City Council Strategic Plan


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City Council Strategic Plan

  1. 1. Council Workshop October 27, 2011 STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE 2012
  2. 2. Council Strategic Plan Update Objectives of Workshop Item  Review Work Completed to Date  Overview of Strategic Plan Update  Overview of Implementation and Maintenance of Plan  Next Steps (Policy Action Plan, Departmental Business/Service Plans, Budget Development)  Seeking any Additional Council Input
  3. 3. Council Strategic Plan Update Work Completed to Date  Annual Strategic Plan Workshop on July 12, 2011  Budget Workshops Through August  Council Workshop Update in September  Staff Review and Revision of Draft Plan
  4. 4. Council Strategic Plan Update Overview of Plan  Community Vision, Organizational Mission and Core Values  Council Strategic Initiatives  Desired Outcome (Goal) for each Strategic Initiative  Strategies for each Goal  “High-Level” Performance Measures  Plan Monitoring Information  Additional Resources  Recognition of Excellence
  5. 5. VisionCollege Station…will be a vibrant, progressive, knowledge-based community which promotes the highest quality of life by…  ensuring safe, tranquil, clean, and healthy neighborhoods with enduring character;  increasing and maintaining the mobility of College Station citizens through a well-planned and constructed inter-modal transportation system;  expecting sensitive development and management of the built and natural environment;  supporting well planned, quality and sustainable growth;  valuing and protecting our cultural and historical community resources;  developing and maintaining quality cost-effective community facilities, infrastructure and services which ensure our city is cohesive and well connected; and  pro-actively creating and maintaining economic and educational opportunities for all citizensCollege Station will continue to be among the friendliest and most responsive of communities and a demonstrated good partner in maintaining and enhancing all that is good and celebrated in the Brazos Valley. It will continue to be a place where Texas and the world come to learn, live, and conduct business! 5
  6. 6. Council Strategic Plan Update Overview of Plan  Council Strategic Initiatives
  7. 7. Financially SustainableCity7
  8. 8. How will a financially sustainable City be achieved? Balanced budget Diversity in revenue sources Keep property tax rate one of the lowest in State for similar size cities Maintain current ratings from bond-rating services Enterprise operations rates set to meet service demands Phased lowering of reliance on Utility Return on Investment for The City of College General Fund use Station has been honored Seek grants and other outside funding with the “Distinguished Maintain and rehabilitate equipment, facilities, and infrastructure Budget Presentation on a strategic schedule Award” by the Government Finance Establish reserve funds to enable strategic maintenance and Officer’s Association for replacement of infrastructure and equipment 24 years in row. Seek efficiencies in delivery of services and facilities Maximize transparency of expenditures and fiscal policies and Private taxable property procedures in College Station is valued at nearly $6 Conduct routine audits to ensure accountability, to maximize Billion. efficiencies, and to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse Set fees to recover costs of delivery of services at appropriate In the last four years, the levels City of College Station has removed more than Share information and communicate with citizens about City fiscal $7Million from its annual issues through various media outlets Operations & Maintenance budget, resulting in the elimination of more than 43 positions, while at the same time adding 35 public safety positions. 8
  9. 9. Core Services andInfrastructure9
  10. 10. How will we provide core services and infrastructure?  Maintain program accreditations and certifications  Employer of choice – Attracting and retaining an engaged and highly professional staff  Meet or exceed all state/federal standards  Guide private and public land use decisions  Plan for and invest in The City employs 121 infrastructure, facilities, services, personnel, and equipment sworn Police and an additional 121 persons in necessary to meet projected needs and opportunities the Fire Department to  Maintain and rehabilitate equipment, facilities, and ensure the public’s infrastructure on a strategic schedule safety.  Maintain an Fire ISO rating of 2 or better  Provide opportunities for citizens to experience and learn The College Station about public safety programs (Citizens Police and Fire drinking water system is rated “Superior” by the Academy) Texas Commission on  Provide opportunities for citizens to learn about City services Environmental Quality and facilities (Citizens University)  Share information and communicate with citizens about core services and infrastructure through various media outlets  Continued use of technology to more effectively and efficiently deliver services to citizens  Continued support of programs that support agencies engaged in social justice efforts – Twin City Mission, United College Station is one of 60 out of the more than Way, Project Unity, etc. 2,000 public power  Continued support of programs that promote fair and providers to be affordable housing recognized by the American Public Power Association as a Reliable Public Power designee 10
  11. 11. Neighborhood Integrity11
  12. 12. The City of CollegeStation partners withvarious neighborhoods inplanning for their future.Recent plans includeplans for Central College How will we address neighborhood integrity?Station, Eastgagte, and  Proactive code enforcement in identified target areasSouthside.The Central College  Use of Federal and State funds to assist in providingStation Neighborhood affordable housingPlan received the Central  Use of Federal and State funds to assist in addressingSection of the Texas community development needs and opportunitiesChapter of the AmericanPlanning Association’s  Geographic-based approach to delivering police servicesaward for Long-Range  Continue investments in maintaining and rehabilitatingPlanning in 2010. infrastructure and facilities in neighborhoods  Continued partnerships with TAMU and others in addressing off-campus student housing  Expansion of electronic opportunities to remain informed and to alert City to issues and concerns  Continued planning with neighborhood residents to address concerns and capitalize on opportunities  Share information and communicate with neighborhood groups through multiple media outletsThe City actively partnerswith Texas A&M inaddressingneighborhood integrityissues through the“Aggie-Up” program. 12
  13. 13. Diverse GrowingEconomy13
  14. 14. In 2010, College Stationpartnered with ResearchValley Partnership, TexasA&M, and others todevelop the ResearchValley BioCorridor Master How will we support a diverse growing economy?Plan.  Support expansion of “consumer-oriented” economy –The Plan envisions a retail, restaurant, and services3,500+ acre development  Protect major economic assets from incompatiblethat will be an encroachments – Easterwood airport, TAMU, BioCorridorinternational destination  Support diversification of “consumer-oriented” economy –foreducation, research, deve tourism, regional athletic events, regional medical center, etclopment, commercializati  Expand diversification efforts into bio-technologyon, and production of  Plan for and invest ininnovative technologies infrastructure, facilities, services, personnel, and equipmentto improve global health. necessary to meet projected needs and opportunities  Keep property tax rates as one of the lowest in State for comparable size cities  Maintain competitive utility rates  Ensure regulations and standards consider impacts on businesses  Protect properties from crime and property damage  Ensure adequate land is available and serviceable forThe BioCorridor MasterPlan was recognized in economic needs and opportunities2011 by the Texas  Maintain relationship with local and regional economicChapter of the American partnersPlanning Association as  Share information and communicate with citizens andthe Long-Range Plan ofthe Year. businesses about economic conditions through various media outlets 14
  15. 15. Improving Mobility15
  16. 16. How will we improve mobility?  Provide complete streets that accommodate vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians  Ensure streets have features that promote walkability - sidewalks, short block length, landscaping  Enhance transit opportunities through partnerships In 2008, voters approved  Provide for land uses that support multi-modal opportunities more than $48 Million for mobility improvements  Plan for infrastructure necessary to meet projected growth throughout College and physical development Station.  Seek federal and state funding to construct facilities  Make investments to avoid traffic congestion for long periods Recent mobility of time improvements include:  Promote a well-connected system of residential streets and  Barron Road collector avenues to lessen strain on expensive arterial  Holleman Drive South  Greens Prairie Trail boulevards  FM2818 Multi-Use Path  Identify and fund a multi-year capital improvements program  Bee Creek Bike Loop  Maintain and rehabilitate system to avoid costly replacement  Maximize efficiency of system – intersection improvements, traffic signal timing, signage  Participate in BCS mobility initiative with regional partners  Share information and communicate with Citizens about mobility issues through various media outlets College Station taxpayers have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in mobility infrastructure since 1938 16
  17. 17. Sustainable City17
  18. 18. How will we support a sustainable City?  Enhance conservation efforts – electric, water, recycling  Purchase of energy from renewable resources  Protect potable water supply and ability expand to meet projected demands  Support and implement green building practices  Conduct sound land use planning guided by the Beginning in 2009 the Comprehensive Plan City of College Station  Maintain and enhance participation in FEMA CSR program began purchasing a  Acquire flood-prone areas and their associated riparian areas portion of its energy from wind farms located in through the Greenway acquisition program West Texas. This  Support alternative energy production activities – program, Wind Watts, is solar, methane to energy, etc. supported by a voluntary surcharge on customer’s  Enhanced use of hybrid vehicles in fleet monthly utility bills.  Continue to seek grants and other sources of outside funding to support efforts  Community education and information about conservation In 2011, the City of efforts and City programs College Station initiated the construction of a reclaimed water project. When completed, treated wastewater effluent will be used to irrigate athletic fields at Veteran’s Park, saving an estimated 3 Million Gallons of potable water annually. 18
  19. 19. Performance Measures19
  20. 20. How will we measure progress?Progress in implementing this strategic plan will be monitored by regularreports, reviews, and updates. Each of these will be informed by anappropriate set of performance measures. The following is a list of theregular reports, reviews, and updates:  Annual Update (Conducted at the beginning of each year in preparation for the development of the following year’s budget)  Mid-Year Review and Update (Conducted in the summer of each year concurrent with Council review of the City Manager’s proposed budget)  Quarterly Report (Presented by the City Manager every quarter)  Annual Budget (Incorporates Strategic Plan and related Performance Measures)  Department Business/Service Plans (Prepared annually following Council adoption of the Strategic Plan/incorporate Management Performance Measures) 20
  21. 21. Council Strategic Plan Update Overview of Plan  “High-Level” Performance Measures  Plan Monitoring Information  Additional Resources  Recognition of Excellence
  22. 22. City’s Recognition of Excellence - 2011Accredited Police Department – Commission forAccreditation for Law Enforcement AgenciesAccredited Parks and Recreation Department –Commission for Accreditation of Parks and RecreationAgenciesPlanning & Development Services – Certificate ofAchievement for Planning Excellence – Texas ChapterAmerican Planning Association]College Station Bicycle, Pedestrian, and GreenwaysMaster Plan – Planning Project of the Year – TexasChapter American Planning AssociationHonorable Mention Bicycle Friendly City – League ofAmerican BicyclistsReliable Public Power Provider – American PublicPower AssociationTraffic Safety Award – Texas Municipal CourtsEducation CenterTop 10 Cities for Raising Families – KiplingersTop 10 Cities for Business – ForbesTop 10 Cities for Jobs/Career – ForbesTop 5 Best Small Metros in US – Miliken InstituteTop 20 Cities for Education – ForbesTop 5 Cities for Military Retirement - USAAMarshall Wallace/Public Works Department -Employee of the Year 22
  23. 23. Council Strategic Plan Update Next Steps/Plan Implementation  October  Adoption of the 2012 Update  November  Policy Action Plan Provided to Council  Late 2011/Early 2012  Department Business/Service Plan Update  Council Workshops – Policy Action Items  Prepare for FY13 Budget Development  Quarterly Reports  January/February 2012  Mid-Year Strategic Plan Review
  24. 24. Council Strategic Plan Update Further Council Guidance or Direction? Questions?