Shared Responsibility for the ILS: How Does That Work?


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The presenter will describe a relatively uncommon strategy for managing the ILS. The University of California Irvine Libraries have implemented a management approach for the ILS which decentralizes control and distributes the responsibilities for modules into their respective functional areas. The presentation will include: Prior organizational configurations and the rationale for change; benefits and improvements in service; group structure including the background and skills of its members; allocation of responsibilities and functions within the group; tools and methodologies used by the group, including a work-ticket system, documentation practices and project management techniques; a critical assessment of efforts to-date; and future refinements.

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Shared Responsibility for the ILS: How Does That Work?

  1. 1. Colby RiggsILS CoordinatorUniversity of California,
  2. 2. University of California, Irvine• A public research university located in Irvine, California• One of the ten campuses of the University of California (UC) system• UCI is the fifth-largest UC campus• With over 28,000 students, 1,100 faculty members and 9,000 staff
  3. 3. University of California, IrvineLibraries• UCI Libraries include four locations:• Jack Langson Library• Ayala Science Library• Grunigen Medical Library• Libraries Gateway Study Center• The Libraries employ 168 full-time equivalent staff:• 48 librarians and professionals• 94 staff• 26 full-time equivalent positions filled by student employees
  4. 4. University of California, IrvineLibraries• Annual Expenditures – $19.7 million• Collections – Electronic and Print• 3.23 million books• 132,000 journals and serials• 143,000 government documents• 135,000 audio/visual materials, multimedia, maps, photographs, and othergraphic materials• The Libraries Special Collections preserves 581 archival collections thatinclude over 1 million original documents and photographs
  5. 5. UCI ANTPAC (ILS) Management1991- 2010ANTPACImplementationCommittee(1991-1994)ANTPACAdministratorSystemsDepartmentHeadANTPACPublic AccessTeam(1997 -2000)ANTPACManagementCommittee(2001 – 2010)
  6. 6. ILS Coordinators Group (ILS CG)2010 -ILS Coordinator(Chair)Web OPAC ModuleCoordinatorERM ModuleCoordinatorCataloging ModuleCoordinatorCirculation ModuleCoordinatorAcquisitions/SerialsModuleCoordinatorILS ServerAdministratorAssociate UniversityLibrarian forTechnical Services
  7. 7. ILS Coordinators Group (ILS CG)Group DefinitionSmall group offunctional expertsresponsible for theentire ILS workprocesses and segmentsWork together toimprove the operationsin their modulesModule Coordinator ismore coach thanplanner and controllerMembers are expectedto understand all thejobs and tasks requiredof the Group, not just asingle ILS moduleInformation is readilyshared with allemployees, not just thetop few
  8. 8. ILS Coordinators Group MemberCommunication SkillsEffective listeningKeeps an open mindHighly innovative and motivatedBuilds teamworkHigh work standardsSkilled in coaching and mentoring
  9. 9. ILS Coordinators Group MemberTechnical SkillsProblem identification and solutionQuality improvementOrganizational knowledge
  10. 10. ILS Coordinators GroupResponsibilitiesManages allissues relatedto the use,maintenanceandenhancementof the ILSCoordinatesthe systemacross allpublic andstaff modulesDevelopspolicies andproceduresfor the ILS
  11. 11. ILS Coordinators GroupCommunicationWork together to ensureeffective communicationwith all library staffProvide opportunities forinput from all affected areasbefore changes are madeWork to maintain a library-wide perspective andawareness
  12. 12. Early Training• InnoU online tutorials• InnoU online courses• Presentation archive• WorkshopsIII• Wiki• Workticket system• Shared windows drive• Change request form• Routine tasks• Initials and passwords• III Help Desk• Projects and tasksLocal
  13. 13. ILS Coordinators Group ToolkitMonthly MeetingsWikiWorkticketDatabaseDepartment andUnit MeetingsEmailOne-on-OneConsultationsIUG ResourcesIII Help Desk andDocumentationSales/LibraryRelationsManagerILSCoordinators
  14. 14. ILS Coordinator GroupRecent Agenda ItemsAgenda Millennium software and upgradesIndexing and scopingPlanning and implementing new servicesApproving change requestsModifying OPAC displaysDeveloping proactive approaches to serviceReviewing III Price PromotionsPrioritizing Pending Projects and Tasks
  15. 15. ILS Coordinators Group Wiki
  16. 16. ILS Coordinators Group Wiki
  17. 17. Library-wide Workticket System
  18. 18. ILS CG Workticket Queue
  19. 19. Workticket DatabaseLocal Issues
  20. 20. Workticket DatabaseDocumenting III Tickets
  21. 21. Workticket DatabaseWork/Communication Distribution
  22. 22. Workticket DatabaseWork/Communication Distribution
  23. 23. Workticket DatabaseWork/Communication Distribution
  24. 24. ILS Coordinator Group Projects
  25. 25. ILS Coordinator Group Projects
  26. 26. Project Definition
  27. 27. Change Request
  28. 28. UC Irvine LibrariesILS Coordinators Group (ILS CG)ILS Coordinator(Chair)Web OPAC ModuleCoordinatorERM ModuleCoordinatorCataloging ModuleCoordinatorCirculation ModuleCoordinatorAcquisitions/SerialsModule CoordinatorILS ServerAdministratorColby RiggsILS CoordinatorUC Irvine