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Cogniteq is a professional mobile application development agency. We offer full-cycle mobile development services ranging from creating mobile strategy to developing the application artwork, architecture and programming.

Our competence in mobile platforms encompasses iOS development, Android software development, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7. Our customers choose us for strong team of mobile developers, professional management, transparency in development approach, high quality of the delivered apps, effectively built communication and competitive prices. For more information about our mobile app development services, please, visit our website

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Cogniteq | Mobile App Development

  1. 1. COMPANY OVERVIEW Mobile Application Development
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONCompany facts;iPhone/iPad;Android;BlackBerry/Windows Phone;Project CycleWhy Cogniteq?Why engage?
  3. 3. COMPANY FACTS 40Professional Software Agency 30specializing in mobile solutions; 20Operating since 2005; 10Team of over 20 seasonedmobile developers; 0 2009 2010 2011 2012? Team Size
  4. 4. COMPANY FACTSTeam expertise: 10% iPhone/iPad; Android; 30% 60% Windows Phone; BlackBerry; iOS Android BB/WP7
  5. 5. COMPANY FACTSHead Office in Minsk, Belarus;Customers - ISVs, ProductCompanies, End-Consumers;Target Region - Europe andNorth America.
  6. 6. IPHONE/IPAD3 yrs in iOS development,dozens of delivered apps: - Games/Entertainment apps; - Office application & utilities; - Social networking apps; - Financial & accounting apps;Largest company unit;Use full functionality of iOS -multitouch, accelerometer,wireless interfaces, etc.
  7. 7. ANDROIDSecond largest unit, grew 30%during the last year;Typical apps: - Games/Office apps; - Retail and finance solutions; - Positioning apps; - Migration solutions; - Apps for Android tablets.Testing on a number of devicesfor universal compatibility;
  8. 8. BLACKBERRYYoung but promising unit;Apps developed mainly forcorporate users: - Enterprise apps; - VoIP solutions; - Entertainment apps; - Positioning apps; - Migration solutions.
  9. 9. WINDOWS PHONEStarted building apps in 2011;Exercise all the novelties ofWP7 SDK;Portfolio: - Porting solutions; - Accounting apps; - Social networking apps; - Entertainment apps;
  10. 10. PROJECT CYCLE. CONCEPTION Conception:- Gather and analyze project data, business requirements.- Discuss project goals, timeline, potential risks;- Preliminary bid.
  11. 11. PROJECT CYCLE. CONCEPTION Planning:- Project Specification Document;- Project Plan, Test Plan;- Fixed quote and agreement execution;- Team structure and management.
  12. 12. PROJECT CYCLE. CONCEPTION Development:- Coding, integration, preliminary testing;- Build is delivered for testing and stabilization;
  13. 13. PROJECT CYCLE. CONCEPTION Stabilization/Delivery:- Testing process;- Delivery of build for acceptance;- Publish in App Store or Android Market.
  14. 14. AGILE APPROACHWhen projects demand constant close collaboration or therequirements change quickly Cogniteq works Agile: Project is broken into a number of sprints; Continuous and frequent delivery of software builds; Changes in the requirements and code are possible; Close collaboration between the team and client; Motivated and independent professionals.
  15. 15. COOPERATION MODELS. FIXED PRICEAgreement is executed based on the fixed quote.Suits projects with clearly defined requirements andmoderate technological complexity. Pro Con- Simple & straight-forward; - Limited flexibility;- Cogniteq bears full - Quotation can be slow; outcome responsibility;
  16. 16. COOPERATION MODELS. T&MPayment for the effective hours dedicated to development.The models suits medium and large projects of dynamic andfluid nature. Pro Con- Greater control/flexibility; - Uncertainty in terms of overall project cost;- Greater cohesion between the team & client; - Result depends on the client.
  17. 17. WHY ENGAGE? Resources Cost- Access large pool of - Salary and tax level is mobile developers; comparatively lower in the region;- Outsource the whole project and forget about it - lower prices and be more until it’s done; competitive or enjoy larger profit margin;- Tight deadline? Engage with one of the - Mobile market is developers on hourly overheating and there’s basis. tendency for optimization.
  18. 18. WHY COGNITEQ? Transparent Strong team; approaches Quality Effective Control communication Professional Competitive Management Prices
  19. 19. CONTACT DETAILSFeel free to contact us for more information35a, Ponomarenko str., Phone: +375 17 2028472Minsk, Belarus Web: Mail: Skype: cogniteq