Cognitum dusseldorf 03_2012


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Cognitum dusseldorf 03_2012

  1. 1. Knowledge Management Systems,Heterogeneous Data Acquisition and Cloud Testing Sp. z o.o. Warsaw, Poland | SME | Cognitum innovation
  2. 2. Partners Partners: Cooperation:  Warsaw University (PL)  Gdańsk University of Technology (PL)  National Defence Academy (PL)  Ariadna Servicios Informáticos S.L. (ES) Customers:  Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PL) Cognitum innovation
  3. 3. What we do Main products/services:  FluentEditor for OWL (CNL+Semantic) FluentEditor for OWL is comprehensive tool for editing and manipulating complex ontologies using Controlled Natural Language. Fluent editor provides alternative to XML- based OWL editors that is better suitable for human users.  Ontorion™ Knowledge Server Ontorion is a Knowledge Representation System (KRS) that is designed to be accessible via spectrum of Controlled Natural Language (CNL) interfaces. It can be seen as a communication platform (equipped with automatic formal translator) that allows for constant contact of international community as well as a Knowledge Representation System that handle international knowledge in logically coherent form.  MediaMon (Internet Media monitoring and analysis) Cognitum innovation
  4. 4. FluentEditor for OWL Cognitum innovation
  5. 5. FluentEditor for OWL - online Cognitum innovation
  6. 6. Heterogeneous Data Acquisition  Internet  Text-mining  Social networks Applications:  Internet monitoring & analysis Cognitum innovation
  7. 7. Cloud Computing & Cloud Testing  Azure  Hadoop (Map/Reduce, big-data: 100TB) Applications  Testing Web Applications using the Cloud  Performance measurement, Scalaliby  Functionality testing  Security (DDOS) Cognitum innovation
  8. 8. Knowledge Management Systems  Knowledge Representation and Reasoning  Controlled Natural Language  Bridge the gap between computer and human  Formal semantic system (OWL2, SWRL) Applications Cognitum innovation
  9. 9. Cognitum innovation
  10. 10. KMS in Mediation Process (ADR) Research 1. Extraction and formalization of knowledge about mediation in civil matters in Europe a) Practical knowledge normalized on the basis of a single case-study, b) tacit knowledge extraction (from practitioners), c) explicit knowledge formalization by the experts 2. Comparative qualitative and quantitative analysis of mediation process and procedures 3. Elaboration of mediation guidelines and best practices 4. Development of mediation supporting toolchain Cognitum innovation
  11. 11. Clinical DSS Clinical Decision Support System for Lung Cancer (CDSS-LC) uses lung cancer knowledge and patient data to derive therapeutic options justified by information from established guidelines and other published references. Patient data and derived therapeutic options are stored in a patient data base for further use. Cognitum innovation
  12. 12. Topics  Semantic Technologies (distributed reasoning : CUDA, Map/Reduce)  Controlled Natural Languages (formal semantic)  Text Mining (NLP)  Standard and Social Media Analysis,  Ontology Engineering,  Cloud Computing,  MDA (Model Driven Architecture) Cognitum innovation
  13. 13. 7FP Cooperation Partners  End-users and ‘consumers’ for innovative ICT technologies for particular domains (e.g. health, crisis management, civil law, education, production, administration and government, etc.)  Academic experts in the area of knowledge management, ontology engineering, controlled natural languages, cloud and massive- parallel computing. Actions/Calls  FP7-ICT-2011-9, FP7-ICT-2011-C (FET Open scheme)  CIP-ICT PSP (Pilot B, Thematic Networks)  ICT within SEC, HEALTH, SOC-HUM, …  FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IAPP (Marie Curie Industry-academia Partnerships And Pathways ) Cognitum innovation