Coda Grooves Magazine Issue January 2011


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Magazine for Independent Entertainers Music Artists, Actors, Models, Comedians and Production Crew

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Coda Grooves Magazine Issue January 2011

  1. 1. CLICK HERE for Services and Prices CODA~GROOVES~MAGAZINE JANUARY 2011 Music and Entertainment News/Networking/Downloads
  2. 2. This issue includes: Talent Booking information: Downloads, Gossip,Events,News: JUST FOR THE DJ’s Articles: ( HELP for Independent Entertainers) Music, Models, Actors,Crew Networking: Contact: Submit your article: Purchase and Ad:
  3. 3. Click on the photos and Graphics for more info
  4. 4. MUSIC Releases & NEWS GOSPEL JAZZ Hip Hop/RAP R&B Click on the photos and Graphics for more info
  5. 5. BOOKS Apparel
  6. 6. Music Distribution
  7. 7. CONGRATULATIONS: KERMIT HENDERSON on your nomination for INDUSTRY EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR http://www. southernentawards .com/ballot/vote.html CONGRATULATIONS "CHRISTELLE" for being nominated for the Southern Entertainment Awards IMPACT ARTIST OF THE YEAR http://www. southernentawards .com/ballot/vote.html Every VOTE Counts! Please continue to VOTE CLICK HERE for more info S.E.A. - Southern Entertainment Awards SEA Voting runs from September 5th to January 15th
  8. 8. WORLDMOVEMENT RECORDS ( is a Los Angeles/Las Vegas based Independent Record Label that produces a wide diversity of artists and styles of music. As an energetic, successful and community oriented record company. World Movement's mission is to "Move the World With Our Music." The company is committed to making quality music available to all. At World Movement Records, we are continuously creating new and improved music, projects, and channels of distribution. We are here to replace the old way of doing business and move into the new century on the cutting edge of the music industry. World Movement Records isn't just another downloadable music site for an indie music label. World Movement Records is also a digital music and entertainment fulfillment portal. We provide downloadable movie trailers, links to flash animation, e-mail and chat rooms, music search engines, as well as links to online music retailers. World Movement Records Features: • Online Music Purchases •MP3 Downloads • E-Mail and Message Boards • Promotional Puzzle • Multimedia Gaming
  9. 9. Articles ( Information for Indie Artists and Entertainers) Label Attraction Lamont “ KDiddy” Patterson When I was asked to do an article on “What do labels look for when reviewing an artist or group” I had to ponder that for a moment, trying to decide how I wanted to approach this. So here goes. First of all labels aren’t in the business of losing money, therefore they’re not interested in a bad investment. “A bad investment is an artist or group that has not taken the time to learn the rules before trying to play the game”. (This is the music business not the music play). This a very exciting time for independents, the playing field has somewhat been leveled, artist or groups don’t need anyone to sell their music thanks to the internet. The artist or group needs to put their star player or players together, meaning you or your Brand . So many artists approach me with do you know where I can get a paying date or gig. I kinda laugh. My question is who’s going to hire you? Who’s going to pay, no one knows who you are! How are you going to bring people into some ones venue? My point is, it’s like approaching the opposite sex make yourself appealing. That’s your responsibility. Have your ISH together. Know you craft first. Is your music registered? Be a member of a performing rights organization like BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC. Have your pictures and Bio together preferably on flash drive. In other words have your package together. The more complete you are the more appealing you look to labels, producers, managers, agents, and please know the responsibilities of each of those mentioned above. I talk to a lot of artist that don’t know the difference between an investor and a manager. “WOW” And yet artist go out looking for a manager without having anything to manage. Educate yourself; the digital age is upon us. Continued on next page
  10. 10. What I look for in an artist or group: 1. ATTITUDE: If I can’t work with you it doesn’t matter how talented you are. 2. SHOWMANSHIP: Your talent and ability to ROCK the STAGE. 3. BUSINESS SAVY: Are you able to think outside of the box? Not expecting someone else to believe in their dream more than they do. 4. SELF MOTIVATED: Able and willing to utilize all the tools available to them. I.e. Social networking sites (Twitter, Ning, MySpace, FaceBook, Reverbnation, and Yahoo, Google or any others. That’s the artist or group I would be interested in. 5. Remember: Money only means something to those who don’t have it. It doesn’t mean anything to those people that do! My point is if you’re moving enough of your own product the right people will seek you out. Get your grind on “that’s my humble advice after 30 plus years in the BIZ. Lamont “KDiddy Patterson Label Attraction Continued...
  11. 11. Coda Grooves/Strength Eternal Entertainment Washington, DC- Minneapolis MN- New York - Atlanta Phone (240) 413-3112 or (612) 508-7527 Artists around or under 20 K Available: J Holiday, Bobby Valentino, Party Boyz, Yung Buck, Ginuwine, Gucci, Jeremih, Tierra Marie, Lance Gross, Monica, Grandmaster Flash, Rosco Dash, Amarie, D-Woods, Lloyd RAHEEM DEVAUGHN and MORE Send WRITTEN offer to: INCLUDE: Country State City DATES Venue Capacity Amount of your offer Your full contact information: Name, Name of company, email, telephone ALL TALENT: ( Over 300 Major names) CLICK HERE BOOKING
  12. 12. Music Downloads for PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY!!! CLICK HERE for MORE ( add yours too!) "TIMES of REFRESHING" Gospel Release JAZZ Single Release " ICEBOX" by Gabriel Bello MELBA MOORE "LOVE IS" ~CODA~GROOVES~ENT~ INDUSTRY Downloads and NEWS ADD your new music HERE
  13. 13. NETWORKING <ul><li>CLICK HERE to ADD your information, Photos, Links.. </li></ul><ul><li>ALSO to find what your looking for: </li></ul><ul><li>Casting opportunities </li></ul><ul><li>Airplay </li></ul><ul><li>Models </li></ul><ul><li>Actors </li></ul><ul><li>Gigs </li></ul><ul><li>Promotion </li></ul><ul><li>EVERYTHING for the Independent Entertainer </li></ul>
  14. 14. DJs PAGE- Click here to connect with your favorite DJ Directly These pages will feature information on your favorite DJs How to contact them for airplay Links to their SHOWS How to get interviewed Latest Mixtapes DJs ONLY GROUP- CLICK HERE These groups are PRIVATE for DJs to connect with Each other SUPER STAR DJs Worldwide CLICK HERE
  15. 15. GOSSIP PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE the HYPE NOT everything here will be true and accurate.( But it WILL be FUNNY!) It's GOSSIP and for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY! THIS IS WHERE you can ADD your GOSSIP- Leave a message in the comment section and check back OFTEN to see what everyone else is doing! CLICK HERE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS and HAVE FUN!
  16. 16. ADVERTISE HERE! CLICK the pictures for more info!
  17. 17. &quot;Real Talk With Kietta&quot; TV Talk Show &quot;Real Talk With Kietta&quot; TV Talk Show would like to wish everyone a very special Holiday and New Year! Next year we have some great interviews with Kietta scheduled. We are sure you are going to love the interview style of our Hostess, Kietta Mayweather-Gamble . Facebook-!/RealTalkwithKietta Twitter -!/RTWKiettatv MySpace -
  18. 18. Ya Boy Boyee &quot;Cool V&quot; The Industry Insomniac! For All Contact Information see:
  19. 19. TAPWIRE.BLOGSPOT.COM Website: Facebook Page:
  20. 20. CLICK here Gift Certificates Available! Download the App for B-Smoove FREE! For iPhone, iPad, Android   DOWNLOAD the Mixtape