Love And Courtesy

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love, courtesy, feelings

love, courtesy, feelings

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  • The center of attraction - Hubert Denis Etcheverry
  • Luke Fildes (1843-1927) Simpletons, The Sweet River
  • Charles Edouard Edmond Delort (1841-1895) A Toast to Love
  • Leon Girardet (1857 - 1895) Le Poet
  • Jules Girardet (1856-1938) Depart En Voyage De Noces
  • Andrea Marchisio (1850-1927) Chez La Modiste [To the Milliner's]
  • Arturo Orselli (Italian, Late 19th Century) The Rivals
  • José-Claude Frappa (French, 1854-1904) L'intrus
  • 1. Charles Haigh Wood. The Tryst
  • Mary Ellen Staples - Will She?
  • Charles Henry Tenre (1864-1926) The Surprise
  • Georges Jules Vistor Clairin - An Afternoon Stroll
  • Constant Aime Marie Cap - The Indiscretion, 1895
  • Charles Joseph Frederic Soulacroix The courtship.
  • Haynes King Jealousy and flirtation
  • Tarin, Eugenio Vivo (1861-1925) - Spanish Scene
  • Luke Fildes (1843-1927) The Wedding
  • John Pettie Two strings to her bow.
  • Louis Emile Adan (1839-1937) The Suitor
  • Edwin Hughes- Expected


  • 1. Love & Courtesy By Rodica Stătescu Source: INTERNET Automatic transition Music: Mario Lanza
  • 2. The Center of Attraction by Hubert Denis Etcheverry
  • 3. "Simpletrons, The Sweet River" by Luke Fildes
  • 4. A Toast to Love Ch. E. E. Delort
  • 5. Le Poet Leon Girardet
  • 6. Depart en voyage de noces Jules Girardet
  • 7. Chez la modiste Andrea Marchisio
  • 8. The Rivals by Arturo Orselli
  • 9. L'intrus by Claude Frappa
  • 10. "The Tryst" by Ch. Haigh Wood
  • 11. Will She? by Mary Staples
  • 12. THE SURPRISE by Charles Henry Tenre
  • 13. An Afternoon Stroll by G. J. V. Clairin
  • 14. THE INDISCRETION by Constant Aime Marie Cap
  • 15. The Courtship by Ch. J. F. Soulacroix
  • 16. Jealousy and flirtation by Haynes King
  • 17. Spanish Scene Eugenio Vivo Tarin
  • 18. "The Wedding" by Luke Fildes
  • 19. Two Strings to her Bow John Pettie
  • 20. The Suitor by Louis Emile Adan
  • 21. Expected by Edwin Hughes