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Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: Indexing, Citations & Bibliometrics
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Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: Indexing, Citations & Bibliometrics


Published on

A webinar from Wiley Blackwell

A webinar from Wiley Blackwell

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 2. Impact Factor: Meaning & Calculation • Evaluates the impact of a journal based on a citation as a unit of quality • Based on ISI’s Web of Science and released in an annual Journal Citation Report • Essentially a measure of average citations per article Impact Factor for JCR Year x = Citations in Year x to Papers from x-1 and x-2 Number of Source Items in x-1 and x-2 NB: Source Items are Articles, Reviews and Proceedings Papers; only these papers contribute to the denominator. Citations counted on the numerator, however, can be to any document type. Cites in 2009 to articles published in: 2008 = 2592  Number of articles published in: 2008 = 526    2007 = 3982    2007 = 637    Sum: 6574    Sum: 1163  Calculation:  Cites to recent articles  6574 =  5.653 Number of recent articles  1163 
  • 3. Impact Factor: Strengths & Weaknesses + Average cites-per-article makes sense + Comparatively easy to understand + Can be duplicated, predicted and simulated + Established and recognised metric + Broken down into ranked subject categories – Inconsistent standards for inclusion – Affected by ‘ citation inflation’ – Error correction difficult – Subject area dependency – Self-citation open to manipulation
  • 4. 2010 Impact Factor The Impact Factor will probably rise next year. 2010 IF looks at 2010 cites to 2009 and 2008 papers. 2008 2009 Change Immediacy Index 1.131 1.311 15.9% Immediacy Index for Medicine, General & Internal 1.295 1.171 -9.6% The Immediacy Index looks at citations in a given year to articles published in the same year. E.g. 2009 cites to 2009 papers ÷ # 2009 papers. A rise can indicate a strong year of papers.
  • 5. Web of Science
  • 6. Web of Science
  • 7. Web of Science: Journal Data • Bibliographic data (author, address, title, keywords, etc) • Unique identifier for article with date of publication and page numbers • Digital Object Identifier (DOI) • Client Article Reference (CD & Pub Numbers) • Citation Report listing citations received each year since publication
  • 8. Web of Science: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews • Bibliographic data (author, address, title, keywords, etc) • Unique identifier for unique article with date of publication • Digital Object Identifier (DOI) • Client Article Reference (CD & Pub Numbers) • Citation Report listing citations received each year since publication
  • 9. Web of Science: Acquiring and Repairing the Data • Manually edit ISI article list of 2005—2008 papers so it matches actual content • Search for and download all citations to CDSR for the past several years • Match 15,000 citations to 2,431 target articles using:-  Cited DOI  Cited Article Reference  Unique author in year • Add Review Group data from Editorial Office records • Download all reviews in ISI subject category and process through in-house tools  Author  Institution  Citation Incidence  Document Type  Country  Citing Characteristics  Region  Review Group  Top Cited Articles • Analysis and reporting took days... Data acquisition and cleanup took weeks...
  • 10. Analysis Highlights: CDSR • Standard analyses less useful for CDSR. • Author loyalty. Of the 863 authors publishing reviews in CDSR that contributed to the 2009 Impact Factor, only 11 had more highly cited papers published elsewhere. • Index comparison. Unfortunately, Elsevier’s Scopus does not provide a useful alternative data source.  The Scopus citation matching algorithm finds even fewer cites than WoS, despite looking at twice the number of citing journals.  Scopus contains a larger number of duplicate version entries due to the erroneous addition of variant Pubmed data to the records supplied by Wiley-Blackwell.
  • 11. Analysis Highlights: CDSR
  • 12. Analysis Highlights: CDSR
  • 13. Analysis Highlights: Subject Category
  • 14. Thank you Any questions or feedback? E-mail: