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November 18th, 2010 Webinar

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Sample Seminar Handout

  1. 1. {your company logo here} SIX MISTAKES RETIREES MAKE WITH THEIR … CONFIDENTIAL {your company logo here}
  2. 2. TESTIMONIALS (expectation criteria) Sample Testimonial - Ms. J. Muldo on Sample Testimonial - Ms. J. Muldo on Sample Testimonial - Ms. J. Muldo on Sample Testimonial - Ms. J. Muldo on Sample Testimonial - Ms. J. Muldo on Sample Testimonial - Ms. J. Muldo on Sample Testimonial - Ms. J. Muldo on Sample Testimonial - Ms. J. Muldo on Sample Testimonial - Ms. J. Muldo on
  3. 3. {your company logo here} WHO ARE WE? {Description of our process which is similar to the I/WE Letter corporate process brochure insert}
  4. 4. {your company logo here} Create a page like this with your information for the folder you hand attendees when they come to the seminar About Paul Tindall, B.A. Paul Tindall, President of [Company Name], has been assisting senior investors over the last 14 years. Mr. Tindall started his career as a financial advisor and moved into advising individuals as a Vice President of Investments at Canadian Financial Securities and then as a First Vice- President and branch manager with Wood Burns Brightly Financial. Mr. Tindall holds a B.A. from the University of Toronto. Paul has lectured widely on financial topics at the University of Toronto and McMaster University. Additionally, his Retirement Investing class has been widely attended in the Toronto Area. Paul produces a retirement newsletter, an easy to read weekly publication suited for those already retired or close to it. His articles on estate planning and retirement investing have been published in local newspapers. His free newsletter SeniorLetter is available by contacting the author at (416) 555-1212. [Company Name] is a financial planning firm providing comprehensive financial services for mature and senior investors, including investment management, annuity advice and selection, long term care planning and nursing care, tax reduction, estate planning, and conservatorship and trustee services.
  5. 5. {your company logo here} {Provide biographies of other important individuals in the company}
  6. 6. {your company logo here} WHO DO WE HELP? o Individuals in the ages of 60-80 years of age who require a Trusted Advisor to co-ordinate a strategy which will eliminate Estate, Risk, Cashflow and Growth Shortfalls between where they are now and where they want to be. TYPICAL SHORTFALLS OR AREAS OF INTEREST: CASHFLOW/RESERVES: o Paying Too Much Tax on RRIF Withdrawals. o Paying Too Much Tax on Pension Income. o Paying No Tax on G.I.C. Income. o Growth, Risk and Estate Management Strategies Not Integrated. RISK MANAGEMENT: o Loss of 1/2 your RRSP/RRIF. o Loss of 1/3 of Growth Profits. o Guaranteed Mutual Funds.
  7. 7. o Growth, Risk and Estate Management Strategies Not Integrated. GROWTH: o Commissions/Fees Too High. o Growth Assets Not Performing. o Paying Less Tax on G.I.C. Interest. o Growth, Risk and Estate Management Strategies Not Integrated. ESTATE MANAGEMENT: o Instructions Not Up To Date. o Dependents Not Protected. o Spendthrift Wastes Inheritance. o Exposure to Outlaws o Growth, Risk and Estate Management Strategies Not Integrated. {your company logo here} COMPARE THE RELATIONSHIP Provided by Value Provided by Current Advisor xxxx Advisor MEETING 1: SHORTFALLS [ ] $250 FREE o Important Values FREE o Goals / Milestones FREE
  8. 8. o Cash Flow, Growth, Risk and Estate Management FREE Strategies Not Integrated MEETING 2: STRATEGIES TO ELIMINATE THE SHORTFALLS o Written Strategy Explained [ ] $1500 FREE o Objectives Prioritized [ ] FREE o Implementation Schedule Drafted [ ] FREE MEETING 1: STRATEGY IMPLMENTATION o Questions and Answers [ ] FREE o Implementation Schedule [ ] FREE o Documentation Completed [ ] FREE
  9. 9. {your company logo here} QUESTIONS 1. What is important about this Workshop to you? ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ 2. When should your Accountant calculate an Estimate of Income Tax paid when your Estate is wound up? ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ 3. Why should your Accountant consult with your Investment / Insurance Advisor before these projections can be made? ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________
  10. 10. ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ 4. What is the best strategy your Estate Planning Team would recommend to minimize the Impact of Tax on your RRSP/RRIF after your Estate is wound up? (Case study tax savings) ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ 5. What kind of structure would your Accountant put in place to defer capital gains Tax beyond the death of the Surviving Spouse? (Case study tax savings) ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ 6. Why should your Investment / Insurance Advisor recommend an Insurance company G.I.C. as a Tax Planning Strategy? ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________
  11. 11. ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ 7. What is the practical difference in risk of losing all of a $60,000 investment in Royal Bank G.I.C. versus Royal Bank shares? _________________________________________________________________ _________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ {your company logo here} Notes
  12. 12. {your company logo here} {Include here several pages of projection investment scenario illustrations}
  13. 13. {your company logo here} QUESTIONS 8. Why would your Investment / Insurance Advisor recommend Guaranteed Investment Funds to an Ultra Conservative Investor as part of your Growth Strategy? ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ 9. How do you know if your Investment / Insurance Advisor is wasting your money by recommending Mutual Funds that cost you too much in Taxes, Fees and Commissions?
  14. 14. ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ 10. What Investment Strategy is best suited for maximizing growth while minimizing risk, maximizing regular cash flow while minimizing taxes? ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ 11. What’s important about your Investment / Insurance Advisor, Estate Lawyer and Accountant all meeting together to plan and write your Estate, Growth, Tax and Risk Management Strategies to you? ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________ Notes
  15. 15. {your company logo here} BRING THE FOLLOWING LIST OF DOCUMENTS: To the initial consultation (Meeting #1) 1. Revenue Canada statement (Income Tax)  2. Brokerage Statements / Summary  (RRSP, RRIF, MARGIN A/C, etc) 3. Copies of Wills / Power of Attorney  4. Insurance Policies  5. This completed document  6. Articles of Incorporation 
  16. 16. 7. Shareholder Agreements  8. Trust Agreements  9. B.V. Business / Date (C.A.)  10. Financial Statement  {your company logo here} {Include in the remaining pages the personal / investment information you would like the client to supply}