Codendi 4.0 is release and available in free download


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Codendi 4.0 now in free downlaod :
Xerox decides to open the source code of Codendi to answer the growing requests from universities, associations and companies.

The new features : continuous integration, dashboards, etc
Explanations of Nicolas Guérin (NG),Technical Manager of Codendi

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Codendi 4.0 is release and available in free download

  1. 1. 2nd quarter 09 page 1 SPECIAL NEWSLETTER Codendi 4.0 The new version of Codedi is released and available for free download ! TO BE READ IN THIS NEWSLETTER Codendi 4.0 in free download -page 1 The new features- page 2 Explanations of Nicolas Guérin (NG), Technical Manager of Codendi CODENDI 4.0 website, including the Codendi Pro Services, plugins, which is not always the case in guarantee of professional support IN FREE DOWNLOAD other solutions available on the web. and functionnal development The downloadable version is the Labs In the market of development The French COCLICO project Edition, the Pro Edition is exclusively collaborative tools, Codendi positions (convergence of the free community for reserved for our customers. itself as an alternative between free opened collaborative infrastructures) to which Xerox participates with Codendi With this opening, Codendi clearly tools available on the web and solely in partnership with Bull, Orange Labs, establishes itself in the market of open- animated by a community, and the Thales, and Inria, plans to make the source solutions, a few months after closed proprietary tools. The Codendi project results available on the web. Xerox won the Lutèce d’Or 2008 award offer combines the assets of both Xerox decided not to wait for the project as the “Best open-source project carried markets: implementing an open-source to end and opens the source code of out by a large company”. solution with all the benefits it implies, Codendi to answer the growing requests together with the guaranty of a from universities, associations and Labs Edition for experiencing, professional support and a functional companies. Xerox assigned this task Pro Edition for working development of the tool. to Code-Opus, an open source services company which thus becomes the first The Pro et Labs versions propose similar Let’s meet on the Codendi Blog official reseller of Codendi accredited features. As its name suggests, the Labs The next step is to get the community by Xerox. Code-Opus is in charge of Edition includes laboratory features that involved and give it the means to express animating the community, increasing are currently under development and itself. That is the aim of the Codendi blog customer portfolio and managing that have not been validated or tested where users can meet and comment on customer relations ; Xerox continues enough to be included into the Pro the proposed articles to be in charge of the support and Edition version. The Pro Edition version, functional development available with the Codendi Pro Services subscription, is more stable than the Labs Edition version; it is particularly well COMMENT THIS ARTICLE Download Codendi 4.0 suited for development in professional from and industrial environments.. While we’re at it, it is more interesting The professional support provided by to While making the platform available the Codendi team is guaranteed only PRATICAL INFORMATIONS for free download, it would be more on the Pro Edition version. Minor and Download Codendi 4.0 : interesting to do so at the occasion of major updates are made in priority the new version release. That is why this Give your opinion : and more regularly on the Pro Edition version is named 4.0 and not 3.8 as this Join the Codendi Group : http://www.linke- version, i.e. for customers who chose the an important turning point. subscription. The entire Codendi source code is now Discover Codendi : downloadable from the community
  2. 2. NewsLetter Codendi Newsletter 2nd quarter 09 page 2 THE NEW FEATURES As well as information about continuous Moreover, we developed an automatic integration, the new project dashboard system for crossed references. Now, also enables to follow other indicators: when you make a reference from an statistics linked to source code manager, item A towards an item B, the “crossed” Nicolas Guérin (NG) document content, project classification reference from the item B towards the Technical Manager of but also other external information : RSS item A is automatically extracted. This Codendi feeds, Twitter feeds, etc. avoids to forget some references and to save time, especially since this works with Dashboards are entirely customizable and all the Codendi tools. each project manager can chose its own Q : What’s new in Codendi 4.0 ? page setup and information to display. Finally, we extend the permission system NG : For this new version, we developed Dashboards can be customized with on the tracker. Up to now, you could put new plugins and improved some existing many widgets provided with Codendi 4.0 permissions for each tracker or for each tools from the version 3.6 released in June as well as their web2.0 layout: columns, field of the tracker. With Codendi 4.0, 2008. We focused on 6 main points: lines, can be displayed like you want. In you can also manage permissions for a the same way, you can create your own specific artifact. First, we created an interface with the personal dashboard. Hudson continuous integration tool. Codendi enables now real-time visibility Q : How have and control of your projects thanks to been chosen project dashboards integrated into the improvements or platform. Several indicators linked to new features of the continuous integration are proposed: version 4.0 ? build status, project stability, test results, direct access to all the information of NG : We always Hudson within Codendi, etc. use customers’ f e e d b a c k , You can manage several Hudson jobs their requests, within a Codendi project, but also trigger suggestions a project build in Hudson after source or issues they code modification. Hudson integration submitted us. We Example of customized personal dashboard within the Codendi dashboard provides propose them some a quick overview of the project status to solutions, they choose some of them and engineers as well as managers. As regards collaboration, we get on the then we develop. work we began in the version 3.6 with the instant messaging. Now, you can interact Q : When is the version 4.2 due? with your teammates on Jabber with NG : The next version of Codendi is your web browser. Additionally, Codendi planned for the end of 2009. now stores the chat logs in its database, so that you can access them later. COMMENT THIS ARTICLE We also worked on a less visible aspect of Codendi, named the « backend » that is to say the interactions between Codendi and the system: databases, files, etc. From now, all system aspects Discover are managed as events which are immediately implemented in Codendi. Codendi 4.0 10h Example of indicators linked to continuous integration For instance, when a project is approved by an administrator, you can work on it Discover Codendi immediately: web pages, Subversion, access permissions... Before, you had and the new features By making continuous integration implementation easier, Codendi answers to wait for a while before these system a growing need from software teams, in tasks are executed. Thus, the Codendi Date : 25th June 09 particular those who implement agile administration part is simplified. Hour : 5.00 PM to 6 .00 PM ( GMT+1) methodologies like SCRUM. SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE !