The Architecture of Achievement

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Coach Your Business proudly launches a structured, methodical, realistic and achievable path to creating success in any area of your life.

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  • 1. Proudly Presents The Architecture Of Achievement
  • 2. A New Blueprint For Success With John Alexander Ball
  • 3. If you’ve been living on planet Earth recently, you’ve probably noticed a lot of:
    • Get rich quick schemes
    • Tempting offers
    • Appeals to our desires for instant gratification
    • Spam boxes brimming with offers of sex, drugs, surprise lottery wins and long lost relatives who’ve left you money
    • Yes, 99% is trash and yes, people are still getting burnt
  • 4. Maybe you went to the:
    • Success Seminars
    • NLP Events
    • Stock Market Investment Strategy Seminars
    • Property Investing Workshops
    • Spiritual Centres
    • Manifestation Groups
    • or anything else designed to improve your life.
  • 5. Many of those things do work . Some people have Astounding Results! So… where’s your success?
  • 6. Are you missing something?
  • 7. We all know success is possible
    • Richard Branson
    • Oprah Winfrey
    • Warren Buffett
  • 8. I did and I lost confidence… and it was nearly terminal!
  • 9. Yes! There is something missing…
    • Actually, more than one thing
    • Partly related to modern culture
    • Technology allows everything to go super fast
    • We end up always wanting more and always wanting it faster
    • We miss the parts about how much work goes into making things happen
  • 10. Have you ever found yourself in:
    • Instant relationships? Just add boiling water and stir… (and like some instant products, they leave a nasty taste in your mouth)
    • Get rich quick business opportunities that didn’t quite turn out as you hoped for?
    • A gym or health club, where you work away for a while but end up getting disheartened?
  • 11. I made a discovery about myself… seemingly by accident
    • I had no solid structure or firm foundations in my life or anything I did
    • I’d been waiting for someone to take me by the hand and virtually do it all for me
    • I thought just having my goals was enough to make them happen
    • I found myself wondering why the hell nobody had told me this stuff when I was a kid?
  • 12. Maybe because it’s not quite the same for everyone…
  • 13. Success requires planning You start with a big picture (your grand vision) and then focus on all the details (the parts that will actually bring your grand vision to life)
  • 14. So… what if there really was a blueprint for success?
    • Something that anyone and everyone could follow for any area of life
    • A structure that could only ever lead you to success
    • A way to design your life, your career, your finances and your relationships the same way you would design the house of your dreams
    • And then clear, step by step instructions on how to build it, making you the project manager of your life and your future
  • 15. So I created one…
  • 16. I made a blueprint that anyone can follow, to build:
    • Firm foundations
    • Solid structures
    • In exactly the right place
    • Resources for an outstanding job
    • Protection to weather any storm
    • How you really want it
  • 17. The main thing I love about the building metaphor is that it reminds us that no matter what our dreams or goals are, we have to build them ourselves. They don’t and won't just happen by themselves…
  • 18. And if we can build our dream lives, what else can we build?
  • 19. So, please join me for the launch of The Architecture of Achievement
    • A live webinar event
    • April 12 th 2010
    • Your opportunity to get the pieces you were missing before
    • A plan for life that can not fail (unless you do nothing)
    • Your opportunity to be a part of the launch of a new era in personal development
  • 20. How much money would you pay for that knowledge if you KNEW it was going to work? £10,000 £5000 £500 ?
  • 21. £10,000 £5000 £500 You will pay only £97 and you’ll also receive…
  • 22. Some super cool bonuses:
    • Your own printable ‘ The Architecture of Achievement’ PDF workbook for the event (with some hidden bonuses inside) Value £25
    • A free invitation to my success interviews with the experts webinar series (launching soon) Value £ priceless!
    • A free copy of my latest ebook, ‘ How to become the world’s worst coach ’ (and it’s not just for coaches, it’s for anyone in business!) & my ebook with Feng Shui expert Viv Lambert, ‘De-clutter your home and free your mind ’ Value £15
  • 23. It doesn’t stop there…
    • Instant access to The Architecture Of Achievement newsletter – full of articles and top guidelines on how to build the complete life of your dreams
    • The opportunity to make £48.50 for every person you invite to this event who signs up ( so you only need to invite and sign up 2 people and you get this event for FREE! To qualify you must be registered for the event or an official JV affiliate partner )
    • A full recording of the event for you to revisit at any time
  • 24. I’m pretty sure I’ve made your decision an absolute no-brainer…
    • I’m giving you back half of everything I make on this event!
    • You can easily attend for free just by inviting a few people (or even make a big profit)
    • You’ll come off the webinar knowing exactly what you have to do to finally become successful
    • You will be among THE VERY FIRST people to experience the architecture of achievement
  • 25. Join me for The Architecture Of Achievement April 12 th 2010
    • Reserve your place today at
    • There are only as many spaces as the webinar will allow ( when it’s full it’s full!)
    • There will be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar for 30 minutes only (so get your questions in fast)
    • Register yourself and then get inviting people today and you could easily end up making a mint just from recommending this event to your friends
  • 26. The Architecture of Achievement A New Blueprint for Success Visit http://myblueprint.eventbrite .com to reserve your space now, and start inviting people right way If you’d like to become an official JV affiliate and have your own link to this event, please call 0800 242 5338 to speak to Johnny or one his friendly team members
  • 27. And for giving your time and attention to this presentation… Or call 0800 242 5338 for more info