Appetite Suppression Directly linked to Smoking and Caffeine IntakeRecent studies have revealed that smoking and caffeine ...
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Medical article-client request out of Oregon.
There were a series of these, regarding current research in the field of carcinogens.

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  1. 1. Appetite Suppression Directly linked to Smoking and Caffeine IntakeRecent studies have revealed that smoking and caffeine containing stimulants, are directly linkedto malnutrition. The systems of the CNS (central nervous system) and the peripheral nervoussystem are directly involved in this process. Hence, the feelings of dragging when caffeine isreduced in the body. A recent study conducted with rats, directly correlated with the recenttheory that stimulants are causing high rates of malnutrition are bringing the truly dangerousnature of daily caffeine/stimulant intake to light. Caffeine and other stimulants suppress theappetite.The main physiological systems that are involved in this process are the CNS and the peripheralnervous system, which consists of all the fibrous nerve endings in the body. The peripheralnervous systems are responsible for all of the feelings within the body. Then within thisperipheral nervous system, lay the somatic nervous system. This is the portion of the body that isthat system that delivers all the sensations to the brain. The system is responsible for theheightened sensations within the brain. It enables the system to deal with emergency situations,whereby it causes the entire system to induce the stimulation necessary for the body to respondappropriately. Thus the system causes the parasympathetic system to become activated in kind.The systems work separately and as it refers to the recent convictions that caffeinated beveragesand smoking stimulations cause the system to crash. The amount of caffeine in the body actuallycauses the body to become heightened and in a constant state of emergency preparedness. Thisstate over time, causes the body over time to lose the appetite. Thus, malnutrition sets in as a sideeffect of smoking, and an overload of caffeine.Once the caffeine draw is over, the body crashes. When it happens, the entire parasympatheticsystem slows to a regular heart rate, and blood pressure. This produces cortisol which causes thebody to crave an abnormal amount of carbohydrate products in order to restore lost glucose. Theincrease in appetite can become so overwhelming that it can cause the subject to eat abnormalamounts of carbohydrates. This then leads to weight gain and a higher rate of obesity.The caffeine induced stimulations cause the body to cause physiological and psychologicalissues. In a recent case involving a weight loss drink with a primary ingredient Guarana; awoman died. The extreme rate of caffeine involved in the product was directly related to herdeath. Researchers found that a typical coffee is 100 to 250 mg, and a Guarana seed has anaverage amount of 200 to 400mg of caffeine. The cause of death in this woman was a cardiaarrhythmia. Researchers have declared caffeine as a danger in high amounts and if taken overtime. Even research conducted with rats shows that they became obese, with inactivity becauseof the loss of caffeine. Caffeine and smoking causes weight gain, arrthymia, and a myriad ofother issues. People are consistently taking this drug ad stimulant on a daily and in some caseshourly basis. The body becomes physiologically stressed, with body odor, psychological issues,bad breath, excessive weight gain and in severe cases death.