Masterclass: The Ethical Code “live”                            How to coach by the CodeIt is well known that to behave in...
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How to Coach by the Code -


Published on | How to coach by the code of ethics Masterclass in Athens Greece. Pamela Caravas owner of Coaching Evolution organization meets Alexander Vreede, Senior Practitioner Coach, EMCC on May 11, 2013 at Coaching Evolution School in Athens.

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How to Coach by the Code -

  1. 1. Masterclass: The Ethical Code “live” How to coach by the CodeIt is well known that to behave in an ethical way is In the second part of the Masterclass we will follow a ‘realimportant for each professional coach. But it is not life’ case and focus on various aspects of ethical behaviouralways crystal clear what we actually mean by by professional coaches in practical situations that may (or‘behaving in an ethical way’. To specify this a number may not) occur at any moment when dealing with aof ‘ethical codes’ exist such as the EMCC Code of sponsor or a coachee. Here we will see how personalEthics and the ICF Code of Ethics. Together bothorganisations have even created the Professional opinion affects professional ethical behaviour and will beCharter for Coaching and Mentoring that is registered able to discuss different opinions and choices made by thewith the European Commission. participants, bearing in mind that not always only oneBut even though these codes help clarify the issue possible solution is ‘right’ with all the others being Coaches at workdifferent views remain. Acting responsibly is a matter ‘wrong’.of personal (and cultural) opinion where one coach What this Masterclass does not do is just tell you what toaccepts a behaviour that the next coach definitely do when. But it will make you more sensitive for the “This is one of the mostregards as non-ethical. unexpected choices you are faced with when working as a powerful, hands-on workshops professional coach or mentor. that helps youMasterclass content To accomplish that our motto for today will be: Being able understand the true value ofIn the first part of this Masterclass we will go into the to reflect on what you feel as being ethical or non-ethical isEMCC and ICF codes, their significance and their working by the Code” more important than just making the right choices all thedifferences. Also the history and relevance of the time without knowing why.Professional Charter will be explained and discussed.
  2. 2. About Alexander Vreede Senior Practitioner Coach, EMCC Alexander Vreede (66) is an experienced When: May 11, 2013 professional coach from the Netherlands. After Time: 11:00 – 16:00 studying (protestant) theology he worked as a Where: Kykladon 22B & Ethnikis Alexander Vreede psychotherapist and hospital manager before Antistaseos, Marousi (in 2001) starting his own private practice as a Cost: 40 euros coach. Between 2004 and 2012 he was president of the Coaching Evolution is a leading company Dutch coaching organisation NOBCO/EMCC- in the provision of coaching education and NL (2.000 members). In that capacity he set up coaching services for corporate environments, the independent complaints committee for wellness clubs, gyms, spas, hotels and the wider coaches with is a central element of the Dutch public in Greece and Europe . Ethical Code of Conduct for coaches. Our mission is to raise the coaching standards Pamela Caravas and assist our clients with the best coaching Since 2009 he is treasurer in the Executive services ever. Board of EMCC and in this role involved in all Contact us to find out more about who we developments around the cooperation between are and our tailor made programmes.Kykladon 22B, Marousi 15125 EMCC and ICF and the Professional Charter Call us on : +30 699 7110132m. 698 362 1040 Send an email to: for Coaching and Freedom is power