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The 2nd in the series 60 Minutes of Good Content into 30 minutes of great content - The 3 Dirty Words in Business - Plan - Goal and "Do It." Understand how to embrace instead of ignore or fear these words so that 2013 is better than 2012.

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121206 3-dirty-words-webinar

  1. 1. The 3 Dirty Words in BusinessPlan, Goal and “Do It”Presented by: Leanne Hoagland-Smith, CROADVANCED SYSTEMS219.759.5601 Valparaiso Office ~ 219.508.2859 Mobile Officewww.processspecialist.com ~ leanne@processspecialist.com2012© All Rights Reserved Leanne Hoagland-Smith
  2. 2. Agenda 60 Minutes of Good Content into30 Minutes of Great Content™ Conditioning Your Disadvantage Conscious Mind Plan – The First Dirty Word Goal – The Second Dirty Word Do It – The Third Dirty Word The Solution Upcoming Webinars and Special Offer Contact information for Leanne Hoagland-Smith
  3. 3. Human Beings Are Creatures of Conditioning Drop a frog into a pot of boiling water Watch the frog jump right out Drop a frog into a pot of cold water Slowly bring the water to a boil The frog will not jump out
  4. 4. Fight or Flight? Brain saves energy Fight or Flight Conditioning saves energy How many times have you thought about your morning routine?
  5. 5. Subconscious Behaviors Are? 25-50%? 50-75%? 80-95%?
  6. 6. The Answer Is?
  7. 7. The Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind
  8. 8. Plan – Dirty Word #1 – What?  Plan is all about knowing where you are and knowing where you want to be  Imagine taking a trip  “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”
  9. 9. What My Research Has Revealed In Nov. 2011, 150 small businesses who had been negatively affected by the events of 9/11, only 3 had written plans to overcome that negative impact Over the course of the last 15 years, 98.7% of all small businesses (99 employees or less) lack a written strategic business plan Most people put more energy into planning a trip to the grocery store than they do for their businesses or personal lives.
  10. 10. Plan – Dirty Word #1 – How?  Are you facing the same challenges year after year?  Are you more tired?  Do you feel like you are the hamster in the wheel?  How is this working for you?
  11. 11. Plan – Dirty Word #1 – Why?  Osmosis factor  Belief you should know the value by people who don’t know the value  Weasel words  Self-fulfilling prophecy  Cognitive vs. emotional  Negative conditioning
  12. 12. Goal – Dirty Word #2 – What?  Objective  Achievement toward an effort  Task, to do, aim  “Goals are dreams with endings.” Louie Armstrong
  13. 13. Goal – Dirty Word #2 - How?  Are you facing repetitive problems?  Are you experiencing inconsistent results?  Are you engaged in the role of Captain Wing It?  How is this working for you?
  14. 14. Goal – Dirty Word #2 - Why?  Goal setting & goal achievement not taught  SMART goals not enough  Weasel words  Forget to dream
  15. 15. “Do It” – Dirty Word #3 – What?  Execution  Manner or style of performance  Getting things done  “The ancestor of every action is a thought.” R.W. Emerson
  16. 16. “Do It” – Dirty Word #3 - How?  Do you find excuses not to take action?  Are you confusing motion with progress and activity with results?  How is this working for you?
  17. 17. “Do It” – Dirty Word #3 - Why?  No thought  No plan  No WAY SMART goal  Negative conditioning  Poor attitude  Lack of consistent success  Hard work
  18. 18. Today Is the Day to Stop The Insanity
  19. 19. We Receive What We Believe Do you believe the above statement to be true or false?(b)→[A• (S+K)]+(m&m)wG=PBC∴IP or IR(b) = Beliefs are the foundational thought processes from our experiencesA = AttitudesS + K = Skills and Knowledge(m&m)wG = my and measurable written GoalsPBC = Positive Behavior ChangesIP = Improved Profits, Productivity, Progress, Potential, Performance, PassionIR = Improved Results
  20. 20. Personal Life Drives Business Do you have a plan for your personal life? Do you set goals for the different aspects of your personal life? Do you regularly self-assess your happiness, satisfaction, contentment with your personal life? If you do not consistently achieve your personal goals, how can you consistently achieve your business goals?
  21. 21. Outside of the Inside of the Wheel = 100% Wheel is 0% Social Purpose Then ask yourself if this wheelSelf assess Career Mental wasyourself travelingmoving from down thethe inside road of life,out much would you Financiallike eating a Physical have apiece of pie. smooth ride or a bumpy Ethics & Family one? Beliefs
  22. 22. A Model to Embrace the 3 Words  Clearly define Your Core Core Values Values  Align vision with strategy, VI SI ON people and processes to Mission get results!  Define Mission and Critical Crit ical Success Fact ors Success Factors based on your vision. Goals  Link Goals & Action PlansCore Values Core Values such that virtually everything that happens Act ion works purposefully towards St eps your vision’s achievement.  Know your results and Get results consistently! Results
  23. 23. WAY SMART Goals  Written  Aligned to your plans, purpose, passion  Yours  Specific  Measureable  Attainable  Realistically high  Target Date
  24. 24. Remove the But’s in Your Life Buts allow us to be victims Reinforce Weasel Words of Life Would of, could of, think, maybe, might Set W.A.Y. S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  25. 25. Reinforce Your Positive Self Image We are our greatest enemies “To thine own self be true” Assess yourself informally using the Life Wheel Assess yourself formally through tools e.g. the Attribute Index (My favorite) “We meet the enemy and he is us” Pogo
  26. 26. Now Is the Time to Become a Better Business Leader! Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone Age 29 Mozart 1st Symphony Age 8 Clara Barton founded the Red Cross Age 59 Cervantes wrote Don Quixote Age 70 Take that First Step, Begin Today You cannot change where you have been, but you can direct where you will go
  27. 27. Something to ThinkAbout ... What is doing the same things day after day, week after week, year after year, costing your business in terms of energy, time and dollars? Can your business afford to continue to ignore these 3 Dirty Words?
  28. 28. January 3, 2013 – Be True to You Shakespeare wrote "To thine own self be true." Yet if you have not invested the time to know you, then maybe this is why you are not securing the results you want and may be part of the reason why 2012 was not as good as you wanted it to be. In 30 minutes, learn what key elements may help you know yourself better. And then you can decide what next action to take.
  29. 29. January 3, 2013 – Be True to You Time 12-12:30pm Chicago CST Registration at Eventbrite http://betruetoyou.eventbrite.com Seating limited to 99 attendees
  30. 30. 2013 Webinars First Six Months All webinars are on Thursday from 12-12:30pm Chicago CST Jan. 3 - Be True to You Feb. 7 – Your Values Are You Business Differentiators March 7 – The 3 Sales Buying Rules April 4 – Only April Fools Sell on Value May 2 – KISS The 5 Sales Objections Goodbye June 6 - Are You Marketing to the 1.2%?
  31. 31. Thank You & Season’s Blessings Within 24 to 48 hours you will be sent a link to listen to the recording of this webinar. The PowerPoint Presentation will also be available. You will be receiving notification of the January’s webinar. You will receive a separate link to share Merry Christmas and may 2013 be filled your feedback. with Incredible Peace and Abundance for you and yours.
  32. 32. Special Offer Triage Business Planning – Know Exactly What to Do and When to Do It Track the Right Things to Produce the Right Results Avoid Misdirected Actions and Misguided Decisions Standard investment = $49.97 for 55 page PDF workbook Special offer to webinar attendees = $17.00 Visit www.processspecialist.com/special -offer.htm This offer valid until December 31, 2012
  33. 33. Thank You  Leanne Hoagland Smith, CRO & Founder  ADVANCED SYSTEMS  Unlocking Sustainable Results in People, Processes and Strategies  219.759.5601 Main Chicago CST  219.508.2859 Mobile Chicago CST  www.processspecialist.com  coach@processspecialist.com  www.increase-sales-coach.com  @CoachLee - Twitter ID What Makes Us Unique?Strategic Thinking + Processes with Proven Tools + Connectivity = “Just Be Valuable”