Sviluppo di backend per applicazioni mobile cross-platform con JavaScript e Mobile Servies


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Tra le esigenze più comuni nello sviluppo di un’applicazione mobile ci sono l’invio di notifiche push, la memorizzazione, la gestione dei dati e l’autenticazione con diversi provider (Facebook, Twitter etc). Nel corso della sessione vedremo come il servizio Mobile di Azure sia il compagno ideale per le vostre applicazioni Windows Phone e Windows 8, e anche web, iOS o Android.

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Sviluppo di backend per applicazioni mobile cross-platform con JavaScript e Mobile Servies

  1. 1. Eva Gjeci Sviluppo di backend per applicazioni mobile crossplatform con JavaScript e Mobile Services - Microsoft
  2. 2. How I Am Eva Gjeci - Microsoft
  3. 3. Agenda Eva Gjeci - Microsoft What is Windows Azure What is Mobile Services How to use Mobile Services How to get started
  4. 4. What is Windows Azure? Eva Gjeci flexible - Microsoft open solid Windows Azure can be anything you want it to be.
  5. 5. Why Mobile Services? Eva Gjeci - Microsoft 1. Apps are everywhere 2. Time to market 3. Minimize custom code Windows Azure Mobile Services makes it fast and easy to build dynamic and engaging mobile apps that scale. Store data in the cloud, authenticate users, and send push notifications with only a few lines of code.
  6. 6. Mobile Service Overview Eva Gjeci - Microsoft
  7. 7. Supported Platforms Eva Gjeci Windows 8 iOS - Microsoft Windows Phone Android HTML5 & Javascript Xamarin
  8. 8. Demo Eva Gjeci - Microsoft
  9. 9. Authentication overview Eva Gjeci - Microsoft
  10. 10. Authentication Eva Gjeci - Microsoft Twitter Facebook Google Microsoft
  11. 11. Authentication Demo Eva Gjeci - Microsoft
  12. 12. Push notification Lifecycle overview Eva Gjeci - Microsoft 1. Request Channel URI 2. Register with your Cloud Service 3. Authenticate & Push Notification
  13. 13. Push notification Eva Gjeci - Microsoft
  14. 14. Push notification Eva Gjeci - Microsoft
  15. 15. Push notification Demo Eva Gjeci - Microsoft
  16. 16. Server side code Eva Gjeci - Microsoft Use server scripts to add custom logic to your mobile application as well as connect to other Windows Azure or third party services Table Scheduled Custom API Tied to a CRUD operation on a SQL database Script runs on demand or on a user-defined schedule Scripts are not associated with a table Ideal for actions triggered by events Ideal for database cleanup, image resizing, periodic communications, etc. Ideal for most scenarios JSON payloads only Scripts can call other scripts and require user-submitted modules Scripts can call other scripts and require user-submitted modules Supports additional payloads like XML Scripts can call other scripts and require user-submitted modules
  17. 17. Access third party services Eva Gjeci require(‘service_node_module’) - Microsoft Service with exposed REST API
  18. 18. Notification Hub overview Eva Gjeci - Microsoft
  19. 19. Push in Mobile Services vs Notification Hub Eva Gjeci - Microsoft Mobile Services Notification Hubs MPNS, WNS, APNS, and GCM support Yes Yes Turnkey event-triggered push Yes No Device registration management No Yes Interest tags for routing messages to a subset of users Templates for formatting messages to user preferences including language No Yes No Yes Broadcast to >1 million devices at once within minutes No Yes
  20. 20. Getting started Eva Gjeci - Microsoft
  21. 21. Q&A Eva Gjeci Q&A - Microsoft