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  • CollaborAid is the tool to End Global Poverty. It will be a one stop shop that offers a comprehensive set of services to an engaged community committed toward poverty alleviation. 
  • The spectrum of aid community extends beyond the traditional players in the field. Consider a college students volunteering at an orphanage in Kenya, a church group funding a health clinic in rural Mali, a child in India who drinks clean water from a well for the first time. Everyone is working toward a common goal. However, each group faces barriers that cause inefficiencies and potentially impedes success.Consider a family member that fails to donate to a charity since they can track the impact of their money.Consider a small NGO that has good intentions and tries to help a community, but only ends up reinventing the wheel and inefficiently using their resources.Consider the chief of a village in Mali that has invaluable insight but cannot connect with aid providers in the surrounding area.   We engage a wide community of…., international aid workers, donors, local stakeholders…. And share information to elevate the work of all parties involved.Our proprietary/groundbreaking/first to market/innovative technology provides value add/enhances/enables/translates/ 
  • Many organizations have recognized that the Internet is the key to global connectivity and put it to great use. However, each organization only offers a small piece of the connectivity puzzle.
  • Project Profile pages include an overview of the problem, timelines, photos, volunteer opportunities, and lessons learned . Sarah wants to learn more about the pros and cons of the rain harvesting system they chose and she clicks on the best practice wiki-page.
  • She is connected with a comprehensive database of user generated information.
  • Mike easily created his individual profile page by leveraging the content on his Facebook account. Using Facebook Connect, he just filled in a few more data points before plugging into the CollaborAid Community. Similar integration is available for other social media sites using Open Social. This significantly reduces barriers of entry and allows our community to grow quickly.Sarah sees from Mike’s profile that he is friends with Joseph, a mutual friend of theirs.
  • A few Snapshots of the functionality of the CollaborAid
  • All of this content can also exist on an organization’s website, on other API platforms, and if an individual subscribes to a project,
  • It is also viewable on their RSS reader.
  • Enhanced visualization tool services that incorporates mapping & timeline functionality (proprietary tech could be value add )Full scale videoconferencing & hostingPremium promotional opportunities (advertising)Having your content on personalized page as well as hosted on your domainWhite label embeddingDonate nowCustomized personalized pagePackages for private groups/networks (privacy info shared amongst the group) – pricing based on numbers in groupDown the line – heat maping using our data – can sell to research of needs / opportunitiesEmbedding fee for corporate websites
  • Collabor Aid Deck

    1. 1. CollaborAid<br />
    2. 2. Spectrum of Stakeholders<br />Social <br />Entrepreneurs<br />Individual Donors<br />NGOs<br />Int’l Volunteers<br />Volunteer Orgs<br />Journalists<br />Microfinanciers<br />Funding Org<br />Corps. (CSR)<br />SME financiers<br />Direct Beneficiaries<br />Advocates for alleviating global poverty<br />Gov’t Personnel<br />
    3. 3. Status Quo<br />Joseph: Disconnect with local stakeholders <br />NGO: Project redundancy<br />You: Donor reservations<br />
    4. 4. The Internet Offers a Solution<br />
    5. 5.
    6. 6. Spectrum of Stakeholders<br />Social <br />Entrepreneurs<br />Individual Donors<br />NGOs<br />Int’l Volunteers<br />Volunteer Orgs<br />Journalists<br />Microfinanciers<br />Funding Org<br />Corps. (CSR)<br />SME financiers<br />Gov’t Personnel<br />Direct Beneficiaries<br />Advocates for alleviating global poverty<br />
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    15. 15. A Sustainable Social Enterprise<br />
    16. 16. Next Steps<br />
    17. 17. Learn more at<br />@CollaborAidTeam<br />