Codendi Datasheet


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This is the new Codendi datasheet : presentation of the platform and of the Codendi Pro Services Subscription for support and functionnal development

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Codendi Datasheet

  1. 1. Codendi is a collaborative development platform for following-up the whole life Open-source collaborative solution cycle of software applications from the specifications to the delivery. for software project management In a single interface, Codendi gathers all the tools needed by software development teams. Quality, technical divisions, project managers and engineers are able to work with a common tool and easily share technical, managerial and quality information. Codendi allows productivity gains for the individual but also for the whole project team, as it meets the needs of each member of the project. KEY FEATURES General Web interface Users, wherever they are, always have access to Codendi services via the internet or your intranet Customizable project space Codendi allows you to quickly create a Source control manager new web environment for each project: - Each project has a centralized choose tools to activate, modify fields... Subversion or CVS repository - Search in repositories by keyword, Permissions management committer, etc. Hudson Interface - Precise, secure access control - Navigation in the repository Codendi enables real-time visibility - Access traceability - Graphical overview of file differences and control of your projects. Several indicators linked to continuous Document manager integration are proposed: build status, Help documentation project stability, test results, direct All documentation in english & in french - Different versions of document - Several possible views: tree view, icon view... access to all the information of Hudson Contextual help on each page during - Fine-grained and secure access control within Codendi, etc. navigation of the web interface on directories & on documents - Powerful event notification Software and management tools - Integration of documents and wiki Collaboration tools Universal Tracker : tasks, bugs, requests, requirements, methodologies... Deliveries manager Projet Search - Unlimited trackers for each project This package management system - Pre-configured tracking tools helps you organise your deliveries: Collaborative editing-wiki- - Powerful search and sort tools software installer, binary, sources, user documentation, etc. Code Snippet Library - Graphing tools (Gantt, charts...) - Customization of tracking tool fields Survey - Precise permission management Web services API - Custom notifications for changes The platform exports a Web Services API to invoke Codendi features from a - Dependencies between fields web service -tracking tool, document Communication tools - Customizable personal and project dashboards manager, deliveries system, etc.- Instant Messaging Test management framework Eclipse integration Mailing List Manager - Organise your test processes and your Codendi offers a plugin for the Eclipse testing campaign in a hierarchical tree IDE that allows to manage tracking Forums structure tools from within the Eclipse platform. This enables, for example, the ability News - Define manual tests -sequence of actions- or automatic tests -programs to see bugs assigned to developers RSS Feeds or scripts- and the corresponding source code - Errors management integrated into simultaneously Web workspace for each project the tracker More information about Codendi features
  2. 2. Codendi Pro Services Subscription In the market of development collaborative tools, Codendi positions itself as an alternative between free tools available on the web solely animated by a community, and the closed or proprietary tools. Codendi offer combines the assets of both markets: implementing an open-source solution with all the benefits it implies, together with the guaranty of professional support and functional development of SEE IT IN ACTION ! the tool. DOWNLOAD CODENDI LABS Codendi Pro Services is an annual subscription which includes: Discover the main features of the platform and experience laboratory features • Access to Codendi Pro Edition provided in 100 % open-source that are under consideration and currently • Corrective support -level 2 and 3-: answers to your questions, developed bugs, corrective patches, upgrades, etc. • Developer Support: support for applications developed by BROWSE A PROJECT DEMONSTRATION Ask for a free trial account to try all customers using Codendi and integrated into the platform Codendi features in a demonstration project (customization, new component, modification, etc.) • Participation in defining the roadmap: an original and important aspect of Codendi is that customers participate with us ATTEND A WEBINAIRE in determining new functionalities to be developed for Codendi Discover Codendi through a demo and ask your questions live to the Codendi team • Access to new major versions: one to two new versions per year with new functionalities and tools Codendi subscription, the guarantee of professionnel support OUR CUSTOMERS and functional development of the platform Our customers include : - large companies from various industry sectors Codendi subscription is for you if you need to: (electronics, telecommunication, medical • Implement a collaborative and integrated platform that is tested technologies...) - SMEs and software and computing services and supported companies • Have a guaranteed response time when bugs impact your work - competitive clusters in the fields of embedded system and new energy technologies • Develop your own applications around a reliable platform • Influence development of new functionalities according to your Please contact us for more details needs “We chose Codendi platform to drive our collaborative development work. The quality of the services, support and developments provided were determining factors in our choice. Codendi is currently used at 53 of our locations worldwide. We now have more than 9 000 Codendi users, some of CONTACT whom are not developers.” A leading semiconductor manufacturer Email : “Compared to other forges available on the web, Codendi offers a major Phone : + 33 (0)4 76 61 50 06 advantage: corrective and scalable maintenance. We have the commitment Website: that the solution will be supported, updated and developed.” A software services company Copyright© 2009. All rights reserved. Codendi® is a registered trademark of Xerox. Product specifications and features can change without notice. Other trademarks are registered trademarks and the properties of their respective owners.