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The colonies

The colonies






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    The colonies The colonies Presentation Transcript

    • B Y : C O D Y N A C C A R A T OThe Colonies
    • Groups of Colonies New EnglandColonies Middle Colonies Southern Colonies3 different groups
    • New England Colonies New Hampshire Massachusetts Rhode Island ConnecticutColonies involved:
    • New England Colonies The colonists wanted to keep their family togetherand practice their own religion.Important attributes and characteristics:
    • New England Colonies Colonists were largely subsistence farmers withmany fishing communities.Important attributes and characteristics:
    • New England Colonies Shipbuilding was important because it was easy toaccess this part of the colonies.Important attributes and characteristics:
    • These are the New England ColoniesAs you cansee, shipbuildingwould be anexcellent source ofincome due to the“openness” of thecolonies.
    • Middle Colonies New York Pennsylvania New Jersey DelawareColonies involved:
    • Middle Colonies One thing that is unique about these colonies isthat they are socially, politically, and economicallydiverse.Important attributes and characteristics:
    • Middle Colonies They are part agriculture and part industrial. Theyhave factories.Important attributes and characteristics:
    • Middle Colonies Many acres of land were given to a rich man. Heturned the land into the state of Pennsylvania thatwe have today. Many Quakers settled here.Important attributes and characteristics:
    • These are the Middle ColoniesThe rich land inPennsylvania andthe easy access tothe ports are thereason the MiddleColonies areagricultural andindustrial.
    • Southern Colonies Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina GeorgiaColonies involved:
    • Southern Colonies The founders of these colonies came here for thesole purpose of making money.Important attributes and characteristics:
    • Southern Colonies This area was almost entirely agricultural.Important attributes and characteristics:
    • Southern Colonies Slavery became a way of life early on in settlementdue to the increasing demand for labor.Important attributes and characteristics:
    • These are the Southern Colonies.Georgia wascreated to have a“buffer” betweenthe Carolina’s andthe Spanishcolonies down inFlorida. Theoriginal Carolinawas from the top ofthe green NorthCarolina to thebottom of the blueGeorgia. There’s alittle fun fact for ya!
    • Effects on the development of the colonialgovernments Triangular Trade The Great Awakening The Enlightenment3 major events
    • Triangular TradeThere are many effects the triangular trade hadon the development of the colonial governments. Oneof the greatest effects that the triangular trade had wasslavery. The idea of free labor had an impact on ourdeveloping government’s laws and the life style of earlycolonialists.
    • The Great AwakeningReligion played a very important role in thedevelopment of the colonial governments. The GreatAwakening was a time were religious revival washappening within the colonies. It was a great sweep ofrevival in which many people were converted toChristianity. Back then, people followed God first.God’s law came before man’s law. A developinggovernment has to be mindful of this so they do notanger their citizens. Today there is a noticeablereversal of this.
    • The EnlightenmentWithout the Enlightenment, the form ofgovernment we have today would not have beenpossible. This era of reason and logic greatly impactedour government today, and the developing colonialgovernment.
    • The Enlightenment (cont.)In all of the advances in the arts and sciences ofthis era, the focus on balance and order was thebackbone of a Republic government. The foundingfathers used reason and logic to create a better form ofgovernment, Republic. There is great balance in aRepublic; the House of Representatives, Congress, andthe Senate. Without reason and logic, a Republicwould never be able to exist.