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  • 1. Top Of The Key Sports ProgramsShaun R. Pinkston, Founder
    Practice Hard, Play Hard,
    & You’ll Be Hard To Beat!
  • 2. Our M.V.P.(Mission/Vision/Passion)
    Our Mission is to meet the needs of both teens and their parents/families, by preventing our youth from becoming sedentary through programs involving rigorous activities which emphasize nutrition, physical fitness, building self-esteem and self-worth.
    Our Vision is to be one of the largest advocates for sports programs geared towards youth and their well being in the Chicago-land area.
    Our Passion is to save as many youth as we can from street violence, substance abuse and promiscuous and criminal activities.
  • 3. What is Top Of The Key Sports Programs About?
    Top Of The Key Sports Programs is a non-profit organization with
    an intentional focus on saving our youth, one child at a time. So
    many youth are faced with influences to:
    Do absolutely nothing productive
    Be tempted to commit a crime
    Abuse drugs
    Become pregnant
    Drop out of school
    T.O.T.K. wants to be a platform that the youth can turn to for
    exposure to many positive resources as an alternative to the negative
    choices they have due their environment or peer pressures.
  • 4. What Social Impacts Does T.O.T.K. Have?
    Lowering childhood obesity rates
    Reducing other health problems related to sedentary habits
    Increasing self-esteem
    Enhancing leadership skills
    Providing alternative activities to negative decision-making
  • 5. Vigorous Curriculum
  • 6. Encourage Healthy Eating Habits
  • 7. Staying Fit Through A Healthy Diet & Exercise (Katie Smith, Nutritionist)
  • 8. Stretch It Out!
  • 9. Alumni Age Out Program
    Alumni Age Out Program - beyond 18yrs old.
    Keep them involved with the program through volunteering
    Be a resource for continued education
    Assist with acquiring employment
  • 10.
  • 11. Revenue Generation Efforts
    Individual Donation Requests
    Scaling the small businesses in neighborhoods, writing donation letters to larger businesses and making phone calls to businesses and individuals
    Neighborhood business owners, retailers, residents and community leaders
    In-Kind Donations
    Google Ads
    Program Fees
    To cover costs of rental space, if applicable, end of program celebrations, field trips, equipment, coaches stipend
    Foundations – Seeking suitable matches for the programs needs
  • 12.
  • 13. Scaling Up For Sustainability of T.O.T.K.
    Solidify Home Base
    Solicit More Coaches/Volunteers
    Recruit In Schools/Neighborhoods/Churches
    Restructure Board
    Develop Strategic Partnerships
  • 14. What T.O.T.K. Looks for in Strategic Partnerships
    To provide services and/or facilities that
    T.O.T.K. needs to add value to our
    programming and increases participation.
  • 15. Partners
  • 16. Leveraging Resources
    T.O.T.K. has been bartering services to acquire gym space at Chicago Park Districts.
  • 17. Financial Projections
  • 18. Our Program
  • 19. Activities
  • 20. Thank You
    Top Of The Key Sports Programs
    Shaun ‘Coach Pink” Pinkston & Staff