When to Live Broadcast to the Web Vs. When to Record


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When does it make sense to produce live video broadcast to the web, versus record the show and post later? And if you decide to do live video, what are the options, from “do it yourself” to hiring professionals.

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When to Live Broadcast to the Web Vs. When to Record

  1. 1. Is it Live or is itTaped?!?!Prepared by Colin Christianson fromTenacious Ventures
  2. 2. Colin ChristiansonFounder & CEOTenacious VenturesWhat We Do:• Digital Media Production(Live Streaming and PostProduction)• Social Media Strategy,Engagement and Trainings• Online Analytic Monitoringand Reporting
  3. 3. Colin ChristiansonFounder & CEOTenacious Ventures
  4. 4. What’s Being Covered• When to go live vs. taped?• What are your options for going live?• How to enhance your campaign or eventwhen you’re live?• How can I do something myself on thecheap?
  5. 5. Viewing Trends
  6. 6. Going Live
  7. 7. Going LivePros• Interactivity• World Wide Exposure• Cross geographic divides• Use social media for realtime interactions• Breaking news• Can drastically cut editingcosts• Real time Views PLUSRecorded ViewCons• One take / record• Less control
  8. 8. When to Go Live• When there is Interneto Need good internet speed Ideally 1 MbpsUPLOADo Cable, DSL, Wifi, Wi-max, your cell phone• When you want to be Interactive• When you want to reach peoplein another building / region
  9. 9. Types of Occasions for LIVE• Multiple Camera Cutso Conferenceso Any Stage Evento Concertso Internal Business Meetingso Fashion Showso Fundraisers• Interview Booth / Portable Setupo Trade showso Exhibitionso Red Carpet Eventso Global Community Events
  10. 10. Live Analytics – 12,412 Views
  11. 11. Going TapedPros• Control• Ensure image andmessage is what youwant• Timed announcements• Have multiple takes /cutsCons• Less real timeaudience• Little interactivityduring the productionprocess• High editing and postproduction costs
  12. 12. Live Video Streaming EquipmentWhat you Need:• Camera /Web Cam• Audio• Laptop / Encoder• Video Streaming Service/ Software
  13. 13. Live Video Streaming Equipment• Built in Web Camera and Laptop• USB Solutionso Web Cam, USB cable and Media Laptop or CPU• FireWire Solutionso FireWire Camera, FireWire, Audio Mixer, Microphones and MediaLaptop or CPU• HDMI Solutionso HDMI output from Consumer Camera, Matrox or Black Magic card /box, Laptop / CPU or Livestream broadcaster, Audio Mixer,Microphones• HD-SDI and SDI Solutionso Professional Camera, Black Magic or Matrox box or Video Switcher,Audio Mixer, Microphones, LCD screen, Media Laptop, External Videorecorder, Video compressorHigh CostHighly TechnicalLow Cost Not TooTechnical
  14. 14. Live Video Streaming Software• Web Streaming Applicationso Built in Browser Web Streaming• Desktop Applicationso Many Camo CamTwisto Adobe Flash Media Encodero Producer Pro (Ustream.tv)o Wirecast• Hardware – Software comboso Tri-Castero Black Magic ATEM Switchers & Converterso Livestream StudioHigh CostHighly TechnicalLow Cost Not TooTechnical
  15. 15. • Ustream.tv• Justin.tv• Twitch.tv• Livestream.com• Ooyala.com• Streaming ServersManual SetupLive Video Streaming Services
  16. 16. Live Video Streaming Web BroadcasterCan embed the livevideo stream playerand social streamanywhere.(Facebook and blogare great places)SocialStream ofTwitter andfacebookupdatesClick GoLive to startBroadcasting
  17. 17. Extending Live Video
  18. 18. Extending Live Video – Pre Event• Online analytics to determine which websites andindividuals to target• Online engagement program with social properties to getpartners, sponsors, influencers, etc.… involved in getting theword out to their networks• Release pre-event video(s) to generate an online Buzzabout the event, sponsors and partners• Host contests and competitions for event passes andproduct giveaways
  19. 19. Extending Live Video – During Event
  20. 20. Extending Live Video – During Event• Live video web broadcasts of the event in strategic locations (Stage events)• Live video interviews of sponsors, celebrities, VIP’s, speakers, guests, attendees or otherimportant people• Live photography going to the web to maximize exposure and viewership• Social media team engaging and interacting with the people at the event and peoplewatching the event virtually from around the world• Live blogging to cover whats happening and keep everyone up to date• Contests around the event to encourage attendees to interact with each other, explorethe event and post content online• Visual elements around event. This can range from an interactive dashboard that pullstogether all the content, to QR code treasure hunts, to 3D projector mapping, etc...
  21. 21. Extending Live Video – Post Event• Online analytics to determine which websites and individualsproduced the most content, views and had the biggestimpact on the event• Post - engagement program to get thank ourcontributors, sponsors, partners, influencers etc... to keepthem talking about the event while we syndicate the bestcontent to the main organizations online accounts.• Post-Videos edited together to highlight the event and eachof its parts
  22. 22. Live Social Analytics
  23. 23. Live Social Analytics
  24. 24. Live Social Analytics – 113,213 Views
  25. 25. Live Social Analytics – 113,213 Views
  26. 26. Live Media and Social Media• Developed a Online Media Strategy to live broadcast, publishblogs, videos, images, tweets and Facebook updates in realtime before, during and after Imagine Cup in Sydney Australia• Trained a team of 25 virtually from different countries around theworld including;Egypt, Africa, France, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, India, USA, Australia, China and more. They were trained on:o Twitter, Facebook, Video Production, Interviews, Live videobroadcast, Photography, Flickr, YouTube, and more.• Produced an Online Analytics Report over viewing public andcorporate metrics around contentcreation, viewership, subscriber gains, influencers, nationsinteracting and creating content• Live Broadcasted all major stage competitionsMicrosoft Imagine Cup 2012
  27. 27. TapeGo LIVE + TapeTape
  28. 28. Colin ChristiansonFounder & CEOTenaciousVenturesFor further questions or Inquiries feel free tocontact me:• Email: Colin@TenaciousVentures.com• Twitter: @ColinAC• Website: http://TenaciousVentures.com