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Coface: Trade Credit Insurance, Receivables Management, Credit Information, Receivables Financing
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Coface: Trade Credit Insurance, Receivables Management, Credit Information, Receivables Financing


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Overview of Coface, global provider of services to protect, manage and finance accounts receivable.

Overview of Coface, global provider of services to protect, manage and finance accounts receivable.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 2. Content 1. Company introduction 2. Coface in North America 3. Coface credit insurance solutions 4. Complementary products and services Date TITLE OF PRESENTATION / DATE 2
  • 3. 1 Company introduction Date TITLE OF PRESENTATION / DATE 3
  • 4. Coface: for safer trade  Founded in France in 1946; International expansion in the 1990s  Over 60 years experience in credit risk protection  Subsidiary of Natixis; ultimate shareholder is BCPE  BCPE is the second largest French banking group with over 7 million customers  Rated: AAA2 Fitch Moody’s Coface facilitates business-to-business commerce worldwide, offering solutions to all companies – whatever their size, nationality, or business sector – for managing and protecting their accounts receivable. 4 COFACE INSURANCE / 4
  • 5. Key figures 2012  € 1,571 million in turnover  € 129 million in current net profit  4,600 employees  Direct presence in 66 countries  Coface is rated AA- with stable outlook by Fitch and A2 with stable outlook by Moody’s 5 /
  • 6. Direct presence in 66 countries Regional organization North America Canada United States Central Europe Western Europe Austria Bulgaria Croatia Czech Rep. Estonia Hungary Latvia Belgium France Ireland Luxembourg Portugal Spain Switzerland United Kingdom Lithuania Poland Romania Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Ukraine Northern Europe Denmark Germany Norway Russia Sweden The Netherlands Asia Pacific Latin America Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador Mexico Peru Venezuela Mediterranean & Africa Israel Algeria Benin Burkina Faso Cameroon Dubai Egypt Gabon Italy Ivory Coast Mali Morocco Senegal South Africa Togo Turkey Australia China Hong Kong India Japan Malaysia Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand Vietnam 6 /
  • 7. Products and services  Trade credit insurance  Domestic and export  Political risk, single risk  Business information  Credit opinions  Probability of default scores  Commercial credit reports from our partner network  Commercial collections services  Domestic and international / 7
  • 8. 2 Coface in North America Date TITLE OF PRESENTATION / DATE 8
  • 9. Coface North America – Commercial Locations Northeast & E. Canada Region Western Region Midwestern Region Southern Region Regional Head Office Regional Branch Office / 9
  • 10. 3 Coface credit insurance solutions Date TITLE OF PRESENTATION / DATE 10
  • 11. Credit insurance protects companies against the risk of customer default What is credit insurance?  Credit insurance allows companies to protect their domestic and international accounts receivable against unexpected bad debt loss due to insolvency or protracted default (slow pay) of your customers.  All or a majority of your receivables are insured.  Online portfolio management system allows you to request, change or cancel coverage with ease.  File a claim when a customer is insolvent, or after an established amount of time in cases of slow pay.  With coverage in place, conduct your business as normal and benefit from added value credit analysis and collection services. 11 Coface Insurance /
  • 12. Credit insurance – Advantages Credit insurance can play several  Safeguard one of your largest assets significantprotects against a devastating loss to an unprotected asset - your Credit insurance roles for your company:  accounts receivable.  Support your sales goals  Expand into new and unfamiliar markets much more comfortably.  Ability to generate sales by extending larger lines of credit than you might normally offer.  Become more competitive compared to letters of credit by offering open account.  Strengthen your credit risk management controls  Credit underwriters perform detailed credit analysis on your customers, lowering your credit investigation costs.  Credit insurance allows you to cap exposure to bad debt losses. 12 Coface Insurance /
  • 13. Credit insurance – Advantages  Receive better financing terms with insured receivables  Improve borrowing power and increase available capital when your receivables are insured.  Increase likelihood of bank lending against foreign receivables.  Collection services included  A credit insurance policy also provides professional collection and litigation assistance. 13 Coface Insurance /
  • 14. Credit insurance: Coface's core business  Global leader in credit insurance  Insured receivables: € 433 Billion (total gross receivables guaranteed by Coface in the world)  35,000 clients in credit insurance  350 underwriters (Coface experts responsible for the coverage of receivables held by its insured)  Underwriting decisions per day: 12,000  91%: Customer loyalty rate in 2011 14 /
  • 15. Credit insurance in 97 countries Austria Belgium Cyprus Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Canada Mexico Panama United States Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Paraguay Peru Uruguay Venezuela Algeria Benin Burkina Faso Cameroon Chad Djibouti Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Ivory Cost Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malta Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands United Kingdom Mali Mauritania Morocco Niger Nigeria Senegal South Africa Sudan Tunisia Uganda Bulgaria Czech Rep. Estonia Hungary Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Poland Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia Turkey Bahrain Egypt Iran Israel Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Libya Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria UAE Yemen Australia Bangladesh Brunei China Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Malaysia New Zealand Pakistan Philippines Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand Vietnam 15 /
  • 16. Coface credit insurance: For multiple market segments and needs  Comprehensive cover  Globalliance policies: Complete protection of the entire sales turnover for a broad range of companies on all buyers against the risk of non-payment in domestic and international business.  Classic and International policies: Straightforward credit protection and efficient risk prevention service for small and medium size companies.  Globalliance for banks & factors: Cover for companies purchasing accounts receivables without recourse.  Cover of exceptional losses  Essential protection for larger companies against key risk and unforeseeable financial losses resulting from the insolvency of one or more buyers. 16 16 /
  • 17. Coface credit insurance: For multiple market segments and needs  Special cover  For cases where we may have given a restrictive answer or a refusal, TopLiner is a supplemental cover available to Globalliance policyholders.  For singular or complex operations: non-standard credit insurance solutions for financing support (buyer financing or credit enhancement for securitization), for captive schemes.  Unistrat: specialist protection for single risk, capital goods and complex export or import operations. 17 17 /
  • 18. Coface Global Solutions: A value-added service for multinational clients  An integrated and centralized organization that coordinates Coface's operational experts, allowing multinational companies to:  Optimize cash flow and the management of their balance sheet’s bottom line  Further secure commercial risks  Enhance management strategies for trade receivables  Support international growth  Dedicated CGS commercial and risk teams throughout the world.  Enhanced reporting and risk analysis available through the CGS Dashboard. 18 /
  • 19. 4 Complementary products and services Date TITLE OF PRESENTATION / DATE 19
  • 20. Economic information to help companies manage credit risk on a daily basis  Panorama country risk  Indicates the average level of risk presented by the companies of a country within the framework of their short-term commercial transactions.  Panorama sectors  Coface analyzes how, for a given business sector, the economic outlook and the average financial situation of companies influence their payment behavior within the framework of short-term transactions.  Business climate assessment  Measures whether company financial statements are available and reliable, if the legal system guarantees a fair and efficient protection of creditors, and whether the country’s institutions provide a favorable environment for business. These online publications provide companies with key elements in the calculation of risks and enable them to adopt an efficient credit management policy. 20 /
  • 21. Coface Services North America, Inc. Business information services Coface offers two complementary types of business information services to help you assess companies at home and abroad: @rating Services Commercial Credit Reports  Credit Opinions  Database Reports  Monitored Credit Opinions  Freshly Investigated Reports  Customized Credit Opinions  Experian Business Profile Reports  Debtor Risk Assessments  (probability of default) Dun and Bradstreet Business Information reports Equifax  Canada Business Reports Bernard Sands CreditPay Reports Domestic and international Covering 200 countries and territories Available online /
  • 22. What’s behind the @rating Services? Company analysis Company analysis Annual reports Annual reports Bank reports Bank reports Commercial reports Commercial reports Published reports Published reports Economic analysis Economic analysis Policyholder experience Policyholder experience Credit information manager Credit information manager Coface Internal Systems & Analysis Direct information from debtor Direct information from debtor Payment irregularities Payment irregularities Notification exceeded credit period Notification exceeded credit period CreditAlliance partner network CreditAlliance partner network Credit Opinions Customized Credit Opinions Debtor Risk Assessments 22 /
  • 23. Commercial collection services Full-service commercial debt recovery by credit professionals • The I.N.C. approach to commercial debt recovery:  Investigation We employ sophisticated investigative resources to gather and analyze information in order to achieve optimal results.  Negotiation The financial information and other pertinent facts that we gather enable our collectors to negotiate from a position of strength.  Collection Our approach combines state-of-the-art technology and resources with expertise, experience and finesse / 23
  • 24. Receivables management and investigation services In addition to our professional collection services, we also provide: • C.A.R.E.: Coface Accounts Receivable Express  Low-cost, automated online collection service for early past-dues • Accounts Receivable Management Outsourcing • Investigation Services  Asset and liability investigations  Background checks TITLE OF PRESENTATION / DATE Date / 24
  • 25. Disclaimer This presentation is for illustrative purposes only and is neither an offer nor a contract. It is intended to provide a general overview of the policy described. Only the policy can provide the actual terms, coverages, amounts, conditions and exclusions. Coface North America Insurance Company 50 Millstone Road Building 100 – Suite 360 East Windsor, NJ 08520 Tel: (877) 626-3223 Coface Services North America, Inc. 900 Chapel Street, Suite 2 New Haven, CT 06510 Tel: (800) 929-8374 Coface Collections North America, Inc. 2400 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Suite 300 Kenner, LA 70062 Tel: (800) 509-6060 / 25