CREW Call - Make a List and Hit It with Lauren Duke


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Team Beachbody Elite Ten Coach Lauren Duke shares how she rose from new Coach to Elite Ten Coach in only a few short months!

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CREW Call - Make a List and Hit It with Lauren Duke

  1. 1. Welcome to The CREW Call
  2. 2. Recognition Time!
  3. 3. The CREW 200 Josh Blake Yanelba Ferreira Edzna Cossio Steve Schoonmaker Juanita Cooney Tamie Cresap Kristen Wallace James Kleinsmith Eric Nesbit Christina Feller Suhanna Carvajal-Vasquez Christina Loera Dan Kooser Quentin Stone Minerva Guevara Michelle Rossman Philip Hartshorn
  4. 4. The CREW 300 Kelly Nelson (combined CBCs) Mandee Casey Angela Unruh Mary Schrank Cheska Fortenberry Coby Pewitt Cherie Wright Tim Key Lauren Beley Shannon Lee
  5. 5. The CREW 400 Tulin Emre Beverly Schlag
  6. 6. The CREW 500-999 Michelle Kellogg (combined CBCs) Kristin Washko Jamil Madi Allison Urban Joey Cepeda Jennifer Rushing Coby Linder (combined CBCs) Andrew Kencis Vickie Wagenaar Morgan Kaye
  7. 7. Rank Advancements Morgan Kaye Philip Hartshorn
  8. 8. How to Earn Success Club 1 SC Point Shakeology HD Order 2 SC Points Challenge Pack
  9. 9. How to Earn Success Club 5 Fit Dude Frank ordered P90X2 Challenge Pack to kick his Nesquik habit and take his fitness to the next level... 2 SC points Jerry was tired of the rut he was in and was ready to start fresh, so he got the T25 Challenge Pack ... 2 SC points Busy Mom Lisa ordered Shakeology HD to help her stay on track... 1 SC point TOTAL = Success Club 5
  10. 10. Success Club - On the Board SC Line 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Carly Caston SC2 1 Coach Coby Linder SC 2 Dannelle Stone, SC2 Kimberly Trapp, SC2 Chelsea Dallman SC2 Jimmy Nelson SC2 Brandy Martin, SC1, 1 Coach
  11. 11. Success Club Starters Month 1 SC Month 2 SC Month 3 SC FREE TICKET
  12. 12. Hello my name is Penny Buffington Christen Pelo Dayanna Montero Jessica Metzger Noelle Muhme Randall Muhme Rebecca Mogg Alesha Swenson Dane Chase Erin Moore Jeannie Rasmussen Jennifer Gardner Kyre Dawn Smith Lynzee Makowski Sean Braud Stephanie Catlett Aaron Clodfelder Alvin Hairston Anwulika Oputa Latoia Patton Michelle Villareal Stephanie Steadman
  13. 13. Hello my name is Tiffany Hutchinson Kelsie Hinds Kyle Hagen Samuel Aguirre Amanda Jountz April Rhodes
  14. 14. Top Recruiters Morgan Kaye
  15. 15. New Colors will be released soon!
  16. 16. February Promotions Feb 3-28 Challenge Pack $140 For more information about 21 Day Fix, visit the Coach Online Office: 21 Day Fix: Program, Challenge Pack and Training Details FAQ 9728 21 Day Fix: Product Kit & Equipment Details (Base & Deluxe) FAQ 9730 21 Day Fix: The Containers FAQ 9729 21 Day Fix: The Launch FAQ 9327
  17. 17. February Team Cup February 1-28 Coaches who compete for the Cup earn up to 10 times more money on average than those who don't.
  18. 18. Make a List and Hit It! Lauren Duke 2013 Elite Ten Coach
  19. 19. We Want To See YOU!!! 1. Christina O., Ultimate Reset, lost 11 pounds and 8 inches overall 1. Isaac Gallegos 2. INSANITY & Asylum 3. Had 4 organs removed in June 2012 resulting in instant Type 1 diabetic. 4. INSANITY rocked my WORLD! 1. Heather Hairston 2. Brazil Butt Lift 3. 38 pounds & 4.75 inches lost 4. Size 18W to a 14 John H Hip Hop Abs Lost 36lbs, 49% body fat Got his groove back! 1. Brandy M 2. Les Mills COMBAT 3. Lost 1 inch in my waist and my core got alot tighter 1. Annie F. 2. Insanity 3. Lets her boyfriend put his hands on her tummy now!
  20. 20. **New Coaches** New to Crew Webinar