CREW Call: How to Build a Solid Diamond Business


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Join Beachbody Elite Coach Jimmy Nelson as he shares 10 Steps to Building a Solid Diamond Business

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CREW Call: How to Build a Solid Diamond Business

  1. 1. Welcome to The CREW Call
  2. 2. Recognition Time!
  3. 3. The CREW 200 Alex Panganiban Jonathan Snead Cindy Calvin Wondwossen Tekle Cheska Fortenberry Steve Boydston Stephen Allen Paul Smith Jeff Crosby Cherie Wright Jed Billings Kristy Hill Minerva Guevara Lauren Beley Necia Keller Danielle Campbell
  4. 4. The CREW 300 David Lucero Cristin Spoerle Martin Girouard Yanelba Ferreira Angela Unruh Christopher Saunders Erin Ortiz
 Suhanna Carvajal-Vasquez Dannelle Stone Shannon Lee
  5. 5. The CREW 400 Kim Wagner Tulin Emre Coby Pewitt Christina Loera Michelle Rossman Vickie Wagenaar
  6. 6. The CREW 500-999 Michelle Kellogg (combined CBCs) Kristin Washko Mary Schrank Joey Cepeda Jessica Metzger Jimmy Nelson (2nd CBC) Adrienne Fernandez Coby Linder (combined CBCs)
  7. 7. The CREW 1000+ Jamil Madi - 1,260
  8. 8. Rank Advancement Joey Cepeda Amanda Bland Angie Harville Chelsea Dallman Carly Caston Jeannie Marshall
  9. 9. How to Earn Success Club 1 SC Point Shakeology HD Order 2 SC Points Challenge Pack
  10. 10. How to Earn Success Club 5 Fit Dude Frank ordered P90X2 Challenge Pack to kick his Nesquik habit and take his fitness to the next level... 2 SC points Jerry was tired of the rut he was in and was ready to start fresh, so he got the T25 Challenge Pack ... 2 SC points Busy Mom Lisa ordered Shakeology HD to help her stay on track... 1 SC point TOTAL = Success Club 5
  11. 11. Success Club SC 20 1. Jessica Metzger, SC20 2 coaches SC 10 2. Jimmy Hays Nelson, SC14 SC 5 3. Shannon Lee, SC6 4. Dawn Trevino, SC6
  12. 12. Success Club - On the Board 5. Annie Fackler, SC4, 1 Coach 6. Jacqueline Beley, SC4 7. Wade Lamping SC2, 1 Coach 8. Jeannie Marshall, SC2, 1 Coach 9. Blake Marshall, SC 2, 1 Coach 10. Beverly Schlag, SC2, 1 Coach 11. Christy Weiler, SC2, 1 coach 12. Kendra Young, SC2 13. Jeff Crosby, SC2 14. Alicia Flores SC2 15. Andy Redmon SC2 16. Christina Onpeng, SC2 17. Cherie Wright, SC2 18. Kristin Washko, SC2 19. Brian Nwabara, SC2 20. Christine Santos, SC2 SC Line
  13. 13. Success Club Starters Month 1 SC Month 2 SC Month 3 SC FREE TICKET
  14. 14. Hello my name is Liliana Garzon Katie Purdy Carly Guthrie Beth Filla Hope Bradley Meagan Chaudhry Kimberly Davis Kerry Perry Irene Lier Vanessa Dallman Shehalis Lisbon Hortencia Hernandez Valerie Morgan Shawn Hines Jason Carman Kristine Russo Stacy Cuneen Dawn Trevino Keristem Collier Dayna Thompson Jason Winget Nikita Cowan
  15. 15. Hello my name is Estelle Peet Chantal Charlery Lauren Fockler Heather Hansen Ashley Benson Ruben Guerrero Jr Stephanie Reed Catherina Cintron Amber Monhollon Sandy McKenzie Sonya Strang Tonya Crego Denisha Trevino Melissa Scheller Kristy Holt Melanie Walton Donna Caston Heidi Denger Linda Tang-Lam Jennifer Guy
  16. 16. Hello my name is Macey Gloff Crystal McWatters Savanna Meece Rachel Lee Erika Freitas Jennifer House Carlyn Finke Miya Carpenter Leigh Forget Kirstin Lawrence Mursadi Link Justin Campbell Sarah Wesp Robert Pelo Jessica Miller Wong Jessica Torres Lee Ann Laufer Kimberly Mauro Amanda Negro Christelle Haggar
  17. 17. Hello my name is Damien Olmeda Genevette Azua Shannon Briske Carlee Watson Ashley Frank Desma Casimir Alisa Turnewitsch Kimberly Franklin Michele Bracken Jen Wright Maria Torrealba Elizabeth Yaqona Jen McQuay Laura Smith
  18. 18. Top Recruiter Jeannie Marshall
  19. 19. S.S. Beachbody CREW shirts (exclusively for those who are attending the Cruise) March 8th is last day to place orders!
  20. 20. March Challenge Pack Promotions FAQ 9749 $140 $180 $275 Spring Clean with Carl & Isabel starting 4/16
  21. 21. March Promotions SC 5 = Super Deals to go with CP Sales Ultimate Reset Kit Offers: Complete Kit: $199.95 (from $229.95) Dual Kit: $349.95 (from $399.95) Refill Kit: $179.95 (from $199.95) Challenge Pack: $275.00 (from $305.00) ! Pump Equipment Offers: Complete Barbell Set: $44.50 (from $89.00) Barbell Weights 2-5lbs: $7.58 (from $15.15) Barbell Weights 2-10lbs: $13.20 (from $26.40) Barbell With Speed Safety Clips: $28.45 (from $56.90) Step With 4 Risers: $49.95 (from $99.90) Combat Gloves: $19.98 (from $39.95)
  22. 22. March Promotions #WAKEUP and Win a FREE Ticket to Summit! Must be an active Team Beachbody Coach Must listen to the live National Wakeup Call or listen to the replay within 24 hours of the actual weekly live call Must call in with an unblocked phone number Can only win once during the promotion Ticket is transferable, nonrefundable and cannot be redeemed for any monetary amount or credit for Summit FREE Activit Trial March 13-31 You and your Customers can sign up for a FREE Trial of Activit 50% Off Success from Home Magazine 100-pack bundle now $175 (regularly $350) 10-pack bundle for $20 (regularly $40) To purchase yours today, visit: TBB Store > Coach Products and Tools > Beachbody Sharing Tools OR TBB Store > Coach Products and Tools > Promotional Items
  23. 23. March Personal Development The Formula for Failure and Success
  24. 24. Steps to Build a Solid Diamond Business 1. Mindset Fearless Get over Perfectionism Don’t be afraid to Screw it Up
  25. 25. Steps to Build a Solid Diamond Business 2. Results Celebrate EVERYTHING! Scale, Strength, Energy, Biz
  26. 26. Steps to Build a Solid Diamond Business 3. Running Challenges Beware of Bog Down Develop Fitness Business Leaders Most valuable SC Points = NEW COACH SC Points
  27. 27. Steps to Build a Solid Diamond Business 4. Spending time Recruiting or Selling?
  28. 28. Steps to Build a Solid Diamond Business 5. Post at least three times a day Position yourself as a Professional Posts are your marketing Planned not spontaneous
  29. 29. Steps to Build a Solid Diamond Business 6. List Building No List - No Business Treat your List like Gold App - Memo - Notepad Meet 2-3 ppl a day MINIMUM Facebook Groups (i.e. Dallas Running Groups) Twitter #s Add/Talk/Engage/Questions (cocktail party)
  30. 30. Steps to Build a Solid Diamond Business 7. Weaving in your Business Posts Welcoming your New Coaches Acknowledge Rank Advancements Congratulating Challengers Shout Outs to Coaches (i.e. Success Club, Sales) Promote the next Coach Basics Group Give it a Name Have a “What is Coaching” Call/Webinar
  31. 31. Steps to Build a Solid Diamond Business 8. Introduce the Biz Opp to 3 People a Day MINIMUM 3 people a week “Have you considered Coaching to help you with…?” EXCEPTION…people who are already “coaching” “Have you ever considered Coaching so you are in a different position in 2 years from now?” People have to go through the Decision Making Process Back and forth messaging
  32. 32. Steps to Build a Solid Diamond Business 9. Follow Ups Everything happens in follow up conversations Certain days for certain things Want to move faster? Ask more about business 10-20% of your Coaches will want to work the business Rally the Team call Getting to/Holding Emerald Follow up Call 1-2 weeks after sign up
  33. 33. Steps to Build a Solid Diamond Business 10. REPEAT!
  34. 34. We Want To See YOU!!! 1. Christina O., Ultimate Reset, lost 11 pounds and 8 inches overall 1. Isaac Gallegos 2. INSANITY & Asylum 3. Had 4 organs removed in June 2012 resulting in instant Type 1 diabetic. 4. INSANITY rocked my WORLD! 1. Heather Hairston 2. Brazil Butt Lift 3. 38 pounds & 4.75 inches lost 4. Size 18W to a 14 John H Hip Hop Abs Lost 36lbs, 49% body fat Got his groove back! 1. Brandy M 2. Les Mills COMBAT 3. Lost 1 inch in my waist and my core got alot tighter 1. Annie F. 2. Insanity 3. Lets her boyfriend put his hands on her tummy now!
  35. 35. **New Coaches** New to Crew Webinar