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Improving Learning Outcomes with Digital Characters


Published on

In this presentation featuring CodeBaby eLearning Sales Manager, Elizabeth Miller and CodeBaby’s Creative Manager, Erin Scott, you’ll discover: …

In this presentation featuring CodeBaby eLearning Sales Manager, Elizabeth Miller and CodeBaby’s Creative Manager, Erin Scott, you’ll discover:

Why emotional intelligence is a critical component in eLearning
How the persona, roles, and responsibilities of characters are important to your training courses
How to maximize the engagement of your courses and motivation of the learners

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • In this example, this character is a knowledgeable company spokesperson orienting new employees to the products offered and company history. Although not dressed in medical scrubs, he comes across as an authority on medical devices and conditions. This demo was produced by our eLearning partner w/ Slash who creates immersive eLearning for a variety of companies. One is Medtronic who makes medical devices.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Improving Learning Outcomes with Digital Characters
    • 2. Your Speakers #CBStudio Elizabeth Miller: eLearning Sales Manager Erin Scott: Creative Manager a CB Studio Presentation | 2
    • 3. Topics • A brief look at the research on animated characters • The keys to effective character design • CodeBaby characters in action • Brief look at how this was created using CodeBaby Studio • Q&A a CB Studio Presentation | 3
    • 4. Research • “The degree of interactivity leads to heightened realism improving the value of the learning and interaction.” Byron Reeves, from the Center for the Study of Language and Information at Stanford University • “… the mere belief one is interacting with another person leads to superior learning…” Okita, Bailenson, & Schwartz, Stanford University • “...well crafted lifelike agents have an exceptionally positive impact on students...perceived the agents as being very helpful, credible, and entertaining.” James C. Lester, et al., The Persona Effect: Affective Impact of Animated Pedagogical Agents a CB Studio Presentation | 4
    • 5. Benefits of Using Characters • Interactive characters bring social intelligence to online learning. • Simulating a social exchange ... leads to an increase in memory and trust of information. • The degree of interactivity leads to heightened realism improving the value of the learning and interaction. a CB Studio Presentation | 5
    • 6. Keys to Character Design a CB Studio Presentation | 6 motivation and engagement sense of presence character persona role
    • 7. Character Persona • Human-like actions and reactions • Clearly defined role • Engaging personality • Credible role model • Recognizable & relatable • Facilitate learning a CB Studio Presentation | 7
    • 8. Roles • Narrator • Expert Facilitator • Peer Instructor • Subject-Matter Expert • Co-Learner • Scenario Actors a CB Studio Presentation | 8
    • 9. Sense of Presence • Realism • Identification • Emotional State • Storyline • Social Context a CB Studio Presentation | 9
    • 10. Taco Bell: Customer Service a CB Studio Presentation | 10
    • 11. Taco Bell Persona: • peer trainer who doubles as the company rep • empathetic but authoritative • credible role model • engaging personality Sense of Presence: • company uniform • located in TB store • realism in interactions a CB Studio Presentation | 11
    • 12. Impact • Digital characters engage and quickly train over 150,000 employees. • Reduced training costs vs. live in-store trainers a CB Studio Presentation | 12
    • 13. Grant Thornton Personas: • learning facilitator, subject-matter expert, co-learner • back-stories • distinct personalities Sense of Presence: • humor creates a heightened emotional state • information in a social context a CB Studio Presentation | 14
    • 14. Impact • Blended method reduces live training costs and establishes a character- driven standard for eLearning. • 18 modules taken by 12,000 participants in 12 languages and countries. a CB Studio Presentation | 15
    • 15. Telstra: Social Media Policy a CB Studio Presentation | 16
    • 16. Telstra Persona: • company HR spokesperson • human-like actions and reactions • facilitates learning Sense of Presence: • office setting • storyline a CB Studio Presentation | 17
    • 17. Impact • New employees are connected to the organization, but live training costs are decreased. • Employees are base-lined before they meet with HR personnel. • Engaging character-mediated training becomes the norm. a CB Studio Presentation | 18
    • 18. CodeBaby Studio a CB Studio Presentation | 19
    • 19. Questions a CB Studio Presentation | 20
    • 20. eBooK: a CB Studio Presentation | 21
    • 21. Thank You! Please Join Us! © 2012, Inc. All rights a CB Studio Presentation | 22