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Embedded Systems / Robotics / RFID/ GSM/ Zigbee / Automation/ Automobile
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Embedded Systems / Robotics / RFID/ GSM/ Zigbee / Automation/ Automobile


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Dear Students …

Dear Students
Ingenious techno Solution offers expertise guidance on you Final Year IEEE & Non- IEEE Projects on the following domain
For further details contact us:
044-42046028 or 8428302179.

Ingenious Techno Solution
#241/85, 4th floor
Rangarajapuram main road,
Kodambakkam (Power House)

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  • 1. #241/85, 4th floor, Rangarajapuram main road, Kodambakkam (Power House) Chennai 600024 ,, 08428302179 / 044-42046028 EMBEDDED SYSTEMS ROBOTICS 1 A hierarchial algorithm for indoor mobile robot localization using RFID sensor fusion 2 Real time imitative robotic arm control for home robot applications 3 Automated voice based home navigation system for the elderly and the physically challenged 4 Warfield robot using RFID technology 5 House cleaning robots. 6 Firefighting robots. 7 Mining rescue robots. 8 Blind People Walking Stick with voice and traffic signal Analyser 9 The rescue robots10 wireless unmanned tanker robot with RFID Technology11 Obstacle Avoiding walking robot.12 Line follower robot.13 unmanned aerial photography using remote flying robot for defence14 wireless speech activated robot with artificial intelligents15 Advanced Robotic vacuum cleaner with wall sensor and RF remote for systematic clean.16 Botrobo-tanker and sound detecting robot.17 Modern PC based Wireless PIC and Placed machine.18 Home robot- wireless video capturing systems.19 RFID based enemy detect robot.
  • 2. #241/85, 4th floor, Rangarajapuram main road, Kodambakkam (Power House) Chennai 600024 ,, 08428302179 / 044-4204602820 Solar Tracking Robot21 Hazardous gas detecting method applied in coal mine detection robot22 Zigbee based wireless sensor networks for service robot intelligent space23 Design and implementation of a mini size search robot24 Situation-driven control of a robotic wheelchair to follow a caregiver25 Indoor autonomous hovering control for a small unmanned coaxial helicopter26 Design and implementation of multi-sensor based autonomous minesweeping robot27 . Autonomous agricultural robot and its row guidance28 Individual plant recognition using the RGB color model29 Wireless image communication system for fire-fighter robots30 7TH sense. A multipurpose robot for military31 Designing and implementing an intelligent bluetooth-enabled robot car32 PC control wire robot.33 PC based wireless robot.34 PC based wireless robot with bomb detector.35 obstacle detection robot using ultrasonic sensor AUTOMATION 1 Eye tracking based driver fatigue monitoring and warning system 2 Combined capacitive and ultrasonic distance measurement for automotive applications 3 The intelligent embedded control warning system for car reversing 4 A hybrid wired/wireless networking infrastructure for greenhouse management
  • 3. #241/85, 4th floor, Rangarajapuram main road, Kodambakkam (Power House) Chennai 600024 ,, 08428302179 / 044-420460285 An automated remote messaging system using GSM communication6 Research on embedded data display unit based on CAN bus7 Implementation of interface between vehicle bus network and on-vehicle information system WIRELESS 1 More efficient home energy management system based on zigbee communication and infrared remote controls 2 Digital control for home lighting systems with zigbee communication 3 Real time paddy crop field monitoring using zigbee network 4 The design of tiered pricing meter based on zigbee wireless meter reading system 5 Elder care based on cognitive sensor network 6 Monitoring and alarming system based on zigbee technology 7 A forest fire monitoring system based Zigbee wireless sensor network 8 LED lighting control system based on the zigbee wireless network 9 Smart home energy management system using IEEE 802.15.4 and zigbee10 Zigbee based vehicle access control system11 wireless measurement and control system for environmental paramters in greenhouse12 Remote control of smart household based on DTMF GSM & GPS 1 Design of auto-guard system based on RFID and network 2 The flexible bus systems using zigbee as a communication medium 3 Position matching based aotunomous speed regulation system for vehicles
  • 4. #241/85, 4th floor, Rangarajapuram main road, Kodambakkam (Power House) Chennai 600024 ,, 08428302179 / 044-42046028 4 Research on communication link of remote wireless monitoring system based on GPRS and MCU 5 Smart parking reservation system using short message services 6 RFID and GSM technolgy building intelligent relief supplies distribution and monitoring system 7 Pipeline damage locating based on GPS fiducial clock synchronization and clock subdivision technology 8 GSM High performance ATM security System. 9 Traffic Regulation using GSM and RFID Technology10 Sensor based motion control of mobile car by using GSM.11 GPS & GSM Based vehicle tracking system12 PIR and GSM based Home Security System.13 GSM control Intelligent Robot.14 The GSM based Home security System.15 Fire detection and Automatic intimation System16 Vehicle Theft and Tracking Using GSM and RF Communication.17 Electronic energy meter with instant billing18 Car monitoring , alerting and tracking model19 Electronic toll collection system based on global positioning system technology20 Design of a hybrid RFID/GPS based terminal system in vehicular communications21 Identifying objects using RF transmitters and receivers, and retrieving data using GSM22 Design of intelligent traffic light controller using embedded system23 Remote monitoring intelligent system based on fingerprint door lock24 A multi-channel remote controller for home and office appliances
  • 5. #241/85, 4th floor, Rangarajapuram main road, Kodambakkam (Power House) Chennai 600024 ,, 08428302179 / 044-42046028 CONSUMER ELECTRONICS 1 Large scale active RFID system utilizing zigbee network 2 A power saving jamming system for E-GSM900 and DCS1800 cellular phone networks for search and rescue applications 3 An RFID-based reminder system for smart home 4 RFID and zigbee based manufacturing monitoring system 5 Mechanism with four degrees of freedom, design and construct with controller for increasing the power output of solar cell 6 Design of sensor modules of active & intelligent energy saving system 7 An integrative model of consumers adoption of RFID credit card service 8 A wireless sensor node SoC with a profiled power management unit for IR controllable digital consumer devices 9 Real time atomization of agricultural environment for social modernization of Indian agricultural system10 ATM terminal design is based on fingerprint recognition11 Wireless fingerprint attendance system based on zigbee technology12 Smart digital door lock for the home automation -- 2010 A zigbee based tele cardiology system for remote healthcare service delivery BIO MEDICAL1 Wireless sensor networks for mnoitoring physiological signals of multiple patients2 Monitoring of posture allocations and activities by a shoe based wearable sensor3 The intelligent blood collecting apparatus based on internetworking4 Secure remote patient monitoring system
  • 6. #241/85, 4th floor, Rangarajapuram main road, Kodambakkam (Power House) Chennai 600024 ,, 08428302179 / 044-42046028 5 A realtime wireless brain computer interface system for drowsiness detection 6 A novel MEMS respiratory flow sensor 7 Wirless wearable pulse oximeter for health monitoring using zigbee wireless sensor network RFID BASED 1 ATM High performance security systems using GSM and RFID Technology 2 RFID base shopping Mall. 3 RFID based war field robot 4 RFID and GSM based HI-FI traffic regulation system. 5 RFID based smart security system 6 RFID base human health monitoring system. 7 wireless unmanned tanker robot using RFID system. 8 Bus detection device for the blind people using RFID system 9 Library management system using RFID.10 RFID based automatic car parking system11 Involuntary attendance maintanance system Through Door access control12 voter credential system using RFID Technique13 RFID based patient Information management sytem14 RFID based Safety System for industrial protection Locker