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Charity house
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Charity house


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  • 1. Ronald McDonald Charity House Prepared for: Barbara Prepared by: Fatema Halima Khadija Maryam Date: 26 ,May, 2012
  • 2. Outline• History of McDonald• Programs• RM Family Room• RM Mobile Care• RMHC US. Scholarship• What is the Program• About the Program• How it made differences• The Results
  • 3. History of McDonald
  • 4. History of McDonald Marketing Mix Diversification
  • 5. Programs• Ronald McDonald Family Room• Ronald McDonald Care Mobile• RMHC U.S Scholarships• Ronald McDonald House
  • 6. RM Family Room
  • 7. RM Mobile Care
  • 8. RMHC US. Scholarship
  • 9. What is the Program
  • 10. About the ProgramAbout the program• families and children• well-beingReason to start• Fred and his daughter Kim lymphatic leukemia Philadelphia
  • 11. About the Program 305 House• Number of houses• Location 52 regions• Cost• volunteers and donation 30,000 volunteers $60 million $20 million
  • 12. How it made differencesSituation Before• Fear• No places to staySituation After• Additional time• Many servicers
  • 13. The Results Solved the problem: Free accommodation Founded about 35 years ago Has 309 houses in 56 countries
  • 14. Computer and Internet
  • 15. Computer and Internet
  • 16. Thanks 4 Million Club aBY Schools / Communities organizations /Church groups / IndividualsTo (Padnos Iron & Metal Co)
  • 17. The Season of Giving• In the 35th Anniversary
  • 18. The Season of Giving Highlights a few messages: A little Help Goes Long Way Season Of Giving A Time To give Thanks
  • 19. Open a new Caribbean charity house• Children day event• Successful activity
  • 20. Reopened in New Orleans• Reopening the charity house• The important
  • 21. Provides a New App in ITunes• The feature of this app• The benefit of this app
  • 22. References• About McDonalds. (n.d.). McDonalds Mission and Corporate Values. Retrieved May 13, 2012, from About McDonalds:• Business Wire. (2008, 12 4). Ronald McDonald House Charities(R) Brings People Together Like Never Before with First-Ever, Multi-Channel Social Networking Campaign. Business Wire.• Garber, A. (204). McD sets $20M goal for 2004 World Childrens Day. Hotels And Restaurants, Food And Food Industries, 34.• Morrison, G. W. (2001, 2 1). Pop-top charity campaign pulls in 198,604 tabs Newhall Middle Schools fund-raiser will net about $45 for the Ronald McDonald House. The Grand Rapids Press.• Orleans, N. (2006). Ronald McDonald House reopens in New Orleans. Nations Restaurant News, 22.• RMHC. (2011). About Our Houses. Retrieved 5 19, 2012, from the Ronald McDonald House Charities: houses• RMHC. (n.d.). RMHC U.S. Scholarships. Retrieved May 15, 2012, from Ronald McDonald House Charities: scholarships/• RMHC. (n.d.). Ronald McDonald Family Room. Retrieved May 15, 2012, from Ronald McDonald House Charities: mcdonald-family-room/• RMHC. (n.d.). Ronald McDonald House. Retrieved May 16, 2012, from Ronald McDonald House Charities: mcdonald-house/• Rogers, A. (1999, 1 4). Plugged in: Ronald McDonald House gets Internet makeover: The Newsweekly for Builders of Technology Solutions. United Business Media LLC.• Rosa, T. (2002). Mcdonalds to open first Caribbean Ronald McDonald House here. Comunity Affairs, 48.• Thorsberg, B. (2009, 12). Nonprofit Overhaul Assists FamiLies of III Children. PC World.• Toronto, O. (2011). Ronald McDonald House Charities(R) Canada Launches the First App Made by Kids to Help Kids: Kidscape app now available for purchase on iTunes. Marketwire .• Warneke, K. (2005, 8). Keeping Tabs at the Ronald McDonald House in Omaha:. Public Relations Tactics.• Wikipedia. (2012, May 16). McDonalds. Retrieved May 17, 2012, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:• Wikipedia. (2012, May 6). Ronald McDonald House Charities . Retrieved May 17, 2012, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
  • 23. Any Question