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  • 1. World War Two 1939-1945
  • 2. Causes  A world wide depression led to dictatorships in Germany, Italy and Japan.  They promised prosperity for total control (Fascism).  They formed a military alliance to gain world dominance called the Axis Powers.
  • 3. Adolph Hitler- Germany  Led Nazi Party to power in 1933  Committed suicide as Germany faced defeat in 1945.
  • 4. Benito Mussolini- Italy  Came to power in 1922.  Died violently in 1945.
  • 5. Hideki Tojo- Japan  Gained control in Japan in 1941.  Convicted of war crimes and executed in 1948.
  • 6. Axis control of Europe- 1942  Germany  German control  Italy and it’s territories
  • 7. Japanese control- 1942
  • 8. The Lend Lease Act  Congress gave President Roosevelt the power to lend military equipment to American allies.  For the next four years merchant ships moved goods across the Atlantic.  Germany responded by sinking many ships.
  • 9. Pearl Harbor- Dec. 7, 1941  Japanese warplanes attacked the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  2,300 soldiers and civilians were killed.  Many naval ships and aircraft were destroyed.  The U.S. declared war on Japan the next day.
  • 10. U.S. involvement in Europe  Germany declared war on the U.S. in December of 1941.  U.S. troops first fought in North Africa, Italy and landed at Normandy,France June 6, 1944 – D-Day.  Germany was defeated by May 1945.
  • 11. U.S. involvement in the Pacific  The U.S. used a strategy called “island hopping” to force the Japanese to retreat.  In August, 1945 President Harry Truman ordered atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.
  • 12. Japan surrendered Sept 2, 1945
  • 13. Georgia in the war- military bases  Georgia provide land for new training bases and to expand existing ones.  Fort Stewart was built for anti-aircraft training.  Fort Benning trained thousands of infantry.  Many bases also held prisoners of war.  Warner Robins Air Command trained pilots.
  • 14. Bell Aircraft- Marietta, GA  Bell Aircraft opened a factory in Marietta (near Atlanta) to build B-29 bombers.  Employed 28,000 workers (6,000 women).  Brought millions of dollars in wages to GA.
  • 15. Georgia Shipyards  200 Liberty cargo ships were built in Savannah and Brunswick.  Nearly 45,000 men and women worked around the clock to build these ships.
  • 16. Carl Vinson  Congressman Vinson worked to build up the U.S. Navy in the 1920s and 30s.  Became know as the “Father of the Two Oceans Navy”.  Helped gain contracts to Georgia shipyards.  These ports continue to be important military centers for Georgia.
  • 17. Richard Russell  First served as Governor of Georgia then became a US Senator.  Was considered an expert on military strategy and was influential on US Military policy.  Russell used his influence to bring many military bases and thousands of jobs to Georgia.
  • 18. The Holocaust  Jews throughout Europe were imprisoned in concentration camps.  By the war’s end, 6 million Jews had been murdered.  Many Holocaust survivors moved to Georgia after the war.  Georgians began to rethink their treatment of minorities in the state.
  • 19. WWII Dictators and Terms Quiz Name the three WW2 dictators and the countries they ruled. (example: Richards- Slackovia)1.2.3. genocide, Lend lease, reparations, Central Powers, Fascism, Axis Powers, dictator , Holocaust4. Which side of the war did Germany belong to?5. This requires a country to pay compensation for losing a war.6. What form of Government did Italy have during the war?7. This is defined as a leader with absolute power.8. This term describe the deliberate killing of a specific group of people.9. This allowed Roosevelt to send military supplies to Great Britain.10. This name refers to the killing of millions of Jews during the war.