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2013-03-07 indie developer toolkit
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2013-03-07 indie developer toolkit


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. iOS indie developer toolkitCocoaHeads Tricity
  • 2. WorkflowPlan Design CodePublishAnalyze
  • 3. Research+
  • 4. Mindnode
  • 5. OrganizePlanning tasksDesigner + Developercooperation
  • 6. Wireframes?
  • 7. Design‣Wireframing is useful‣Wireframing can take a lot of time‣Wireframing apps can be cheap (or free ;) )‣‣‣
  • 8. IconKit - icon files generatorGenerate icon files
  • 9. Resizer - non-retina imagesMake non-retina images easily
  • 10. Automator - custom services‣Built in Mac OS X‣Create custom services by stacking blocks‣Use for example to add „@2x” to filenameDemo
  • 11. - icon test‣Great tool for testing your icon in live environment‣‣ image:
  • 12. Reflector - Airplay server‣Airplay mirroring to your Mac (or PC)‣You can record promo videos‣Paid, but has a nice free trial
  • 13. ImageOptimRemember to disable Xcode’s compressionCan decrease your app’ size about 30%(think OTA)
  • 14. Remind your designerUse only even dimensions and positions1px becomes 0,5pxHave fun matching lines & patterns
  • 15. 3, 2, 1..... Code!‣Go reinvent the wheel! Or...‣check for existing components first‣‣‣
  • 16. Mou - reading markdown‣Free ;)‣Intuitive editor‣Doesn’t support github extension‣No preview
  • 17. Find your code a home‣Git‣Git-flow‣Remote hosting issue‣
  • 18. OMG command-line‣Xcode has built-in git support, but it sucks‣Command line committing sucks‣There’s an app for that...
  • 19. SourceTree -GIT client‣Free‣Easy & intuitive GUI‣Supports MOST of git operations‣Supports Git-Flow‣Lack of nice file merging system(conflicts)Demo
  • 20. RestTest - WebService tester
  • 21. Make your code shine‣Uncrustify‣Free code formatter‣Can be nicely plugged into Xcode (using behaviors)‣Make your own rules with Uncrustify X
  • 22. Optimizing coding flow‣Xcode snippets‣Can I use that? Checking if method is available indeployment target‣Powerful logging‣Colorful Xcode console‣More details on the second part ;)‣
  • 23. Xcode snippets‣ =
  • 24. Remind your developerAlways cut out NSLogs on release configurationOr you will be pocked, or scrapped or...Demo sponsored by Huffington Post
  • 25. Publishing‣Before publishing‣find beta testers‣add analytics
  • 26. TestFlight - build distribution‣Revolution‣seamless (almost) adHoc install‣use to send to QA or customers‣limited amount of devices
  • 27. Your own Big Data‣Flurry Analytics‣ nice SDK‣ issues with retrieving data via API‣ horrible UI‣Mixpanel‣ perfect‣ soo expensive
  • 28. Tracking installation sources‣‣Google conversion tracking‣Flurry ??
  • 29. Tracking sales‣AppAnnie‣free‣simple(basic) & clear‣AppFigures‣way better‣paid ;(
  • 30.‣SEO tool for Appstore‣Keyword discovery‣Average accuracy ( based on‣Use „devforum” code to get first month for 1$‣UI is terrible
  • 31. Press Kit‣‣Reflector app‣App page‣‣ (for WordPress)
  • 32. Thanks!Michal Zygar@mzygar