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Cofolio's Powerpoint presentation to the Houston Technology Center (FAQ slides not included)

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  • Problem: Small businesses do not have access to the capital they need to growSpecifically: $40 billion decline in small business lending since 2008. Small business financing gap: venture capital, private equity, public marketsBanks are not lending, and the SBA Process is time consuming and over-burdensome to business owners
  • Investors have grown frustrated with financial markets: complexity, volatility, and distrust of financial institutionsLooking for something tangible. There is no mechanism to bridge these two sides of the equation.
  • Businesses: capital + customersInvestors: simple business model, tangible discounts, financial return, support local community
  • This is our beta website
  • We have 3 revenue streams:The first is charging either the business or the investor a monthly fee to use our service. This fee is currently waived as we are aiming to reach a critical mass of both sides.Affiliates: accountants, lawyers, auditors, valuation companiesService providers: Quickbooks, American express, Insurance providers, Staffing agencies, Commercial real Estate
  • Crowdfunding market projected to reach $5 billion by 2014
  • $33.2 billion of loans came from institutions with less than $100 million asset sizeTotal Market is every possible user – this is less relevant than you thinkTotal Addressable market is the specific audience that you can comfortably reachHow will you reach this audience?How are you positioning your message in a crowded environment?
  • Sales How Users Purchase, Description of the Sales CycleThis is a good place for you to walk through all the ways a customer actually goes about paying you for your product. Describing the various steps and how long they typically take is a sign of business maturity.
  • Known each other since high school
  • Unit economics? Use case?
  • Majority of funding sought will be used to accelerate our go to market strategy and secure a critical mass of businesses and investors.
  • Cofolio HTC Presentation

    1. 1. Overview<br />Bus. Model<br />Solution<br />Marketing<br />Team<br />Status<br />Investment<br />Overview<br />Problem<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br />Invest Local<br />
    2. 2. Investment<br />Status<br />Team<br />Marketing<br />Bus. Model<br />Solution<br />Overview<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br />Problem<br />$40B<br />
    3. 3. Investment<br />Status<br />Team<br />Marketing<br />Bus. Model<br />Solution<br />Overview<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br />Problem<br />
    4. 4. Overview<br />Bus. Model<br />Problem<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br />Marketing<br />Team<br />Status<br />Investment<br />Solution<br />simple business model<br />tangible discounts<br />financial return<br />support local community<br />capital<br />loyal customers<br />
    5. 5. Solution<br />Overview<br />Bus. Model<br />Problem<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br />Marketing<br />Team<br />Status<br />Investment<br />Product<br />
    6. 6. Solution<br />Overview<br />Problem<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br />Marketing<br />Team<br />Status<br />Investment<br />Bus. Model<br />Revenue<br />
    7. 7. Bus. Model<br />Solution<br />Overview<br />Marketing<br />Team<br />Status<br />Investment<br />Problem<br />Product<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br />Competition<br />Geographical focus<br />Local<br />Traditional Banks & Lenders<br />Industry Focus<br />Narrow<br />Broad<br />National<br />
    8. 8. Bus. Model<br />Solution<br />Overview<br />Team<br />Status<br />Investment<br />Marketing<br />Problem<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br />Small Business Loans: $33.2B<br />
    9. 9. Marketing<br />Bus. Model<br />Solution<br />Overview<br />Team<br />Status<br />Investment<br />Problem<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Board<br />Financials<br />Sales<br />Small Business Events<br />Cofolio Member Cards<br />Referral Network<br />Chambers of Commerce<br />Networking events<br />
    10. 10. Marketing<br />Bus. Model<br />Solution<br />Overview<br />Status<br />Investment<br />Team<br />Problem<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br /> Sam Mar, Founder<br /><ul><li>MBA from IE Business School
    11. 11. BBA in Marketing from UT
    12. 12. Background in IT consulting, banking & wealth management
    13. 13. Advised accredited investors in investment decisions
    14. 14. Worked in several entrepreneurial teams</li></ul>Daniel Wang, Director<br /><ul><li>BBA in Finance from UT
    15. 15. Background in Financial Analysis, Marketing, & investment banking
    16. 16. Competitive public speaker</li></ul> John Knieper, CTO<br /><ul><li>BS in Comp Sci from UH
    17. 17. Background in software systems integration & security
    18. 18. Prior experience in entrepreneurship: Net Asylum</li></li></ul><li>Team<br />Marketing<br />Bus. Model<br />Solution<br />Overview<br />Status<br />Investment<br />Problem<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Financials<br />Board<br />Advisory Board<br />Marc Nathan Chai One Strategy<br />JR Cohen WeSLGT Community building<br />Jerry Lasco Tasting Room, Max’s Wine Dive SMB Expertise<br />Aaron Woo P&R, Aaron Woo & Associates Legal<br />Jerald Reichstein Bouncing Pixel Design, UX<br />Michael Van Patten Mission Markets SEC Compliance<br />
    19. 19. Team<br />Marketing<br />Bus. Model<br />Solution<br />Overview<br />Investment<br />Status<br />Problem<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br />Wrote BP<br />Assembled Team<br />Advisory board<br />Launched Beta<br />Tested Clients<br />3DS<br />Rice VF<br />First business funded<br />Launch marketing campaign<br />Prepare Launch in <br />SA, ATX, Dallas<br />Q4 2010<br />Q1 2011<br />Q2 2011<br />Q3 2011<br />Q4 2011 and beyond<br />Raise Funding<br />Key Hires<br />Incorporate<br />Join HTC<br />Complete back-end<br />50 businesses<br />Affiliate Network<br />
    20. 20. Status<br />Team<br />Marketing<br />Bus. Model<br />Solution<br />Overview<br />Investment<br />Problem<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br />
    21. 21. Status<br />Team<br />Marketing<br />Bus. Model<br />Solution<br />Overview<br />Investment<br />Problem<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Summary<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br />Equity Investment Sought: $200,000<br />
    22. 22. Investment<br />Status<br />Team<br />Marketing<br />Bus. Model<br />Solution<br />Overview<br />Problem<br />Product<br />Competition<br />Sales<br />Board<br />Financials<br />Summary<br /><ul><li>Huge, Profitable Market
    23. 23. Proven Crowdfunding Methodology
    24. 24. Capable Management</li>