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Transition Town Marlow's Solar 100 Project
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Transition Town Marlow's Solar 100 Project


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Provides an overview of the Transition Town Marlow movement and detail of its project to achieve 100 installations in Marlow. …

Provides an overview of the Transition Town Marlow movement and detail of its project to achieve 100 installations in Marlow.

Useful information on types of solar panel and special partnerships established to provide users with discount.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • Welcome everyone (including our partners GE, FS, Council) Purpose of today’s meeting
  • 100 = visible
  • Independent and inspiring company: GE with high ethical standards; won numerous awards for their work; considered to be the greenest energy supplier in the industry.FS: very impressed with how they run their business and subsequently the work they’ve done and technical support
  • Transcript

    • 1.
    • 2. Welcome to the Public Meeting
      Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School
      Supported by Good Energyand Freesource Energy
    • 3.
      • Welcome!
      • 4. Aim of Transition Town Marlow & the 100 Solar Project
      • 5. Why we chose Good Energy & Freesource
      • 6. Overview of the discounts (rebates)
      • 7. Where we are now
      • 8. Meet our partners
      • 9. The Technology
      • 10. Good Energy and Feed-in Tariffs
      • 11. Q & A – “Solar” Panel
      • Transition Town Marlow
      • 12. New group, eight of us set up in May 2009; 52 members
      • 13. People in Marlow who are concerned about the environment, climate change & reliance on fossil fuels
      • 14. Meet once / month to discuss projects: 350 cycle ride / Hustings Meeting / Carbon Workshops / Marlow’s100 Solar Project
      • Why we set up Marlow’s 100 Solar Project:
      • 15. Initially: benefit from being a serious negotiating partner: secure much better pricing and conditions
      • 16. Take action as a community to reduce our collective CO2 and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels
      • 17. Goal:
      • 18. As interest grew... to get 100 solar installations in Marlow (& surrounding area), i.e. a disproportionately high number
      • 19. Generate local and media interest in solar energy
      • 20. Increase the local uptake in solar technology
      • 21. Buying Group Benefits:
      • 22. Not-for-profit group – all savings pass to everyone
      • 23. Time we invested:10 companies / energy provider / architect + negotiating group savings
      • 24. Our knowledge and the skills of others (engineers, accountants, Carbon Coach, WDC representatives)
      • December 2009, decision made to partner with Good Energy together with their expert installers, Freesource Energy
      • 25. Finalised our negotiations in January 2010
      • 26. First 3 installations have taken place in March
      • How the buying group works
      • 27. Discounts (Rebates)
      • 28. 139 people have registered their interest
      • 29. 103 people registered for tonight’s meeting
      • 30. 23 Surveys carried out
      • 31. 3 installations taken place this month
      • Example prices and rebates (Solar Thermal – Flat Panel)
      • 32. Initially pay £3,780
      • 33. Then receive a rebate of £600plus 5% VAT = £630
      • Hand over to Alex (Freesource, MD) - The technology
      • 34. Coffee break
      • 35. Then to Hugo (Good Energy, Head of Generation Marketing) – GE overview + Feed-in Tariffs
      • 36. Q&A Session “Solar Panel”: Philip (Project Lead) / Dave (Carbon Coach) / Hugo (GE) / Alex (FS)
      • 37. Master of Ceremonies: Willi
    • Supported by Good Energyand Freesource Energy
    • 38. Freesource Energy – Experienced Renewable Energy Engineers
      Principle installer for Good Energy for Solar thermal, PV, Wind and heat pumps
      Other clients we service:
      National Trust, Sunrise London Scheme, Numerous local authority schemes, Blue chip commercial clients, Housing associations, architects, engineers, private clients
      Core team of 8 electrical, heating engineers and roofers in the field with up to 25 more available under subcontracted service level agreements
    • 39. MCS accredited installers for 3 years across 4 technologies
      In house design team
      4 in house surveyors, all trained on same courses asinstallers to ensure accurate assessment of sites
      Experienced electrical, heating and roofing teams
      Strong product range with flexibility to install into lotsof retrofit scenarios
      Very pragmatic, thorough and naturally cautious aboutthe choice of technology to ensure long termpeace of mind for the client
      Freesource Energy Further benefits
    • 40. Solar ThermalPanels
      Heats water using the sun’s energy
      Flat panels or evacuated tube technology
      Fluid in the panel captures heat, which iscarried to your water heating where the heatis exchanged, ready for use
      • Runs alongside a normal boiler with atwin coil tank
      • 41. Provides 60% of your domestic annual hot water
      • 42. Can heat swimming pools and pre-heats for large hot water demand
      • 43. Entry price £4,000 – 4,200 for a vented system with 2 panels
    • Suitable for domestic or commercial use
      Option to mount in or on roof (in roof = like a Velux)
      Advantages are:
      Build quality
      Flat Plate Panels
    • 44. Evacuated Tubes
      Suitable for domestic or commercial use
      Mounted on roof only
      Slightly higher output temperature
      Thermostatic cut off valve on the panel to prevent overheating
      Uses less surface area than flat plate
      Tubes can be adjusted to optimise sun angle
      Tubes can fail and require replacing
      Less durable than flat plates
    • 45. Solar Thermal Example Schematic Drawing
    • 46. Solar Photo Voltaic Panels
      Generates electricity from the suns rays
      Requires direct sunlight
      Highly applicable technology
      Generates DC electricity which is converted to AC for the grid via an inverter
      • 1kwp of panels = 8-10m2 of panels
      • 47. 1kwp will generate 750kwh per annum
      • 48. You are entitled to Feed-in Tariff income and will be paid for your generation
      • 49. Entry price £6,750
    • Photovoltaic Panels Schematic
    • 50. Supported by Good Energyand Freesource Energy
    • 51. Our mission and our vision
      We believe in
      Sustainable Energy for All
      We want to connect thousands
      of people with sustainable energy
      Energy Security
      Economic Stability
      Environmental Sustainability
    • 52. What we do
      The sustainable energy supplierof choiceWe supply 26,000 homes and businesses with100% renewable electricity
      The partner of choice for renewable energy generatorsWorking with over 1200 independent generators
      Thought leaders and innovators in sustainable energyLobbying to make lasting change at policy level anddesigning propositions that are leading the industry
    • 53. Sustainable energy supplier of choice
      Providing 100% renewable electricity, no coal, no gas, no nuclear.
      “For those consumers who want a green electricity supply, pure and simple,
      this is probably the closest they will get to it”
      National Consumer Council
      Source: 2008 Supplier fuel mix disclosure, NCC “Reality vs. rhetoric” report
    • 54. Partner of choice for renewable energy generators
      Good Energy works with and buys energy from over 1200 generators across the UK, delivering competitive prices, expert service and advice to:
      Homes producing heat and electricityusing solar power
      Businesses and communities making electricity from small scale hydropower
      Landowners and small holders usingwind energy
      Pioneers using bio-energy and wave power to produce electricity
    • 55. Thought leaders and Innovators in sustainable energy
      Through ‘thinking AND doing’ we help to
      overcome obstacles faced by energy users
      and generators. When our products are copied by
      big energy suppliers our reach leaps from
      thousands to millions.
      Good Energy 100%: born 1999
      Big six energy suppliers all follow and offer 100% tariff
      Good Energy HomeGen: born 2004
      Big six follow and start to pay domestic microgenerators
      Good Energy HotROCs: born 2008
      Government committed to implement renewable heat incentive in 2011. Big six energy suppliers to deliver
      Green Electricity Certification: born 2010
      Campaigning for transparency energy market delivers
    • 56. Feed-in Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentives
      Feed-in Tariff
      ‘Beefed-up’ payment available
      to new renewable energy generators for
      every unit you produce
      A fixed payment for a fixed time:
      Solar PV gets 41.3p/unit for 25 years
      Renewable Heat Incentive
      A payment for renewable heat generators
      being introduced in April 2011
      The RHI consultation proposes that:
      Solar Thermal gets 18p/unit for 15 years
    • 57. Good Energy HomeGen
      • Award winning scheme launched in 2004. Supports over 750 generators
      • 58. HomeGen will pay Feed-in Tariff
      • 59. Suitable for solar PV generators
      • 60. Need to be a Good Energy customer
    • Good Energy HomeGen
      Award winning scheme launched in 2004. Supports over 750 generators
      HomeGen will pay Feed-in Tariff
      Suitable for solar PV generators
      Need to be a Good Energy customer
      Guide Only
    • 61. Good Energy HotROCs
      Good Energy HotROCs is the UK’s first Renewable Heat Incentive
      Pays domestic solar thermal generators 4.5p for every unit of heat energy they produce
      Government is introducing a Renewable Heat Incentive in 2011
    • 62. Good Energy HotROCs
      Good Energy HotROCs is the UK’s first Renewable Heat Incentive
      Pays domestic solar thermal generators 4.5p for every unit of heat energy they produce
      Government is introducing a Renewable Heat Incentive in 2011
      Guide Only
    • 63. Financing microgeneration through social lending
      Good Energy and Zopa
      By applying via Good Energy, lenders will see that your microgeneration project has been verified by Good Energy, making your listing more attractive to lenders
      Credit Unions- cooperative financial institution owned and controlled by its members. Operated to provide credit at reasonable rates, and other financial services to its members.
      • The world’s first ‘social lending’ platform, launched in 2005
      • 64. A marketplace where people lend and borrow money to and from each other, sidestepping the banks for a better deal
    • Together we can build a renewable energy future
      Start by switching to Good Energy
      100% renewable electricity
      Call the Good Energy team on 0845 456 1640 or sign up at:
      Complete the 100 Solar Project survey at
      or ask us for a paper survey tonight.
    • 65.
      • Next Steps:
      • 66. If you are interested in taking advantage of the 100 Solar Project Discounts, please sign up for a survey tonight!
      • 67. Freesource will be able to answer any specific questions about your own property and
      • 68. Provide you with a quote for your home
      • 69. N.B. no cost and obligation to go ahead at this point
      • 70. If you do go ahead, you pay a 25% deposit
      • 71. 25% on delivery of components
      • 72. Remaining 50% payment on commissioning
      • 73. Rebates are paid after 6 months and 12 months
      • Thank you for coming!
      • 74. If you have more questions – please feel free to ask any of our experts!
      • 75. You can also check our website:
      • 76. Or e-mail:
      • Or complete the online survey: