Just4Kicks Fairplay Soccer Program


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Edwin Markham Elementary School Fair Play Program

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Just4Kicks Fairplay Soccer Program

  1. 1. Edwin Markham Elementary School Just4Kicks - Fair Play - Soccer Program Inc. S O L A N O ™
  2. 2. Soccer - “a tool for social change” Soccer has been used as a method for social change since the beginning of the new millennium. Social Entrepreneurism grew strong among the elder X - Generation and the the Newer Generation - Y. Avid soccer players and passionate fans have used soccer as a platform for change in impoverished countries and with our disadvantaged youth. For examples of projects throughout our nation visit the link below. http://www.gousabid.com/pages/social-change
  3. 3. Edwin Markham Elementary School Markham’s demographics and socioeconomic location makes it the only school of it’s kind in the VUSD. Furthermore, it’s REACH and SPICE programs further identify Markham as unique and innovative.
  4. 4. Fair Play Program - Our Goals JUST4KICK’S HAS THE RIGHT MESSAGE, COACHING PHILOSOPHY, TALENT, AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY TO DELIVER AN IMPACTING PROGRAM THAT TEACHES LIFE SKILLS ON AND OFF THE FIELD. • Use soccer as a platform to engage kids in education. Motivate them as well as parents to attend school every day. • Use soccer as the stage to interact - engage - communicate with the Markham community. • The Fair Play program will begin the process to increase parent involvement in education amongst the Hispanic community.
  5. 5. JUST4KICKS Fair Play program already in the community The Fair Play program has been successful in the Fairfield community as a summer enrichment program. One of our participants had this to say about our program during a recognition gala amongst officials and city leaders. The City of Fairfield Youth is the future of our city and we always need role models to help us during middle school and high school years. During these years we continue learning but sometimes what we also learn are the bad things that surround us such as gangs, drugs, violence, and peer pressure. Many of our youths are stuck in between two paths: the good and the bad and sometimes the wrong path is chosen because of lack of communication and positive role modeling from the adults in our lives. Some of the youths don’t have good communication with the parents because they both have to work and don’t have time for them. This affects them because they don’t have a mentor that can guide them on the right path. In order for us to get away from these bad things and choose the right path we need to know we can talk to our parents, teachers, or other adults in our lives. For example, the City of Fairfield has offered slamming summer sports for the past two years with basketball and soccer training and games. It is a great program and what really caught my attention was the number of youths that attended every day... Next Slide for the rest of the speech
  6. 6. We had a great soccer coach who really connected with the youths and knew how to get our respect and that’s the type of adults we need. He got to know each of us and understood a lot about the dangers we face today in the streets. All the participants liked him because he gave us good advice every single day. Before starting a game, he usually gave a speech. At first the kids didn’t really care. All of them gave each other nicknames whether other kids liked it or not but the coach’s message was always “Give Respect To Gain Respect.” By the end of the program everybody was calling each other by their first names and when we needed something we knew we could talk to our coach. Many of those youths who participated were in danger of joining gangs and going down the wrong path but in the end they all got the message that school was important and also keeping their passion for sports. We all got so attached to our coach that we didn’t want the program to end. That’s what youths need: a positive place where we can feel safe and accepted and adults to work with us as positive mentors and role models. After school programming is important for this reason. It should be a place where we can spend time having fun, getting homework help, learning something new and being guided to stay on the right track because we’re the youth! We are the future of Fairfield! Speech by Fairfield youth and participant of Fairfield Just4kicks Fair Play Program 08/2008 Carlos B.
  7. 7. Fair Play Program Pillars of Success “CHARACTER FIRST SKILL SECOND” • TRUST-EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH TRUST Through activities with and without a ball we achieve not only their trust but trust within their peers and most importantly themselves. This is sometimes the most challenging but most important. • THEY’RE YOUR FEET (SELF CONTROL) Just like in a soccer game your role on the field is crucial to the overall impact your team will have in winning. They’re your feet and only you can control them. Similarly, off the field each child’s attitude and behavior is theirs and no one else’s. We teach them to own their behavior and how complicated this tends to be when we are not sure of our roles and responsibilities. • SOCCER WITHOUT BARRIERS Soccer without barriers means soccer without racism, name calling, down talking, and any other behavior that limits our ability to learn and achieve success. • SELF ADVOCACY  “Help me, I am on your team” Through structured activities with and without a ball we enhance the understanding and the acceptance of receiving help. It is essential to ask for help and advocate for yourself, your peers, and your community. These are the essential steps to self sufficiency!
  8. 8. Who is Just4Kicks Fair Play Program? Al Arevalo - His passion for soccer is fueled by his upbringing and the the impact soccer had on him in both the U.S.A and in his native country, Bolivia. He has worked for several non-profits including a Napa task force (GVS) Gang Violence Suppression program where he helped create a soccer program as a means to sway kids away from gang life and focus on education and athleticism. An article about GVS (Gang Violence Suppression Program) & CLARO program. http://napavalleyregister.com/news/local/ article_530f939b-2197-540c-8ad0-4f8f9f4bd053.html
  9. 9. In the Article... Napa Police Officer, Bet Melton, said the responsibility for addressing Napa’s gang troubles does not fall only on the shoulders of police officers. “It’s not just a law enforcement problem,” said Melton. “What is happening effects the entire community. And we have to come together to get it under control. We need to get Neighborhood Watch involved, nonprofit agencies, the churches and others working together to stop the gang violence.” The Parents of Markham Elementary School have come together committed to taking the first steps in prevention as a school community.
  10. 10. With Soccer as the tool.. we can enhance and improve our community.