Rock Prairie Road Corridor Transportation Projects


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Rock Prairie Road Corridor Transportation Projects

  1. 1. City Council WorkshopNovember 8, 2012
  2. 2. Rock Prairie Road Corridor East side pavement rehabilitation Overpass West side expansion
  3. 3. Rock Prairie Road East Heavy truck traffic contributed to pavement degradation ○ Hydrocarbon trucks accessing wells ○ Sanitation trucks accessing the landfill Acquiring right-of-way for future expansion to four-lane boulevard section ○ SH 6 to William D. Fitch ○ ROW width is between 118-feet and 115-feet ○ Acquiring 20-foot wide PUE
  4. 4. Pavement Condition
  5. 5. Thoroughfare Plan – East Side
  6. 6. Rock Prairie Road East Current traffic does not warrant a four-lane boulevard section Rehabilitation project will reconstruct Rock Prairie from Bird Pond to William D. Fitch ○ Two travel lanes ○ Asphalt pavement ○ Open drainage ○ No sidewalks ○ No raised medians Staff will bring a design contract to Council for consideration in early 2013
  7. 7. Rock Prairie Road Overpass BCSMPO received $4.6 million in State Proposition 12 funds from TxDOT BCSMPO voted to allocate the funds to the expansion of the Rock Prairie Road Overpass ○ Addition of one travel lane (east bound) ○ 10-foot wide multi-use path on both sides of the overpass ○ U-turn structures on the north and south side ○ Area lighting
  8. 8. Rock Prairie Road Overpass City is responsible for funding the engineering design and environmental studies TxDOT will manage the construction of the project Final plans will be submitted to TxDOT in January 2013 Construction will begin in the spring of 2013
  9. 9. Conceptual Layout
  10. 10. Rock Prairie Road West State Highway 6 to Wellborn Road ○ Four-lane Minor Arterial ○ General Suburban Adjacent land uses: ○ Single Family Residential ○ Parks ○ Medical Facilities ○ Schools ○ Churches ○ Commercial
  11. 11. Traffic Conditions Rock Prairie and Rio Grande are operating at LOS A Rock Prairie and Longmire are operating at LOS C Rock Prairie and Longmire and expected to operate at LOS D in 2013 Challenges at the Longmire Intersection: ○ Traffic signal spacing ○ Land use generates high traffic volumes ○ Numerous left turns/driveways ○ Vertical deflections for drainage
  12. 12. Longmire Intersection
  13. 13. Rock Prairie Road West ROW acquisition for the widening of Rock Prairie Road West was included in the 2008 Bond Authorization Collected traffic data in 2011 Traffic model considered the following: ○ Barron Road Overpass ○ Barron Road East/Lakeway South ○ New development at SH 6 and William D. Fitch ○ Anticipated traffic from Scott and White Hospital
  14. 14. Conceptual Layout
  15. 15. Rock Prairie Road West Land acquisition is in progress Funding for design is included in the FY2013 capital budget Construction of the Rock Prairie Road West project is expected to immediately follow the overpass construction
  16. 16. Conclusion Three important projects in progress Construction on the overpass to begin in the spring of 2013, and expected to take 12- months to complete. Staff will request Council approval for design contracts for the improvements to the east and west side of Rock Prairie Road in early 2013
  17. 17. East Side Acquisition