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Parse par Nicolas Lauquin

Parse par Nicolas Lauquin






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    Parse par Nicolas Lauquin Parse par Nicolas Lauquin Presentation Transcript

    • CocoaHeads Paris
 Jeudi 14 novembre 2013 Nicolas Lauquin
    • « Parse is the easiest way to get a backend up and running for your mobile application »
    • Overview Easy backend building & nice web interface Push Analytics Social & authentification (Facebook connect, Twitter connect) Mail Hosting & Cloud code extension InApp Purchase Multi-plateforme SDK (iOS, OSX, Android, Unity…) REST
    • Backend 1/3 Powerful Data Management Data creation through Relational database or KVC
    • Backend 2/3 Advanced filtering
    • Backend 3/3 ACL (Classe level & Object level) Data type : String Number Boolean Array Object Date Bytes File Geoloc
    • Push 1/2 Easy integration through the SDK Almost free Segmenting Filtering by plateform Schedule (Pro) Accessible through REST API
    • Push 2/2
    • Parse iOS SDK
    • Installation Add « Parse.framework" to your project Add lib dependancies Add : [Parse setApplicationId:@"YOUR_APP_KEY" clientKey:@"YOUR_CLIENT_KEY"];
    • Model 1/3 PFObject class Saving objects Saving Objects Offline
    • Model 2/3 Retrieving objects exemple Arrays
    • Model 3/3 Delete Counter PFUser or PFRole, PFProduct You manipulate object extending PFObject Relationnal Data one To Many (@"parent") Many to Many (PFRelation object)
    • Queries 1/2 Powerfull query system
    • Queries 2/2 queries with NSPredicates containsAllObjectsInArray/notContainedIn greatherThan/LessThan/lessThanOrEqualTo… relationnal queries limit x result or skip x result ordering on multiple keys compound Queries : orQueryWithSubqueries
    • Caching query.cachePolicy property 6 caches configuration, including: kPFCachePolicyCacheElseNetwork: 
 The query first tries to load from the cache, but if that fails, it loads results from the network. If neither cache nor network succeed, there is a PFError. kPFCachePolicyCacheThenNetwork: 
 The query first loads from the cache, then loads from the network. In this case, the callback will actually be called twice - first with the cached results, then with the network results. Since it returns two results at different times, this cache policy cannot be used synchronously with findObjects.
    • File PFFile class saveInBackgroundWithBlock:^(BOOL succeeded, NSError *error) progressBlock:^(int percentDone) getDataInBackgroundWithBlock:^(BOOL succeeded, NSError *error) progressBlock:^(int percentDone)
    • Geopoints PFGeoPoint class [PFGeoPoint geoPointWithLatitude:37.7 longitude:-122.5]; Helpers: geoPointWithLocation:(CLLocation) geoPointForCurrentLocationInBackground:^(PFGeoPoint *geoPoint, NSError *error); Geo Queries: [query whereKey:@"location" nearGeoPoint:userGeoPoint]; whereKey:nearGeoPoint:withinKilometers
    • Social & sign-in Easy authentication with : Facebook based on FB SDK Twitter Login/pwd Helpers & feature on PFUser
    • User interface Parse provides a few subclasses of UIViewController that make logging in/ signing up PFUsers, and displaying PFObjects significantly easier.
    • User interface 1/3 PFLogInViewController & PFSignUpViewController
    • User interface 2/3 PFQueryTableViewController Pagination with a cell that can be tapped to load the next page. Pull-to-refresh table view header. Loading screen Offline message support PFTableViewCell for image listing
    • User interface 3/3 PFImageView Cachine image in memory & disk
    • Pricing & performances Basic plan - free Pro plan - 199$/month 1 million request/month + 7¢ per 1,000 over 15 million request/month + 5¢ per 1,000 over 1 million pushes/month + 7¢ per 1,000 over 5 million pushes/month + 5¢ per 1,000 over 20 request/second 40 request/second 1gb + 20¢ per 1GB over 10gb + 15¢ per 1GB over Custom domain name & mail branding Push mutliple certificate, push targeting, schedulin More app&push metrics Collaborators +1 background jobs
    • Pricing & performances Transparent pricing For which kind of project & company size ? Bought by Facebook in april 2013 Your data are free
    • Learn more Much more to explore Cloud Code & beforeSave/afterSave Cloud Code modules (ParseImage, SendGrid, Underscore…) Rest API Background job Great documentation Check tutorials https://www.parse.com/tutorials
    • CocoaHeads Paris
 parse.com Nicolas Lauquin @nlauquin nicolas@atelierdumobile.com www.atelierdumobile.com