trusted 3. Results-Orientated 4. Added Value/Insight 5. Business Savvy 6. Friendly
  10. 10. 2) Brand
  11. 11. Create a Consistent Brand Experience
  12. 12. Ensure Words & Images are Aligned
  13. 13. 3) Customer is KING
  14. 14. Customer is KING Customer Candidates & Clients are the same! Always do what you say you will Understand their world & priorities Resourcing & HR are your customers – don’t go around them Notice the little things Keep relationship points the same
  15. 15. 4) Flexing the Business Model
  16. 16. “To stand still is to fall behind” Gordon Forward  Spot your exposures/look at your pareto analysis and keep building a more rounded business  Pull out of unprofitable clients & sectors  Change your pricing model – know your profitable limits & level of “seller power” with individual clients  The 3 S’s….Silence, solitude, solutions
  17. 17. 5) Dare to be Different
  18. 18. USPs No commission! No specified hours for head- hunters Commercial pricing – create some fun/skin in the game Seek forgiveness not permission No targets
  19. 19. 6) Funding
  20. 20. Funding Expansion  Lots of routes – for us, it’s the Bank  Know your cash – daily, weekly, monthly & 3-month forecasts  When running projections:  Headcount  Desk space/infrastructure  IT equipment  Major outflows e.g. VAT/Corporation tax/annual profit share  Don’t ask for money when you need it!  Bring them in on the journey, get them excited about your business and feel a part of it  Plan ahead and allude to what you will need next quarter, next year…
  21. 21. In Summary  I hope you found our journey useful…  The 6 concrete pillars to growing The Curvy Way 1. Culture 2. Brand identity 3. Customer is KING 4. Flexing the business model 5. Dare to be different 6. Funding
  22. 22. Thank you @thecurvegroup @lyndseydsimpson Lyndsey Simpson / The Curve Group