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    Khadarlis Khadarlis Presentation Transcript

    • What a beautiful world we live in…
    • That is, until something comes along to disrupt it…
    • It all started with a war…
    • Ten years that the people of Sierra Leone will never forget.
    • The Sierra Leone Civil War, better known as The Blood Diamond War, began in 1991 led by the Revolutionary United Front (R.U.F)
    • The R.U.F. was a ruthless rebel group that seized the diamond mining capitol of Sierra Leone.
    • In an effort to stabilize the region and restore democratic civilian rule, the National Provisional Ruling Council (N.P.R.C.) became engaged in a war with R.U.F. rebels.
    • The N.P.R.C. initiated “Operation Genesis” to drive out R.U.F. rebels, but was unsuccessful.
    • The rebels, in turn, launched a vicious attack on Sierra Leoneans during the 1996 elections. To intimidate potential voters and to maintain control of the diamond mines, the rebels chopped off the hands and feet of adults, teens, children and even infants.
    • Tens of thousands died and more than 2 million people, well over one-third of the population, were displaced because of the 11-year conflict.
    • This is where thousands of bodies were dumped.
    • The United Nations did not intervene in Sierra Leone until June 2001— 10 years after the war began.
    • The devastation of this war left the villages of Sierra Leone completely unable to support human life.
    • Throughout the years of destruction and devastation, the people of Sierra Leone have remained a joyful and loving community.
    • And WE, are trying to help them
    • What is Khadarlis?
    • Khadarlis was created from Aisha Desince’s maiden name Khadar.It is a widely recognized name in and around the villages we are trying to rebuild
    • Khadarlis is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, aiming to bring life back to the villages of Sierra Leone.
    • Our Mission…
    • We want to build housing
    • Restore access to potable water to the villages
    • Help re-establish sustainable agriculture
    • Improve education for children in the villages.
    • Increase access to basic health care.
    • Implement a solar electrical system.
    • Foster cultural and communal solidarity.
    • Why are we doing this?
    • It’s the right thing to do.
    • Aisha’s family has always done charity work.
    • The founders of this organization have roots and family based in this region.
    • Destruction of the villages forced the people out of the area and into the cities, causing extreme crowding and overpopulation.
    • At Khadarlis, we are trying to help re-establish the villages in Sierra Leone, to help people return to the land they once called home.
    • So Far…
    • We have made several trips, each time bringing much needed clothing, food and medical supplies.
    • We have built 15 mud houses.
    • We have built a water well.
    • We have begun construction on four mud and cement combination houses.
    • This is our first finished home.
    • Our ultimate goal is to get the water filtration system operating again that was bombed out during the war.
    • How can I help?
    • Get involved!
    • Volunteer.
    • Help us raise awareness.
    • Pass along the website:www.khadarlis.org
    • Help us raise funds.Donations can be made online at: www.khadarlis.org
    • Help us collect donated items that can be sent on our next trip.
    • The Providence thrift store is always looking for donations and volunteers.
    • Check us out on the web:Facebook – Khadarlis Sierra LeoneTwitter- @KhadarlisFacebook Group- Khadarlis for Sierra Leone
    • The most important thing you can do is help us spread awareness!
    • www.khadarlis.org
    • Reaching to connect means everything.Reaching to correct comes from the heart.
    • So let’s take a second look at the big picture…
    • The earth is in YOUR hands
    • You can get involved.
      Help us raise awareness
      Pass along the website: www.khadarlis.org
      Help us raise funds
      Help us collect donated items that can be sent on our next trip
      Help with time or donations at the thrift store
    • Reaching to connect means everything. Reaching to correct comes from the heart.www.khadarlis.org
    • www.khadarlis.org
    • www.khadarlis.org