The Continuous delivery value - Funaro
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The Continuous delivery value - Funaro



Slides from David Funaro talk @ codemotion roma 2014

Slides from David Funaro talk @ codemotion roma 2014



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The Continuous delivery value - Funaro The Continuous delivery value - Funaro Presentation Transcript

  • The Continuous DeliveryValue 12 - 04 - 2014 ROME 11-12 April 2014 David Funaro Crash dei sistemi, Migrazioni fallite, aggiornamenti interrotti: sono tutte problematiche che nessuno vorrebbe mai incontrare durante l'introduzione di nuove funzionalità nel proprio applicativo (deploy) e ... la speranza non basta. L'attività di deploy è importante tanto quanto quelle che la precedono. La Continuous Delivery è un insieme di strumenti e metodologie che permetteranno di rendere i rilasci a basso rischio, economici, veloci, predicibili e ... sonni tranquilli.
  • The Continuous Delivery Value 12 - 04 - 2014
  • David Funaro @ingdavidino
  • First Release
  • Release Day
  • WRONG WAY This talk is for you…
  • Overview
  • Facts keep system up and running release new features as soon as possible IT Business
  • … with CD IT Business
  • RELEASE FEEDBACK new features monetize bug performance layout
  • RELEASE ? Miss Release Price ? €
  • Reaction MetricsChange RELEASE Time Security Skills Cost Predictable Stress Repeatability
  • • How many time you need to release software Time
  • • Everything will be ok ? • Can i be sure that every needed step will be done ? • Exceptions, are managed ? • Data migration goes well ? • Can i go back (rollback) ? Security
  • • Have, the selected person, all the skill needed to terminate the procedure ? • What about his behavior in some exception flow case Skills
  • • How many people you need ? • For how many time ? • Other Resources ? Cost
  • • are you able to indicate how much time will care ? Predictable
  • • What about the stress • stress => error-prone Stress
  • • Just finish a deploy. Software released.A bug is found.You have to re-start the deploy procedure Repeatability
  • Reaction Metrics RELEASE Production Testing Staging Time Security Skills Cost Predictable Stress Repeatability
  • No Automation Process ?
  • Lots of things to consider • Code evolution • Code dependency management • System evolution management • Data management and architecture • Component management
  • Software Release • Low Risk • Cheap • Frequent • Rapid • Predictable ... should be Continuous Delivery
  • CD requirements • Source Code Management • Continuous Integration Server • Automated Deploy • Real Time Alerting • Root Cause Analysis
  • CD FLOW Commit /push Automated Testing FAIL SUCCESS Automated Deploy Procedure notify Basic Scenario
  • Deploy Pipeline Commit Stage
 Build Installers Release Automated acceptance 
 testign Automated capacity 
 testing Manual Testing
 testing example
  • Continuous
 Delivery Tools MethodologiesPractices Cautions
  • Anti-patterns • Deploy software manually • Manual Configuration • Deploy to a production-like Env Only after development is complete
  • Benefits • Empower Team • Reducing Errors • Lowering Stress • Deployment Flexibility • Practice Make Perfect
  • Keep Everything in version control Automate Almost Everything Principles If it hurts, do i more frequently Done means released Build quality in
  • SECTION I Source Code Management
  • i sent you a mail with the last change ... are you shure ? i can’t find the new file ?!? The problem
  • SCM :What is it ? 3 5 7 10 Repository
  • Local Check-out Pull 8 29
  • Check-in Push Local 3 4
  • SCM :What it does ? • Keeping multiple file version • Collaboration
  • Application Evolution
  • Collaboration
  • isn’t just for source code Cautions you need everything required to re-create your application’s binaries and the environments in which they run.
  • Best Practice • Little Commit • Frequent Commit • Consistent commit • User Meaningful Commit message
  • Different Products
  • SECTION II Continuous Integration
  • After your commit nothing works anymore Ops INTEGRATION PROBLEM (after one commit ) After your commit nothing works anymore But ...“was working on my computer”
  • Ops(after deploy in prod) INTEGRATION PROBLEM It was working on the stage environment !!!
  • sleepless nights before demo ... bug just after release
  • Cost Analysis Design Implementation Testing Release Resolve defects
  • t integration Regression Working Broken Effort
  • In software development the components integration need to be tested continuosly... ! 
 in order to find inconsistencies
 as soon as possible Good Solution
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently, usually each person integrates at least daily - leading to multiple integrations per day. 
 Each integration is verified by an automated build (including test) to detect integration errors as quickly as possible. Martin Fowler
  • Requirements Source Code Management
  • Requirements
  • Agile-Testing-Quadrants
  • F F F F F FF F Checkout last Commit CI Flow Build andTests Process
  • Build & Test ✓Process creating executable code ✓Unit test ✓Quality criteria ✓FunctionalTest ✓Non FunctionalTest Valid Syntax Compile Code behavior Code coverage, Mass detector Business Acceptance Criteria Application performance PASS
  • CI - Reduce Risk • Say goodbye to long and tense integrations • Increase visibility which enables greater communication • Catch issues fast and nip them in the bud • Spend less time debugging and more time adding features • Proceed in the confidence you’re building on a solid foundation • Stop waiting to find out if your code’s going to work • Reduce integration problems allowing you to deliver software more rapidly
  • CI - Output System Status Documentation/Artifacts Quality Check
  • “Continuous Integration doesn’t get rid of bugs, but it does make them dramatically easier to find and remove.” Martin Fowler
  • Ci - Best practice • CI server === Production Server • Integrate it from the first commit • Find best way to get notified
  • Immediate feedback on the health of the system
  • Ci - software ... more and more
  • SECTION III Automated Deploy
  • Deployment “is all the activities that make a software system available for use” Wikipedia
  • A Critical part of the application life-cycle Deployment
  • Deployment • Low Risk • Cheap • Frequent • Rapid • Predictable
  • Low Risk • Exception catched • Rollback • Data on secure
  • Cheap • no more than one click • no more than one person • no skilled person
  • Frequent • to get feedback
  • Rapid
  • Predictable
  • Incomplete ways
  • is that a deploy procedure ? $ git pull origin master $ svn update Remote Desktop Versioning update
  • • Incomplete • Manual procedure • Slow • Server Downtime • No data migration • No Rollback Problems
  • Automated Deployment Goals
  • one click deploy Deploy Automated Deployment Goals
  • AnyTime AnyWhere AnyOne Automated Deployment Goals
  • Rollback Automated Deployment Goals
  • no downtime Automated Deployment Goals
  • Scalable Frontend 1 Frontend 1I Frontend III Balancer Automated Deployment Goals
  • Deployment Elements • Executable Code • Dependency Management • Software configuration • Infrastructure Management • Data Migrations • Manage Cache • Manage Assets
  • Executable code (SCM)
  • Dependency Management
  • How you keep updated your libraries dependencies ? to get the feature 103 done, i use library XXX ok, i’ll note it here ... to get the feature 103 done, i use library XXX OK
  • PIP
  • Data Migration
  • What if, after your first production deployment, you have to change the Entity Relationship ?
  • Infrastructure Management
  • How you keep updated your OS componets/ libraries ? to get the feature 103 done, i use library XXX, that require the module 288 ok, i’ll note it here ... to get the feature 103 done, i use library XXX, that require the module 903 OK
  • A way to setup your environment
  • Write 
 Configuration Script Versionable
  • Environment Management
  • Production TestingStaging
  • Manual - Follow recipe • Integrity problems • Problem with exception handling • Basic Skills requirements • Time consuming - expensive • Error - prone • Stress
  • Build a custom Script • Do a backup • Create new directory • Update the code • Update dependencies • Run migration data • Update Environements • Warm up cache • ...
  • Existing Tools Fabric ... and more others
  • Build quality in Done means released If it hurts, do i more frequently Automate Almost Everything Keep Everything in version control
  • David Funaro @ingdavidino Thanks