Collaborative Solutions eHealth Event - My Psych


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Collaborative Solutions eHealth Event - My Psych

  1. 1. My Psych •™ is an online psychological service that allows psychologists to conduct sessions with patients online. • Professionally registered psychologists anytime, anywhere with the most advanced secure online technology.
  2. 2. My Psych Delivers • Easy booking – just search, book and talk • No external plug-in to download (unlike Skype) • Easy to follow therapy book-in calendar, regular updated • Fully encrypted and secure site
  3. 3. My Psych Services • Fully insured and qualified psychologists, trained to provide the highest professional standards if online therapy • Psychologists will maintain a regular in-house record of continuing professional development • Easy to use customised profiles of member psychologists • 24/7 customer support to clients on technology issues • Promotion of online therapy with government agencies, medical and allied health and medical companies • Promotion with health insurers and corporates • Marketing and advertising support
  4. 4. Mental Illness – Australia 4.4 million people, when alcohol and drug-related conditions are included 3.8 million affected by mental illness in one year Up to 45% of the population will have a mental issue at a point in their lives
  5. 5. Psychology Support • 24000 active psychologists • 3rd largest health profession overall • Estimate $600 m private market per annum However • Rural and remote areas are not served properly – Boundary issues – same medical practitioner – Not enough service providers in this area – Disabled and immobile cannot access services – Remote mothers are stuck at home Main areas of need are depression, stress and anxiety MEANWHILE CITY PSYCHOLOGISTS CAN FACE CANCELLATIONS RATES UP TO 25%
  6. 6. How it works
  7. 7. Solution Ideas • Organisation that assist housebound clients (e.g. disabled or agoraphobics) for psychological assistance for clients/carers • Remote/rural location mining sites that wish to provide cost effective, regular and consistent assistance to their employees and contractors • Offshore based workers in difficult locations who seek access to Australian registered psychologists • Providing solutions for larger private practices to implement online mental healthcare • Rural medical associations such as Medicare Locals to assist with the provision of online mental healthcare
  8. 8. Objectives for Outcomes from Pilot • Up to date research on effective use of online mental health therapy in the Australian context • Promotion of organisation as leader in client/carer/employee welfare and engagement • Opportunity to partner with leading university/mental health organisation for effectiveness research • Lead standards for online therapy and create Australian export opportunities
  9. 9. My Psych Team Alisa de Torres : Clinical Director Alisa is the Clinical Director of MyPsych. She is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with a particular interest in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders and trauma. She has specialist training in trauma treatment and over a decade of experience as a psychologist. Nitin Singhi Director Nitin is the director of His experience includes running Colonial First State Private Equity, a successful private equity fund owned by CBA. He advises companies on corporate finance matters. Nitin was a corporate lawyer for major law firms in Sydney and London for 10 years. Nitin is the managing director of Horizon Private Capital Partners, a private capital firm based in Sydney. Elizabeth Singhi Communications Adviser Elizabeth Singhi is a Sydney based qualified Speech Pathologist with 20 years experience working in a range of health settings. She now runs communications at including social media, research and media.
  10. 10. Contact Details • Alisa de Torres – Clinical Director – E: – T: 02 9362 5417 • Nitin Singhi – Director – E: – T: 0411 460 290 • Elizabeth Singhi – Communications Adviser – E: – T: 0423 469 107 W: T: 02 9279 4305 E: Level 8, 80 Clarence Street Sydney NSW 2000
  11. 11. Summary • Wider awareness of Mental Health issues creates increasing demand • MyPsych solves the problem by reaching out to patients that are time poor, in regional areas/overseas or have mobility issues • Demand for tele-health is increasing • MyPsych uses embedded video conferencing technology to enforce relationship within the site • MyPsych is managed by a highly experienced team in business and mental health