2010 portfolio


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A collection of pieces of my work up to 2010.

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2010 portfolio

  1. 1. McCormick’s Club House Spices Update of their branding and presence in grocery stores. Branded and un-branded versions were designed for the situations where Club House shared the shelf-space with their competitors.P.O.P., Shelf-talkers
  2. 2. [original]Apprenticeship Career Connections I was approached last minute to completely redo their original poster - which (in their own words) was "bland and boring" - and to make it more dynamic and appealing to the target marketOnline, Magazine, Newspaper,Poster
  3. 3. English FrançaisGarbutt, Maureen The goal was to redo an existing promo piece to make it more aesthetically appealing and logical.Flyer
  4. 4. stupid.ca I had to bring stupid.cas Quebec campaign over to Ontario. I emulated the style of the magazine ads to a T so it would still look like the same campaign, but with some unique illustrations so it wouldnt just end up being a re-hash. Deciding to make the swimmer a baby? That was to exaggerate howMagazine – Full Page ridiculous the statistics can be, in favour of the message. (Plus it was funny even as I drew it)
  5. 5. [n/a] Done for myself. I simply wasnt satisfied with Adobe CS3s application icons so I spruced them up.Digital – Application Icons
  6. 6. Silver Platter Blog page for their EP branch of the company. Created multiple variations; they went with the darker “paint explosion” on the right.Online - Website
  7. 7. Various OOH poster ads to be placed in/near locations selling foodListerine (particularly potent varieties). The bottom right is an example in the wild. Victor, the Just for Laughs mascot is present because of the sponsorship involved with this campaign. Floor decals to be placed in grocery stores to remind consumers to pick upOut of Home – Poster, Floor Decals Listerine. Most effective when placed near sections where the more potent foods (i.e. fish) are being sold.
  8. 8. Listerine The offshoot of the main Listerine site (2009) was to support the contest - the prize was a trip to the Listerine sponsored Just for Laughs Festival that year - where users could upload their submissions and watch other entries. The site design is an amalgamation of both brands, hence the greenOnline - Website "Laughs" tint instead of the standard blue, and the splatters that JfL employed as part of their site aesthetics for that year.
  9. 9. R.E.M. Machine Simple, typography-based logo ideas for R.E.M. Machine. Given no real direction beyond that, I just went with whatever came to mind and looked aesthetically pleasing.All - Logo
  10. 10. R.E.M. Machine About the company and founders page (left): just gives background. Services page (right): Simply to give potential clients an idea of what the company is capable of, and can offer.Online - Website Clicking any item on the left would bring up visual samples on the right to preview.
  11. 11. R.E.M. Machine The progression (l-r) of the portfolio page of their website. When designing I thought it was important to include more specific categories, as well as the blurb box to actually state what each thing is for potential viewers to understand where theyre coming from/what theyre seeing.Online - Website My scrolling idea was kept and I made the categories even more in depth, as well as enlarging the viewing box. For some reason the description box was removed and replaced with a quote bar.
  12. 12. Private MADE FOR SATIRICAL PURPOSES ONLY Illustration for an article. The idea was to parody the views of the extreme right-Online - Newsletter wingers; a Russian WWII propaganda-style poster fit the theme perfectly.
  13. 13. [n/a] Wallpaper turned Credits Sequence (in After Effects) I was definitely influenced by the style of Afro Samurai here, hence the cell look.Digital – Wallpaper,
  14. 14. [n/a] Got involved in a contest on CMT revolving around Reba, which simply inspired me to make this (unrelated to the contest). Mostly an exercise in displacement maps.Digital
  15. 15. [n/a] Used a photo of an actual tiger as a base reference. Just wanted to create this really rough graffiti look, almost like a cave wall painting, infused with a little bit of mystique.Digital - Wallpaper
  16. 16. Sheridan Advertising Association Created to promote the SAA’s retro themed pub night (2009). Loved doing these due to my infatuation with bright colours.Poster Since "retro" is really interpretive I otped to do two designs to represent two different eras.