Magazine Production Case Study - Coaching Edge


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Find out how Coachwise designed and produced the UK's leading coaching magazine - Coaching Edge for sports coach UK.
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Magazine Production Case Study - Coaching Edge

  1. 1. Coachwise Case Study:Coaching Edge
  2. 2. Client: sports coach UK The Job Coaching Edge is the official subscription magazine of sports coach UK and the only UK magazine dedicated to sports coaching. It is an authoritative quarterly magazine for UK coaches and performers, covering topics from grass- roots to elite level. Coachwise was tasked with revitalising the magazine in order to reflect the excitement and emotive nature of sport.
  3. 3. Client: sports coach UK The Solution Coachwise set up, and worked with, an editorial board that included key staff from sports coach UK to explore the readership profile for the magazine, and develop various bespoke designs for final selection. A number of national governing bodies of sport were also consulted in order to understand what their coaches would find useful and practical.
  4. 4. Client: sports coach UK The Solution Coachwise commissioned expert sports journalists to produce engaging copy to complement the visuals, giving the client a high-quality product. Working in conjunction with the editorial board, Coachwise aimed the magazine’s content predominately at Level 1 and Level 2 coaches and developed an authoritative, yet warm, editorial style to meet their needs.
  5. 5. Client: sports coach UK The Solution The magazine’s design incorporates easy reference pull-out boxes, summarising key points in each article and providing expert opinion. Further reading and continuous personal development opportunities are also highlighted throughout.
  6. 6. Client: sports coach UK Advertising In order to attract potential advertisers, Coachwise also developed a professional media pack that contains information pertinent to advertisers, such as the philosophy of the magazine and an overview of the readership, including demographic data and circulation numbers.
  7. 7. Client: sports coach UK The Results The new-look Coaching Edge has been well received by existing subscribers and key partners. According to research conducted on behalf of sports coach UK, Coaching Edge now has a high level of awareness among sports coach UK members and partner organisations (86% and 87% respectively). Circulation has increased to over 6000, with Scottish Rugby Union, Sport Northern Ireland, the Rugby Football Union, British Cycling and English Table Tennis Association taking bulk subscriptions, accounting for 2700 copies.
  8. 8. Client: sports coach UK The Results Promotional editions of the magazine are available online, using ‘turning pages’ technology, while engagement with sports coach UK’s members has also increased by making articles accessible via its e-newsletter.
  9. 9. 1 Example David Haye interview
  10. 10. 2 Example Carlo Ancelotti interview
  11. 11. 3 Example Coaching analysis