Content Marketing - Turning Theory Into Practice


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reating content that really connects with your audience is harder than it looks. Getting it in front of them is harder still. Darren will explore content marketing best practices from his own experiences, while using case studies to show how to avoid the common pitfalls and deliver the best results for your business.

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  • Using content to generate business. Lead generationClosing salesPushing customers down a pipelineWhy should I care? It’s effective!
  • The econsultancy budget survey this year revealed something interesting. 600 surveyed. 60% increasing digital budgets
  • This chart says that 74% of digital marketers will be increasing their content marketing budgets for this year. No one surveyed said they would spend less on content marketing in 2013 than 2014.
  • Plan – work out what you’re going to create, and whyCreate – actually put the thing togetherMarket – market your content – put it in front of your customers!IMO The hardest bit is the planning. SO I’ve 3 ideas for you all to takeaway to help you tackle that.
  • IMO The hardest bit is the planning. SO I’ve 3 ideas for you all to takeaway to help you tackle that.
  • Understand what your users need is the way to create the right content. How do you find the questions? Talk to teams, go through enquiries/emails, talk to customers! (survey)Helping them build knowledge on a subject helps them make the right decisions and helps them see you as an expert in your field
  • Tools, things that make your customers lives easier, are gold dust. Working out what those things are is easier than you think.
  • Don’t just think about content as text WebinarVideoSlide deckInfographicWe created a content marketing guide, I recorded a video for coast youtube talking about it, we optimised the video and started getting viewsthen we embedded that video in a blog and post in on our site. Which gets in google news. Just to the top for relevent terms
  • Try and plan content across your pipeline… working with your sales or new businesss teams,
  • Create – actually put the thing together
  • Think about what practical for your users.Generally speaking, audiences are more and more time poor. With all this extra content marketing, there’s going to be even less time to spend per piece of content. We’ve been doing this stuff for a long time – we used to created 40 page text books, now we create 10 page image heavy content. It’s easier to digest, and easier to create.
  • You’ve got to think about resource internally. As I’ve already said, you want to try and make as much content from one idea as you can. If you come up with a great idea but don’t have enough resource to make it happen.
  • To that end, think about who can help…People don’t like writing content. Don’t make it their job, it wont get done. Think about how you can get input on a topic Hot topic discussion meetingInterview an expert5 minutes at the water cooler?
  • Market.I’m going to take you through 3 quick case studies of content marketing campaigns we’ve run. This isn’t about me saying we’re great at content marketing (that’ll will be obvious hopefully) I want to focus these on what we learnt in each campaign.
  • Examples of what we talked about Here we’re answering questions, showing how Social can apply to everyone. Used email list, ppc, social platforms, blog, youtubePlanned 40 good downloads. Achieved that in 3 hours. At the end of our main promotional activity we were at 270 new, qualified names.
  • 1st – we didn’t have a strong enough offer on the back of our idea book to follow up our new audience with. PPC idea book – free audit – got us in front of hot prospects quickly, with limited prep. We planned for 40 leads. We only have a relatively small marketing/new biz function. We werent kitted out to follow up 270, so really we didn’t follow up anything well enough.New role created…
  • Guide – Something useful.Born out of the SEO team as a link bait ideaUsed PPC, linked in, social activity, ofline PR and trade press. DM! – That’s right we sent a letter!Private landlord data is like gold dust. -Email follow up planned. Target of 800 landlords. In 2 months we got to 1050 landlords, 170 agents.
  • Our campaign went live just at the start of the university term in September, which is traditionally a time when my|deposits is at itsbusiest. We always aim wherever possible to capitalise on great topical or calendar events.A more structured approach to the nurturing programme should help us to meet our conversion goals within the time frame set.Nuturing goes back to what we said earlier about buying cycle. This is end of pipeline stuff – that can lead to a conversion any time – strong sales messages will help convert more names.
  • Guide – solving a challenge PPC, SEO, blog, Social, email (very targeted) – hit list of 70 companiesHit them with email, phone calls, social ad targeting too
  • Help to buy scheme helped here a lot. This freed up the market, and made the problem that our guide addressed even more seriousSuccess doesn’t have to be loads of leads. We generated 20 leads (or so). £1.2m of qualified pipeline from a £5k campaign…
  • Recap on key points
  • Recap on key points
  • And in the spirit on content marketing here’s some content marketing in a deck about content marketing
  • Content Marketing - Turning Theory Into Practice

    1. 1. Turning Theory into Practice February 2014 Presented by Darren Bond
    2. 2. What is content marketing and why should I care? Marketing you can measure TM
    3. 3. Overall digital marketing budgets for 2014… Marketing you can measure TM
    4. 4. Marketing you can measure TM
    5. 5. Plan Marketing you can measure Create TM Market
    6. 6. Plan Marketing you can measure TM
    7. 7. Plan 1. Answer Customer’s Questions Marketing you can measure TM
    8. 8. Plan 2. Give them Something Practical Marketing you can measure TM
    9. 9. Plan 3. Stretch the idea of content Marketing you can measure TM
    10. 10. Plan Planning for your pipeline Marketing you can measure TM
    11. 11. Create Marketing you can measure TM
    12. 12. Create Think about what the audience want Marketing you can measure TM
    13. 13. Create Don’t Create War & Peace Marketing you can measure TM
    14. 14. Create Team effort works best Marketing you can measure TM
    15. 15. Market Marketing you can measure TM
    16. 16. Market Marketing you can measure TM
    17. 17. Market What we learned… Plan Follow Up Activity Marketing you can measure TM Have a Plan B &a Plan C
    18. 18. Market Marketing you can measure TM
    19. 19. Market What we learned… Timing is really important to success Marketing you can measure TM Nurturing needs focus upfront
    20. 20. Market Marketing you can measure TM
    21. 21. Market What we learned… Piggy backing red tape works! Marketing you can measure Success ≠ Loads of leads TM Spin content for new markets
    22. 22. Plan • • • Create Make it useful Stretch it out Plan for the pipeline Marketing you can measure TM • • • Be realistic Team effort Don’t mention the C word Market • • • Plan next steps Piggy back seasonality Spin content
    23. 23. Questions? Marketing you can measure TM
    24. 24.