Drug Trafficking Show


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Drug Trafficking Show

  1. 1. Drug Trafficking
  2. 2. http://media. bonnint .net/slc/0/74/7438.jpg
  3. 3. http://sxmprivateeye.com/files/images/Daily%20Herald%20-%20Nine%20kilos%20drug%20bust%20-%209th%20June%202007.preview.JPG
  4. 4. In just over a month, VP–16’s drug busts equated to a record–setting street value of more than $2 billion http://www.navy.com/about/navylife/onduty/navyglobalinvolvement/preventing/
  5. 5. In the year 2006, 29,000 people in the US were arrested for drug related crimes…. http://www.usdoj.gov/dea/statistics.html#arrests
  6. 6. http://www.usdoj.gov/dea/concern/map_lab_seizures.html In the year 2004, 17,170 Meth Clandestine Laboratories were discovered in the US…
  7. 7. Drug Trafficking - is a global black market consisting of the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of illegal drugs…. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_trafficking
  8. 8. The amounts of drugs in a single drug bust is most commonly around hundreds of grams….
  9. 9. http: //ag .ca. gov/bne/images/marijuana .jpg http://www. statepatrol . ohio .gov/images/mediareleases/04-183.jpg
  10. 10. http://www. fbi .gov/publications/leb/2003/dec2003/gec03lebx9x1.jpg
  11. 11. http://www.rehab-center. com/Images/saudi_drug_traffickers .jpg http://wpni01. auroraquanta .com/dyn_images/335/50/2422601501.JPG
  12. 12. with lots of drugs comes lots of money…
  13. 13. http://www. theage .com.au/ffximage/2005/05/10/1005drugs1_wideweb__430x324.jpg
  14. 14. http://www.usdoj.gov/dea/photos/operations/205million_fig1.jpg http://www.usdoj.gov/dea/photos/operations/205million_fig4.jpg
  15. 15. A drug trafficker could be anyone….
  16. 16. http://www. blackfootpolice .org/wanted5_files/salas.jpg an Uncle
  17. 17. http://img237. imageshack .us/img237/456/marquitajettri1.jpg A Teacher
  18. 18. http://www. pbs .org/wgbh/pages/frontline/art/programs/1709.jpg A Son
  19. 19. http: //i .l. cnn .net/cnn/2007/US/10/16/jfk.drugs/art.bust. wabc .jpg A Father
  20. 20. http://www. abc .net.au/reslib/200708/r166721_619975.jpg A Wife
  21. 21. “ My grandson is... The fire chief will prepare a letter outlining the administrative charges, based on the drug charge. YOUNGSTOWN The grandmother of a city firefighter now charged with aggravated drug trafficking said he's not a thug. "My grandson is in serious condition, he's a good kid, not a drug dealer ... He has three bullets in his body” http://www.vindy.com/content/local_regional/340584187964955.php
  22. 22. It’s a WORLDWIDE problem as well as A DOMESTIC one…
  23. 23. http://www. europarl . europa . eu/topics/drugs/images/drhero .jpg
  24. 24. http://www. globalsecurity .org/military/library/report/call/call_91-4_vi.gif
  25. 25. There are many theories, and organizations in place in today’s world to stop drug trafficking…..
  26. 26. "The head of the Catalan government’s Interior Department, Joan Saura, has proposed legalising all forms of drugs as a way of fighting drug trafficking and its associated illnesses.” http://www. typicallyspanish .com/news/uploads/joan_saura_001.jpg
  27. 27. Every year, DEA arrests thousands of significant drug traffickers—almost 30,000 last year alone—some of them among the world’s most wanted http://www.usdoj.gov/dea/pubs/pressrel/pr092606c.html www.pimall.com/nais/mymini/dea.jpg
  28. 28. “ The RCMP Drug Program will work with the community and partners to identify, target, investigate, disrupt, and dismantle the international, national/regional, and local drug trafficking organizations that are having the most significant impact on Canada. Federal Drug resources will work to prevent drug-related social and economic harm through supply and demand reduction initiatives. Federal drug resources will focus on international, interprovincial CDSA-related investigations and work closely with the Proceeds of Crime Program. Drug-related offences committed at the community level are the responsibility of RCMP municipal and provincial contract personnel.” http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/drugenf/drugs_e.htm - RCMP mandate http://www.ioniclodge31. webcentre . ca/rcmp_musical_ride .jpg
  29. 29. Drugs can affect ANYONE….
  30. 30. children… loved ones…. family & friends…. http://www. instituteforfamilies . org/images/dad_childreduced .jpg http://www. radioforthefamily .com/images/family.jpg
  31. 31. so when is it going to stop we can make the choice…
  32. 32. Be aware, Be smart