Email Marketing - Stand out in the Inbox


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Top tips and examples on how you can ensure your email marketing stands out in your customer's inbox. Find out more -

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Email Marketing - Stand out in the Inbox

  1. 1. Standing out in the InboxStand out in the InboxWith Samantha KnottMarketing you can measure TM
  2. 2. Standing out in the InboxBy 2014...Active email accounts will hit 3.8 billionNumber of users will hit 2.46 billionMarketing you can measure TM
  3. 3. Standing out in the InboxNo other channel getssuch a high ROI comparedto email“There are people in onlinemarketing who feel emailmarketing is not sexy and notsomething to be enthusiasticabout.”Marketing you can measure TM
  4. 4. Standing out in the InboxVideo in EmailVery little support in email, onlyApple Mail, Outlook for Mac & iPhonecurrently playMock up an image that directs tolanding pageMarketing you can measure TM
  5. 5. Standing out in the InboxAnimated GIFsIncrease in useEasy to consume – capture attentionUse as CTAEmotional impact – mesmerising due to simplicity and elegance (if executed well)One marketer saw 26% uplift in CTR you can measure TM
  6. 6. Standing out in the InboxSymbols in Subject Lines“On average we found that thesubject lines we tested withsymbols, returned a 15% increasein click-throughs, over thosewithout.”Campaign MonitorTest, test, testMarketing you can measure TM
  7. 7. Standing out in the InboxPriority InboxAutomatically identify yourimportant incoming messages andseparates them out from everythingelse.•Who you email•Who you interact with the most Becoming more sophisticated•Which keywords appear Auto-filtering, auto-foldering, auto-frequently in the messages you deletion, prioritising emailopen according to your behaviour•Teach your inbox to make betterselectionsMarketing you can measure TM
  8. 8. Standing out in the InboxMove towards MobileOne in three in the UK says they access mobile email more than ever, and over halfdo so via a smartphone. Surveys suggest that 40% of European mobile phone users close or delete email not optimised for their devices. Get serious about rendering (for the whole journey) A single responsive fluid design that adapts for each deviceMarketing you can measure TM
  9. 9. Standing out in the InboxSocial Integration Facebook email inbox - Current email functionality is not on par with the current ISP’s Use social to build email lists Use email to drive users to socialMarketing you can measure TM
  10. 10. Standing out in the InboxHotmail > OutlookChat, add contacts fromFacebook, Twitter & Linkedin,manage your Facebook andTwitter content, post comments,accept friend requests—all fromyour inbox.Marketing you can measure TM
  11. 11. Standing out in the InboxDataMore relevant and engaging contentHidden treasures of data in businessesTechnical possibilities are growingChallenge is to turn info into activityMarketing you can measure TM
  12. 12. Standing out in the Inbox Find out more at you can measure TM
  13. 13. Standing out in the Inbox Thank youMarketing you can measure TM