Kinder book quinn


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Kinder book quinn

  1. 1. About the Artist quinn Quinn Klenow was born on March 11, 2004 and is currently in Mr. B’s third grade class at Escondido Elementary School. Currently Quinn’s favorite foods include mashed potatoes,hot dogs and pizza and his favorite books are Goodnight Gorilla ’s and No, No David. 2 Quinn’s artistic style usescrayons and paints, and sometimes a pen and pencil piece done adventures inprimarily in blue and greens. Quinn likes drawing his family and bears, with the occasional dog mixed in.His new years resolution is to be an k active listener and to keep hiking. g Quinn promises to be extra good inder arten if he gets a dog for Christmas.
  2. 2. quinn ’sadventuresin ki nder g arten quinn, 5 years old
  3. 3. this book is all about what quinnsuper heros re� ally doand a super hero story
  4. 4. this is a sad snowmanaflamingo becausespying he got coal for christmasa fish
  5. 5. dear dad goo d at u areyoyo r vo ysis go t o the i lik e to s wit h you m oov ee when mak e me l augh you in th e er you sa y ber love quinn
  6. 6. snaks havea fo rk ongue t
  7. 7. at dusrt the very scared otters momat lunch the said she culodvery scared have a poolotter chries party and sheto jump off acshulee liketthe diveing the dievingborde agin borde a lotbut she was she was notstill scard scard at all now
  8. 8. grand w yen e ns arsr esolutio to the person th1 i w ill turn i w ill not at is ta lking 2 erson who is t alk ove r thep king 3 i will b e an tal i will liste ner 4 a ctive keep g spor ts 5 i w i l l doin on hiking
  9. 9. i understad haw gloria felt when frances sed you are toow little
  10. 10. a sp ider ne ar the gra bbing m achine
  11. 11. if i were presidenti would giv food too ppl hoo had flods
  12. 12. at the junior museun i so a snail
  13. 13. quinns snowmanate spaghetti and turned cold
  14. 14. a garden fencean angry bug
  15. 15. dear tooth and i hav smufairy i lost mor teeth thattow teeth are loos
  16. 16. i thout th at w hen b ill saidi love my mommy it was c yout
  17. 17. i yus myfive sensesulootmy favritsens istasting the cupcake is yumy
  18. 18. spider
  19. 19. ipsum
  20. 20. i think the lef saingthank you is funny
  21. 21. i th ink its e th atf un his fr og fo rg ot t he nd er we ar u
  22. 22. fu ne its rog nk e fi t hi h at t th forg ot hisunderwear
  23. 23. Scooby-Doo by Quinn monster jumped out of the water! It grabbed our friends threw us intoOne day the gang was outside the water and Kaplash!!! Grabbed fishing on summer break. our fishing poles! You kids! That voice School was over and they that voice sounded so familiardidn’t have a mystery in their thought Fred. I wonder if that’s ahands not one nope not one costume? Then he saw the same at all and then at that very watch that their teacher had fallmoment they threw out their out of the monster! Their teacher fishing lines. Shaggy and loved animals! They jumped out of Scooby tugged and licked the water and pulled off the monster’s their lips. This is going to be mask and they were right! a big one they thought. And suddenly out of the blue... a The End
  24. 24. happy fat hers daythis is supposed to be a boat
  25. 25. the glowing eyes are looking at the pumpkin the fence is by an old church the ghost is sayingbooooooooooo!
  26. 26. a bowand arrow
  27. 27. W hen he was fiveyears old…Vit went to Kindergarten.Her teacher was Miss Marilyn.The year was 2012. This iswhat she did. In her wordsand art.
  28. 28. W Vit went to Kindergarten. hen he Her teacher was Miss Marilyn. was five The year was 2012. This isyears old… what she did. In her words and art. W hen he was five years old… Vit went to Kindergarten. Her teacher was Miss Marilyn. The year was 2012. This is what she did. In her words and art.